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Run your own business?

Read on…

Starting and running your own business can be a complete Mindf43k.

Here are 3 Key Things I’ve Learned Along The Way.

1. Entrepreneurship can be lonely as f*%k.

Be prepared for this. I’ll be the first to admit I’ve lost touch with family, and good friends because I’ve been “chasing the dream” from the age of 18 to 29 yeas of age.

Finding company that understands your work ethic, supports your success and desire to continually evolve can be very f*^king hard. As you rise, your circle of friends gets smaller and smaller (If you’ve had success already, you’ll know what I mean)

You can also fall into the trap of expecting everyone else to be on your level. The fact is 90% of your social circle don’t care about what you do. A lot of the time you’ll feel like the only person in the room.

While I can wake up and do what I want when I want. I sometimes forget other people can’t do that. So it’s often just me myself and I. You must get used to your own company, because the same office, coffee shop and cities get pretty boring.

As for the friends who support and relate to you (&vice versa) value their friendship immensely.

2. The Motivational Quote, Gary V and Personal Development Trap.

It’s easy to get pumped up on daily motivational quotes, books and episodes of the Gary V show. While they remind us to hustle and grind all day long (naturally required to be successful), they don’t provide you with a solid plan of action to follow. Technically, you’re their marketing tool.

Don’t get me wrong, absorbing this kind of info is great at times, especially when it gives you that much-needed boot. However, don’t expect it to give you ‘the answer.’ – that comes from you knowing what to do and consistently applying yourself day by day.

3. Never forget what you are working for. ‘Begin with the end in mind…’

Time is your most precious resource – you can never buy it back.

While working for yourself isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. I dread spending my entire life, neglecting my dreams to build someone else’s.

You work hard to live life on your terms.

To get up when you want and do what you want. (Read this AGAIN AND ENGRAIN IT)

That’s your end goal.

And, what better way to earn that than helping solve people’s problems (the basic nature of business)

Freedom of time is a priceless asset.

Take Home – Entrepreneurship can be incredibly tough.
But, if it were easy….