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Eat, Feel and Perform Better – Instalment 12

Phil Graham Mobility Work - Personal Trainer and Coach - Bird Dogs

1) Starting Support

For Those Starting Out…

The key to your success is accountability and support.

Earn the support of close friends and/or family members (as hard as it may be there will be a few). But most importantly, find someone who’s been there, done that and who’s reputation speaks for themselves.

)Trust me, having a good support network will save your three most important assets; Health, Time and Money.

)Training partners who don’t show are no good. Online communities permeated with negativity and egos are no good.

)Do you have a good network to support you?

Phil Graham Personal Trainer Llyod Mcdonal

2) Bird Dogs

Bird dogs, one of my favourite ‘bang for yer buck’ warm up moves.

They’re simplicity and effectiveness at priming the gluteus and core make them a very useful addition to any warm up strategy.

They’re also incredibly useful when performed after long haul flights or driving journeys to help correct some of the mobility issues prolonged sitting can have.

Phil Graham Mobility Work - Personal Trainer and Coach - Bird Dogs

3) Kids and Sedentary lifestyles

Did you know kids nowadays spend 85% of their day sitting!

Let’s fix this and get our kids more active!

Check out the infographic below.

Kids Sitting Problems

4) Try This For Dumbbell Rows

You’ll need a red (light) resistance band and plenty of energy for this one.

The resistance band adds progressive tension throughout the lift, especially at the top of the contraction.

Keep breathing under control and squeeze those lats hard.



5) Do You Need To count Reps?

The idea of counting reps gets distracting and quite frankly boring. I’m a huge fan of training the muscle under specific periods of time.

At the end of the day that’s all reps dictate – time under tension.

For hypertrophy and fat loss, I’ve found 35-45 seconds to be the sweet spot!

I don’t get fussy with tempo either (re simple hypertrophy/fat loss ) simply control and drive!


Phil Graham Fitness and Strength

6) Periscope

I am now active on Periscope. The app is basically a live video feed where users can interact and ask questions.

I’ll be video blogging my random day to day antics, training sessions, meal prep, rants and of course free question and answer sessions!

Search Phil Graham and get following!

Phil Graham Fitness and Strength periscope