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Eat, Feel and Perform Better – Instalment 13


Another selection of 5 very useful and practical fitness and personal training tips from Phil Graham. Whether your a personal trainer, everyday gym goer or competitive athlete. There is most certainly a tip for you.

1) Want A Muscle To Grow: Think Tension.

The more tension you can develop in a muscle, the greater the muscle and strength building opportunity you give it.

Make sure your exercise choice and technique allows you to create maximal tension throughout the entire range of motion (or rep).

This usually entails angling your body to suit the movement better and using a load you have complete control over through start, mid and end ranges of the exercise.

2) Forget Time Limits

Fitness shouldn’t have a  time limit. Instead of looking for a 30 day abs challenge or 10 day diet detox think long term. You must prepare to put the work in for years, lots of years…

3) Your Plan Is A Guide: Prepare To Take a Detour

A program is a piece of paper that does not factor in your everyday life: lack of sleep, outside stress, or fatigue from a previous competition. Training is a process that should respect how you recover from day to day. I hammer this message to death with my personal training clients. Every day is different, its ok to back off when you feel like crap.

4)  Focus On Now

The past and future don’t exist, they are abstract mental concepts that distract you from what’s happening right now.

[ctt title=”The mind is a beautiful servant, but a terrible master.” tweet=”The mind is a beautiful servant, but a terrible master.” coverup=”LE_3f”]

5) Is Personal Training A Dream Job?

It’s great to see increasingly more people wanting to become personal trainers nowadays. The idea of following your dream holds true for a lot of things in life, and I respect anyone who goes after it. However, there’s a big difference between thinking positively and realistically when it comes to making a living.

Most people chase personal training as a career because they want to get paid for something they love – training.

The reality is there’s much more to it!

Building a personal training business is anything but glitz and glam. It’s dirty, tough and stressful work!

You have the hidden stress of building a client list, retaining those clients and dealing with all the problems/personality traits they have. Not everyone you’ll encounter is easy to work with – trust me!

You then have the added stress of charging, chasing payments, tax, VAT and all the other expenses that soon add up!

Most trainers don’t expect these challenges from the start. The end result is confusion, frustration and poor stability in their ‘dream’ career. The lifespan of the average personal trainer is no more than 6 months to a year in the industry without having to take on a second job or alternative form of income.

Like anything in life before you step into something that will either make or break you, speak to someone who’s been there done that. Learn from their mistakes, short circuit your learning and ultimately fast track your success. I’m certainly no guru but I have built a very successful business and managed to secure a 2-3 month waiting list consistently for just over 3 years now.

How So?

Trainers ask me all the time,

What’s my secret?

How can I do that?

How do I gain security?

My Answer: Guidelines, Principles and Values.

Do you have any?

If not why not? You should know these of the top of your head in a few seconds.

If you want to go alone, thats fine, but be prepared to put your time, money and soul on the line.

Due to the amount of trainers that contact me asking for help I am contemplating launching my first personal training business inner circle. E-mail me your thoughts on this guys info@phil-graham.com I’d love to hear what content you would like included.

In the mean time trainers have the opportunity to Skype with me and/or complete a full/half day Internship to establish better clarity and sense of direction with their career as a fit pro. Trust me, you’ll get your eyes opened!