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2016 <= What can I say?


You’ve been a mix of emotions. From love, smiles and laughs to hate, anger, sadness and back again. You’ve been downright outrageous!
You’ve taught me more about myself than any other year yet.
In this post I’m going to spill the contents of my brain and share 2016s key life lessons, mistakes and random moments.
I’m currently typing this while flying through the air in a metal cylinder (plane btw) at a few hundred mph seated between a Japanese teen with a staring problem and a middle aged man dressed like ‘where’s Wally?’
Al of these lessons are specific to me, my life and circumstances. Feel free to take from them what you need.

Here goes,

All aboard!😜

‘Your past was perfect preparation for your gorgeous future. Honor it versus regret it.’ – Robin Sharma

A few Personal Highlights (3 main ones)
– Published my first book’ The Diabetic Muscle and Fitness Guide.’ Only 2 months since publication the book has reached and helped 1000s of diabetics all over the world.
– Delivered 47 Seminars over UK, Ire and Europe educating and motivating 1000s of personal trainers. (Excited to travel to Hong Kong and AUS next year)
– Had a full 7 page spread published in all the international versions of Muscle and Fitness magazine. And, had articles featured in 15 other major magazines across the globe.

5 Key Life Lessons/Mistakes/Thoughts

1. A stressed mind makes bad decisions and sees the world differently.
The best way to avoid stress is to eliminate it. Easier said than done in some cases. But, control what you can and surrender to the rest. It will have some valuable lesson to it.
Also, when stressed you often become hyper sensitive to additional stress and see things differently. Always bear that in mind the second or two before you decide to respond or, worse react.
Here’s a few personal tips for a clearer better thinking mind.
– Read more.
– Take quiet time to yourself everyday.
– If you know it’s bad for you, don’t expose yourself to it.
– Patience is an incredibly powerful trait.
– Impulse and instant gratification will destroy you over time.
– Get a mentor.
– Realise, some people or situations will never make sense. Surrender, and know what will be will be.

2. Be more present

Worrying about the future leads to anxiety. Worrying about the past leads to depression.
NOW is the most important time in your life. <= Read that again while smiling 😄
If you feel the need to spend most of your time browsing social media whilst being in the company of family and friends. You’re not present and don’t truly value or prioritise your real friendships.

3. The most important things in life have nothing to do with things.

^ Think about that

4. Instinct is more powerful than reason.

You’ll have goals and ambitions you wholeheartedly believe in but the world will tell you otherwise.
Your crazy
Will fail
Where there’s a will, there’s a way.
Only 1% of the population are crazy enough to have complete self-belief and go around, over, under, and through walls to achieve what they want – Everyone else listens to their voice of doubt.
Having met many incredibly successful people this year. All of them are weird, whacky, and extreme in their own unique way.
But one thing their I CAN is far louder than their I CAN’T
What use is being average anyway?

5. Ownership

You are 100% responsible for how you look, feel and how much money you earn.
Your current state of affairs is evidence of what you prioritise.
Every thought, plan, word and action you’ve taken up until now is the reason for where you are in your life.
It’s easy to pass the blame and make excuses when things aren’t going your way.
No one else is in charge of your life and happiness, except you!
If you’re skint – work smarter and harder
If you’re out of shape – find out what to do and be consistent.
If you don’t like your company – change it.
You catch my drift!

10 Completely Random Moments (for shits and giggles)

1. Tried my first Krispy Kreme – Average.
2. Pulled a shit wheelie while riding a mountain bike in St Tropez.
3. Got it served to me on a plate a few times. Humility is a great ingredient for immediate change in your behaviour.
4. Told a cheeky bin man I’d “Put him in the bin”
5. Delivered a few smashing podcasts and certain people forgot to press record.
6. Laughed hard at a group joke in a fancy hotel in Barcelona. Banged the table shouting ‘Yes, Yes, Yes’ – Asked to leave.
7. Injured myself out of the blue the other month doing dumbbell fly’s. Second training injury in my life. It can happen at any time.
8. Pulled off an American accent for most of my snapchats just to fry a few people’s heads. Sounds better than Lisburn anyway.
9. Pulled a PB deadlift of 320kg raw x4
10. Started book 2 on the business of personal training. Title TBC.

That’s it for another year!