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  1. Always be willing to elaborate on your advice.


Do you have the background or enough information to back up what I am saying, or are you unsure about the reasoning to the point where you could not adequately explain it.


  1. Realize that once your passion becomes your living, that is ALL you will do, and you will often hate it, so relish those years where your passion is still your hobby.


  1. The greatest disservice to clients I often see from well-meaning personal trainers is taking an individual with poor eating habits and “transforming” them into a stunningly lean, athletic looking individual, without then taking them back to sustainability.


Your job isn’t done with they hit the stage or lens. Your job is done when they develop new lifelong habits.


  1. The more you know about a subject, the fewer words you will explain it in.


  1. When writing training programs for clients.


Encourage them to do the following things during their training sessions:


  1. Move with quality and integrity.
  2. Move with the heaviest load possible for the designated reps before technique goes to scrap.