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Diet and Controlling Hunger Issues with Dr Mike Israetel


I interview Dr Mike Israel professor of Exercise Science at Temple University in Philadelphia and head coach of Juggernaut Training Systems. Mike is also a consultant on sports nutrition to the U.S. Olympic Training Site in Johnson City, TN.

In this episode we discuss all things on diet, fat loss and the physiology of hunger.

Key insights include:

– Do you really just need to suck it up and quit moaning?
– Physiological aspects of hunger
– Food choice and hunger – what you need to eat more of and less of when controlling hunger.
– Animal Vs Plant Protein
– Fibre Intake and hunger
– IIFYM and Hunger – Why going ‘clean’ might be worth it when trying to get freaky lean!
– Dealing with client’s that complain about hunger.
– Is social media pushing the wrong messages about nutrition?
– and more…