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A Fitness Professionals Guide To Understanding Scientific Researh


If you’ve ever been confused about what scientific research is and why its important for both you (and your clients) this podcast is for you.

I corner Dr Lee Hamilton – Lecturer at the University of Stirling, Health and Exercise Sciences Research Group who has a profound level of knowledge regarding the molecular basis of exercise adaptions.

We talk shop on:

– Why research is important?

– Practical applications of scientific research in the fitness industry

– The Placebo Effect (and how big an affect it can have)

– Overcoming marketing ploys (especially within the supplement industry)

– Don’t be abstract author

– Human Trials Vs Animal Trials – What you need to know

– Gold standards in research

– Why certain studies might not apply to your target population

– Gold Standard For Research – Systematic reviews and meta analysis

– Why certain supplement companies ‘data massage’

– Conflicts of interest with research

– and much more…