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Eat, Feel and Perform Better – Instalment 6


1) Homemade Foam Roller…

I’ve always liked being resourceful. Let’s just say this £5.96 fence post from B&Q (a hardware store for all my international followers) turned out to be one of the best myofascial release tools I’ve ever used.

Yes it’s harder than your typical foam roller but it works beautifully at turning off increased neural tone and freeing up all those gummed up fibers that result from prolonged hard and heavy training, especially the Glutes, IT Band and VL areas which usually manifest as knee pain or tight hips.

This allows for better movement quality, increased range of motion and off course better looking and performing muscles.roller

You may want to wrap some soft foam round the hard wood if you’re new to rolling and have a lot of tightness!

They can be chopped even smaller to fit in your gym bag!

Give it a try the next time you’re considering buying a commercial foam roller at x4 times the price…

2) Should you lift heavy whilst in a calorie deficit?

Generally speaking, yes, you should continue to expose your muscles to heavy mechanical loading (for good form) during a calorie deficit.

Muscle is very metabolically active (uses a lot of fuel), and unless your body gets the message it’s needed, it has no problem burning through it for fuel.

Lighter training has it’s place but primary emphasis should be placed on heavier loads (with solid technique) at all times…

3) Be Patient. Stick to a pace you can maintain…


4) Personal Trainers/Coaches – Why do you coach?

Selfless promotion of athletes not self-promotion is essential. Never steal the spotlight from the clients/athletes you are trying to spotlight for your own good!

5) The Most Important Factors In Program Design

Remember, 50% of program design is writing training sessions; the other 50% is planning your recovery. Bringing the two together is what produces optimal results.

I discuss many aspects of program design in my newest Podcast with one of Ireland’s leading physiotherapists and strength/conditioning coaches David Hare, click here to get Elite Muscle Radio on iTunes….