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5 Common Problems Most Competitors Face

Whether you’re thinking about competing for the first time or have competed many times before, the same problems hold true for many competitors…

delete (1)  Lack Confidence In Structuring An Effective Pre-Contest Diet & Training Plan.

delete (1)  Fearful You Won’t Be Lean Enough On Show Day.

delete (1)   Worried About Loosing Hard Earned Muscle Mass.

delete (1)   Unreliable Feedback From Training Partners, Friends And Family.

delete (1)   No Clear Plan Of Action After The Show.

Who I Work With?

  Fitness Models (Fitness and Muscle)

  Bodybuilders (All Age/Weight/Height Categories)

  Female Competitors (Bikini, Figure and Trained)

  Photo Shoot Prep


My Solution

Let my watchful eye and highly focused nutrition and training programs take your worries away and give you that much needed edge in your contest preparation.



My contest preparation services are open via application only. I am only interested in taking on highly dedicated clients who have given themselves enough time to reach the kind of jaw dropping condition and package we're after.

In other words don't come to me out of shape 6 weeks out expecting miracles.

If you are interested in working with me please contact me via email to discuss you competitive goals and asses your eligibility.

Your application will be reviewed and I will come back to you with a customised prep package suited to your needs and time frame.

If you have any other questions please feel free to get in touch below..


Nathalia Melo (IFBB Pro & Miss Olympia)

Having heard Phil speak at one of my recent seminars I can say I am beyond impressed with the level of knowledge he possess surrounding nutrition, training and lifestyle. I actually nickname him the walking encyclopedia.


Stephen Sharkey (Fitness Model Client)

Huge thanks to nutritional wizard that is Phil Graham. A true professional and the best there is.”


Jemma Lilburn (NIFMA Bikini Champion 2014)

A massive thanks to Phil Graham who helped get me in the shape of my life plus win my first competition.


Jill McConkey (Fitness Model)

Phil’s knowledge, advice and level of support has helped me achieve all of my health and fitness goals in particular winning the Miss Fitness Northern Ireland (2011).

Phil is always on standby and goes out of his way to ensure my health, nutrition, supplement and training questions are answered.

Phil is at the top of his game.


James Alexander Ellis (WBFF Pro Fitness Model)

“I chose Phil as my online coach for my 20 week prep for WBFF Worlds 2013, based on his fantastic track record and his endless yet relevant qualifications. Phil has provided a wealth of experience and on the spot advice to help me get stage ready without any stress! I have also referred to him one of my own clients, for detailed and advanced dietary advice. Thanks Phil!. “

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Agynte (Shorty) Lekaunikatie

” Through Phil’s knowledge and expertise I got my body just exactly the way I wanted, it’s all down to Phil. Everyday with him is a lesson! The only coach I could trust when it comes to my physique and health! Getting under his wing was one of my best steps I ever made and I couldn’t t be more thankful for his input. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Phil for educating and supporting me through my fitness journey, as it has been a life changing experience.

Many thanks, Agnyte. ”


Neil Hill (Prep Coach to numerous Tip IFBB Pros)

” Phil provides a first class service! His extensive knowledge base of nutrition and training coupled with his motivation to help clients succeed is the main reason why he is the’ go to guy’ for amazing results

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Ben Mudge (Reflex Nutrition Sponsored Athlete)

Phil provides solid nutrition, supplement and training advice that works! After hearing so much about Phil’s expertise on health and body composition I decided (at very short notice) to request his help for an upcoming photo shoot with one of the UK’s top fitness photographers Giles Crofta. I was skeptical I would be in shape for the shoot; in fact I thought it was going to be impossible.

Yet with Phil’s guidance and mentoring the issue of ‘time’ was irrelevant. I achieved my best level of conditioning to date, the photos say it all.”


Andrew Barr (x2 Mr. Fitness Northern Ireland)

“I came to Phil looking for an edge with my pre contest diet and training preparation. The level of knowledge Phil possesses is nothing short of incredible. My physique and energy levels dramatically improved under Phil’s guidance compared to anything I had done before. Phil is most definitely an expert in his field! I’m so happy with my r