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Eat, Feel and Perform Better – Instalment 4

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Another collection of empowering tips and information you can start using straight away to improve your health, mindset, body composition and performance.

1)  Focus On Number 1 – You!

You will never be as big/lean/fast or beautiful as you want to be. You will never be satisfied. That’s OK. That’s part of what drives you to get better every single day. However, if you constantly compare yourself to others, you will frustrate yourself to the point of no return. There will always be someone bigger, more beautiful, stronger, leaner, or smarter than you. Get over it!

Be happy with yourself and what you have accomplished.

To ensure you keep on track ask yourself in every thought and action you contemplate: Is this helping me create a better version of myself? If the answers no, change.

Self doubt is a terrible thing, discover how I deal with it in my recent article – 3 Incredible Ways To Kill Self Doubt..

2) Barefoot Training – Get Out of Your Footwear

Quite often the shoes we wear restrict our range of motion and provide external stability that our feet need to develop on their own.

This is why you will see many lifters perform some of their training exercises barefooted.

Training barefooted can allow for improvements in ankle and foot mobility and stability, reduction in hypertonic (overly tight) calves, greater activation of the posterior chain, and increased proprioception (mind to muscle connection) of the foot.

Do not that there may be exceptions to this especially for those individuals with structural issues (flat feed, broken foot bones) and thus require the help of an orthotic device (i’m included here – dam flat feet)


3) Diet Soda – Is It Really Linked To Disease or Just Bad Teeth?

” There are no studies that indicate any long-term health risks from drinking diet soda. Diet Soda (defined as calorie free carbonated beverages sweetened with aspartame, sucralose, acesulfame-potassium, or other non-caloric or minimally caloric sweeteners) is not harmful to health, well-being, or body composition.”

~ Passman CM, et al. Effect of soda consumption on urinary stone risk parameters. J Endourol. (2009) ~

To read more on the matter check out this great article by my friends over at Examine.com 


4) What’s Your Intent?

Never just go through the motions when completing your sets and reps. If you don’t have a clear intensity and focus (intent) on each rep, you’ll never let your physique or performance reach its full potential..

Phil Graham Shoulder Press Personal Trainer Belfast


If your personal trainer isn’t assessing he’s just guessing…

When it comes to working with clients I never underestimate the power of assessment. Tracking client progress goes far beyond weekly weigh ins and photo comparisons.

In order to be precise it is important to consider other key factors:


  • Blood Tests
  • GP/physio reports
  • Mood/behaviour
  • Immune function
  • and much more….


  • Strength
  • Fitness
  • Endurance
  • Mobility
  • Knowledge

Body Composition

  • Skin folds (by a well trained individual)
  • Weight
  • Visual appearance

Regular assessment of these variables allows you to paint a good picture of how progress is moving and subsequently provides justification for specific changes in client program design, in turn helping clients get to where they want to be in the fastest, safest and most efficient time possible. This is exactly how I operate within my own personal training practice

If your just being trained then sent out the door with no thorough means of assessment – How can you be sure your improving?

I suggest now would be a good time to look for a proper trainer who knows what there doing…