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Grounded on 1000s of personal training sessions. Let me share 10 vital lessons with you.


  1. Personal experience is certainly important


Just as the saying goes, ” the proof is in the pudding”. However, in no way is this a valid reason that it will work for you.


Stay sceptical and don’t just rely on “it worked for me” Your time, money and effort are precious.


  1. Your client is going to be told 101 different opinions about diet and training outside what you tell them.


99% of what they hear will confuse and throw them off plan, leading them into sporadic eating and training cycles. Question your client constantly, get to the bottom of why they’re confused and take it from there.


  1. Some clients you’ll love, others you’ll hate.


That’s just the way it is. Don’t do the ones you hate a disservice – refer out or refuse.


  1. Sometimes you need to stop.


Take a look back at your career and realise how important you’ve been in changing people lives! Keep going.


  1. Time spent learning


Mentors, books, podcasts etc. will save you time, effort and money.


  1. How you manage stress will have a massive impact on your ability to live well.


Your perception to life stress is important. I was once told don’t stress the small stuff – it’s all small stuff!


  1. Only compare yourself to other people in the industry if you’re going to be constructive with your feedback.


  1. Training must be specific to the client.


Training specificity is a universal training principle. The adaptations to training will always be specific to the demands the training puts on the body. Hint: There’s no to train the obese client with an olympic powerlifting programme unless they A.Enjoy it or B. Want to compete. There are better tools for fat loss.


  1. You must must work on yourself before you coach other people.


As a trainer, your mind must be sharp and positive. This is incredibly important if your goal is to improve the lives of others.


  1. Trust your gut. You already know the answer.


There is a reason you have a gut feeling. Stop questioning it with the bullshit thoughts in your head, trust your gut. DO IT.