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Everything You Need To Know About Body Weight Training with Andy McKenzie

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In this episode I corner the Scottish legend Andy McKenzie, to discuss everything you need to know about bodyweight training.

We cover a wide range of topics that the personal trainer and everyday fitness enthusiast must know and respect in relation to getting the most out of training with bodyweight.

Topics include:

– The principles of bodyweight training and why its important.

– Body weight VS. machines – (which is better and why)

– Common mobility problems that affect training.

– The movements most people need in their life.

– How to test wheather your a man or a mouse.

– Andy’s upcoming strength verification workshop.

– And much more

For all of the listeners of Elite Muscle Radio, Andy has been generous enough to provide a discount code offering £100 off his upcoming strength certification workshop.

The code is ‘SFN100’ and all you need to do is head over to ironmac-education.mybigcommerce.com/ultimat…evel-1/ and enter the code to receive your discount.