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Eat, Feel and Perform Better – Instalment 7

Phil graham personal trainer belfast

1) Deadlift Grip Width

A wider grip adds extra inches to a deadlift’s range of motion. As a result expect to lift lighter, this is especially the case during a snatch grip deadlift. Here’s the take home:

For those Pulling Conventional:

– Keep hands tight to the shins with the inside of the elbows snug against the knees

For those Pulling Sumo:

– Keep the arms hanging straight down from shoulder width


2) Personal Training Egos

One thing I can’t stress enough to personal trainers – Keep your ego and personal agendas out of your teaching…


3) Building Your Foundations First

Remember that supplementation falls at the bottom of the hierarchy of health, body composition and performance. Your training stimulus must be sufficient along with your energy intake. These two departments should be of far larger concern than any supplement (ergogenic aid).

If you’re not sure where to start I suggest reading these two articles covering some very important nutrition and training foundations you may be overlooking: Part 1Part 2

4) It’s What You Do On Average That Counts

Your success is not your best workout, most accurately tracked macros, or most productive day. Your success is what you repeatedly do, day in – day out!

This means developing a robust and flexible routine that overcomes the daily obstacles many of us face.

Such a routine develops over time through experience, dedicated learning and complete understanding.

[ctt title=”Your success is what you repeatedly do day in – day out!” tweet=”Your success is what you repeatedly do, day in – day out!” coverup=”Mjd2a”]

5) Ego – Leave It…

There is not a day goes by where I don’t see an individual pound out rep after rep using shitty form and technique due to using excessive weight.

The next time you see it, consider this…

The individual is building strength on top of dysfunction. What this means is the range of motion/movement they are using does not coincide with the natural way it is supposed to move.

As a result one can expect to:

  • Develop repetitive strains on specific areas of musculature, thus promoting tension and inflammation which may potentially hinder performance in their current or other training bouts.
  • Not fully target their key area of musculature optimally due to the fact other muscle groups are now compensating due to poor form from excessive weight. Think sheer stress.
  • Imbalances – Negatively affect posture leading to further mobility issues (training performance and quality of life negatively affected)
  • Increase the likelihood of a muscle tear impeding aesthetics, body composition and performance. You can’t do much when your suffering in pain can you?

One of the key benefits to training with good form is increased range of motion which ultimately allows you to increase the degree of muscle fiber recruitment

I’m sure I don’t need to remind you, this means only one thing; Healthier overall muscular development.

Yes, you may see exceptions to this. Maybe you’ve seen someone with an incredible physique or demonstrate a high level of performance in a given sport train with shit technique. However, don’t judge a book by its cover, they may have a host of imbalances, injuries that you don’t even know about.

Aside from that why would you not use the safest most optimal training technique in an attempt to build a better you

Your body is a unique piece of machinery, train it smart and never sacrifice technique to impress onlookers, unless, that is – you can handle it!