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Eat, Feel and Perform Better – Instalment 11

Phil Graham Personal Trainer Coaching

Another collection of empowering tips and information  you can start using straight away to improve your health, mindset, body composition and performance.

1) Knowing Your Supplements

When it comes to buying supplements try and avoid products that list their ingredients as a ‘Proprietary blend’. This includes other clever marketing terms such as; matrix, composition, infusion etc. They’re all the same.

You really don’t know what portions of a particular ingredient are contained within a blend. One of the oldest tricks in the book is to list expensive ingredients as part of a blend in combination with other cheaper ingredients.

The reality is the exclusive or expensive ingredient you desire may only make up a very small proportion of the total mix. A key tell tale is to look where the most expensive ingredients appear on the list. Usually the cheaper ingredients will be listed first as part of the blend – highlighting they make up the largest proportion of the mix.

Don’t be fooled. Look for a supplement company that is transparent with their labelling and blending. The exact reason why I hold Genetic Supplements in such high regard!


A prime example of ‘Blending’

2) Females Need To Be Careful

Women must be skeptical of health and fitness advice as the majority of research is performed on men, particularly when it comes to metabolism and fat loss

3) Bar Position During Squats (High Vs Low)

During a squat what happens?

You place a loaded barbell across your shoulders, squat to depth with a high degree of knee and hip flexion. The depth at which you can go is largely dependent upon the health of your mobility.

Take note – The squat movement remains exactly the same irrelevant of whether you use high bar or low bar. Positioning the bar 3-4 inches up or down your back is going to make very little difference in the grand scheme of events that is the SQUAT.

There is no need to have a nervous breakdown over what position you take.

Simply work with whatever position is most comfortable and allows you to push the biggest weight!

Phil Graham Training pic squat

4) Simple Thought

We grow the most as human beings during our roughest times – why do we judge them as bad when they can benefit us so much? Each has it’s hidden miracle – you choose to see it or not…

5) Adjust Your Training Based On How You Feel

Your training program is merely a guide – be prepared to take a detour!