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Why Your Diet and Training Plan Isn’t The Best!


You’ve followed a set diet and training approach for years. Maybe it’s the approach of your favorite bodybuilder, training partner or best-shaped trainer in the gym.

Either way, despite all the other approaches out there, nothing else seems to matter. You truly believe your approach is the one and only way to achieve your end goal.

The purpose of this article is to outline the problem associated with marrying yourself to a single approach and why staying blind to others is one sure way to limit your muscle building and fat loss progress!

As the saying goes, ‘there’s more than one way to skin a cat.’

You’re about to know why

Typical Scenario

Let’s face it, finding the perfect diet and training regime is harder than it’s ever been.

This may seem strange, especially, when you consider the sheer volume of information out there. Added to that, the never-ending growth of fitness professionals and newly opened gyms.

Advice is everywhere, but it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

Needless to say, when you find an approach you like or have been inspired to follow, whether it be a coach, athlete or peer in the gym, great! It can provide structure and a clear level of focus compared to a disorientated and reckless approach.

However, the problem lies when people begin to fall in love and become die-hard fans of their single approach.

For example, we have flexible dieters Vs. clean eaters, body building training Vs. Cross Fit, Paleo Vs. Non Paleo, free weights Vs. machine weights, High Carb/Low Carb – the list is endless.

You’d be surprised just how many people stress out and get heavily involved in arguing to protect and promote their approach. Social media and online forums tend to be the main source of arguments nowadays and in my opinion are best avoided. You’d think it was a matter of life or death for some. The reality is some people want attention and strive to be seen as an authoritative or (go to) figure.

Don’t get me wrong enjoyment is an extremely important factor, but if your looking to maximize both your and other people’s progress, (especially if you’re a personal trainer) you must keep an open mind and be willing to steal elements of other approaches when the time is right.


Just remember when you point the finger at someone else’s approach, three fingers point back.

For those fingers pointing back, you must stop and ask yourself:

Q. What are the disadvantages to my approach?

These could include:

– Can I recover from it and work hard throughout the entire session/week?

– Does it conflict with any new found knowledge/science?

– Is it too complicated?

– Does it cause me pain?

– Does it cost me too much time and money?

– Does my gym have the necessary equipment or do I need to travel?

– Is it allowing me to live a life outside of the gym?

– Do I feel good on it all the time?

– Can I sustain it?

Realize every approach has disadvantages. It is imperative you acknowledge them and have alternative approaches to resort to. As a result, your overall approach will be much easier to stick to, especially over the long term.

You health, physique and performance are a result of what you do on average!

If you’re experiencing any of the above problems, you need to find an alternative approach or else your original approach will be a detriment to your original goal of improving health and wellbeing.


Generally speaking, try to be critical of your approach at all times. I for one am always chasing that extra 1%.

I always ask myself the following when I find myself in a rut with my current approach.

Has information evolved since I first followed my approach?

If so, what else I could try?

Learn to think like this and you’ll soon reap the benefits of more knowledge and better progress. The end result is better health, body composition and performance – which funnily enough all links back to enjoyment

What about the tried and tested old-school?

Sticking with the old school simply means you’re too lazy to search for any new school information.

Information is evolving and so are you!

Summing Up

Don’t be narrow-minded to other approaches. Always consider the pros and cons of your approach, not just the pros. This is the exact successful approach I use with each and every one of my personal training clients.