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3 Reasons Your Personal Trainer Sucks


When you hear the words ‘Personal trainer’ – what springs to mind?

If you’re like me the first thing you think of is – ‘who now?’

Lets face it; the era of self-obsessed, under educated selfie taking personal trainers is growing rapidly by the day.

Scroll down your news feed and see for yourself.

Standard of Coaching

Nowadays, there’s a growing trend for accountability to be shifted away from the coach and onto the client.

How So?


Militant Style Coaching

How many times as a client have you been left feeling like your opinion is invalid?

The concept of shouting and grilling every client to death merely serves as a power stroke for most trainers. Most have no real conscience of what they or you are actually doing.  For many as long as you’re moving, sweating and pulling faces – job done!

Have you been told to go hard or go home regardless if you’re exhausted or in pain. Sure, pain is weakness leaving the body, right?


Seriously, don’t be one of those clients.

If you’re in pain stop, you don’t get a medal for injuries. No one cares if you’re going through pain, bar you!

If you’re tired stop, take a deep breath and compose yourself mentally and physically before pushing on. How can you get the most out of an exercise when you can’t feel your face?

Trust me, knowing when to back off will do wonders for your progress

Just look at the injury rates that result from overly packed group-training classes. Nobody wants to be seen as the weakest link regardless of how healthy, fit or strong they are.

I’ll say it again – Don’t be one of those clients.

Don’t be subject to someone who yells, runs you into the ground and teaches you nothing about why your training or eating in a certain way.


Unsustainable Approaches

Have you ever been instructed to do that much at once you literally don’t know where to start?

Then, if you slip up, its not the coaches fault, it’s yours; you’re a ‘cheating lazy’ client.

Notice the clear and wrongful shift in accountability here, from the trainer to you.

Realistically the system or program your trainer is putting you on must be in line with your end goal, level of motivation and lifestyle in order to be successful. If it’s not then how can you expect to stick to it?


True personal training involves building a plan that fits the client not the other way round.  Even a client’s initial level of motivation should be accounted for. Remember not everyone is as motivated as you and certain approaches do require baby steps over time.

Don’t get me wrong there will be the odd exception to this with some genuine lazy soul destroying clients. Trust me I’ve had a few over the years. I’ve gone as far as hiring personal chefs right through to dealing with clients that are so unmotivated they’ve asked me to do a few sets for them (yes I’m serious)

Another important aspect of good personal training is empowering the client to understand what their actually doing. Ask yourself now, do I actually understand what I’m doing with my nutrition and training, has it been explained to me?

The reasoning for this is simple but crucial. You must acquire the knowledge on what to do after you finish the coaching period. A good trainer will focus on building your knowledge as well as your body. If you’re trainer left you tomorrow would you be confident in what to do with yourself?

This is why I have a problem with the generic time scaled 6-12 week personal training transformations. Quite frankly, we believe the shorter the time scale the better the perceived value.

Is this really the case?

In my opinion quick fix transformations are not a sustainable lifestyle change and tend to involve extreme unsustainable nutritional and training approaches to get results.

How many people have you actually seen stay in shape after their course is finished?

Know this: The more extreme the approaches you take the reduced likelihood of you developing long term healthy behavioural patterns to maintain those desired results. 

Shitty Program Design

I’d say a good 90% of personal trainers out there don’t understand the fundamentals of good program design.

Their idea of an effective session involves pushing the client as hard as possible until they spew! They give up early and the trainer gets an additional 20 mins to post heartfelt quotes to Instagram.

Your training must be specific to you and your goals whilst at the same time respect the multi facet approach to optimal physical fitness, which includes mobility, strength, cardiovascular fitness, specific hypertrophy work and skill development (sport specific).

There are so many trainers who haven’t bothered their ass to learn the fundamentals of proper program design. As a result the session involves a bunch of random movements thrown together with no clear purpose other than to burn you out QUICK!


Your training time is precious (and costly) It must serve to get you moving better, stronger and complement specific body composition changes

Quite often trainers are too lazy to look beyond the realms of what they’ve learnt on their 12 week course or what they randomly see on a YouTube video.

9/10 your program will resemble everyone else’s.

Don’t be that client!

Always ask: What am I doing and why?