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Eat, Feel and Perform Better – Instalment 5

Phil Graham Personal Trainer Belfast Northern Ireland

1)  So, you train in a commercial gym?


“But Phil, I don’t have any cool equipment to train with at my commercial gym!”


My response:

  • If they didn’t have what you needed, why did you give them your money instead of taking your business elsewhere?
  • They probably have a lot more than you might think, but you just need to be more creative and prepare a bit more.
  • Remember that there are many different ways to add variety to your exercise programming beyond just changing exercise selection. You can play about with different angles, sets, reps, rest intervals, training frequency, tempo, range-of-motion, and a host of other factors…
  • Have you considered outfitting your own home gym?
  • Have you ever followed a strength and conditioning program written by a qualified/experienced coach? The coach may see the same equipment through a different lens than you do.


Phil Graham Justfies commercial gym use

2) The World Is As We Are…

Are you tired of seeing the condition of the world around you?

Start by changing yourself – be the change you want to see in world.

Be what you want to attract more in your life.

Being loving to yourself is the fastest way to enjoy a more fun and productive life….

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3) Fan of Salmon?

When eating salmon always look for wild varieties like sockeye, king or chinook over farm raised varieties. They contain more omega 3 and less toxic polychlorinated bromines (PCB)…

Spawning sockeye salmon, Lake Aleknagik, Alaska, USA

4)  The Proper Way To Do A Dumbbell Row

Exercise quality comes takes priority in every training session I deliver. Why? Quite simple – maximum stimulation/benefit – minimum risk of injury – longevity.

Follow these 6 important tips every time you perform dumbbell rows.

  • Create a stable base of support with your wrist.
  • For me I’ve always worked better leaning of an elevated base, such as the lip of a bench or a the top of a dumbbell rack.
  • Create as much length in the lat during the bottom end of the contraction. Let it hang!
  • Shorten the lat as much as possible during peak contraction.
  • Pull the dumbbell at 45 degrees towards the Glutes at all times!
  • Rest appropriately between each side – don’t rush in! Treat them as individual sets!

Check out this short 15 sec clip of me pulling some reps from a training session last week

Want me to coach you? Whether its just for a single day or long term? – click here

5) Avocados

Quite possibly one of my favorite fruits (yes that’s correct fruit)…

Not only do they taste absolutely awesome but they deliver a host of nutritional benefits for any hard training individual looking to increase muscle mass, shred unwanted fat and promote health at the same time…

Here’s a few:

  • Excellent source of healthful raw fat (notably monounsaturates)
  • The fat content of avocados can aid in the uptake of other important fat soluble nutrients such as beta-carotene and lutein.
  • Rich source of vitamin E
  • Source of B Vitamins (energy)
  • Potassium (nearly twice that found in bananas)
  • Fibre to fuel the healthy bacteria in the gut (improving nutrient absorption)

One of my favourite ways to enjoy avocados is smeared over a fresh chicken breast as part of a mixed salad with nuts…

They also work really well at keeping meat and fish moist as part of a cold meal on the go.

Check this out – Rustled up fresh this morning!

Check this out - Rustled up fresh this morning!