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Eat, Feel and Perform Better – Instalment 8


1) Unfinished Business

Unfinished business in your life will drain the life and soul out of you.

Strangely enough, it usually takes less energy to complete your unfinished ‘ to dos or tasks ‘ than it does to carry around the headaches, anxiety and mood swings that are all part and parcel of leaving things to the last minute and doing a half ass job.

If you’re complaining about having no energy or pondering until the time is right you will never get it done.

Stop for a moment…

Realise that completing your unfinished business will free you so much more energy and as a result lead to better health and productivity.

Commit yourself to doing, rather than being a perfectionist. Do the right things rather than doing things right.


Completion = More Energy – Less Pain – Better Life

or avoid the issue all together and suffer the consequences.


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2) Quick Deadlift Tip

Next time you deadlift, imagine driving your heels into the ground as if you’re pulling yourself into the ground.


3) Avoid Self Diagnosis

In today’s era of self-diagnosis the Gluten free craze is becoming more and more popular…

I stumbled across this amusing video clip the other day. The majority of people claiming to be gluten free actually have no idea what gluten is….

Check it out…

4) Getting The Most Out Of Your Warm Ups

Remember that the nervous system works systemically (head to toe) not just for specific muscle groups. So if you’re training an isolated muscle group (like arms) don’t isolate your warm up to those specific parts.

Engage the entire body during your warm up and get full advantage of the sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight) – we want it fired up!

Think about it, if you’ve been sitting in an office or car all day long your body is going to need wakening up!

One of my favourite whole body ‘Switch on’ moves is med ball slams, check out the short video clip below.

5) Don’t Focus On Pre-Workouts and Stimulants…

Fuelling up on caffeine and other pre workout stimulants may focus your mind and provide a temporary lift. However, realise they provide very little if any nutritional advantage to promote recovery.