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The Greatest Tricep Isolation Exercise Ever


Uni-Lateral Dips

This has to be one of my favourite all time moves for torching triceps. Yes dips, skull crushers and close grip bench press all serve unique advantages as compound movements. However, I feel they lack the quality of contraction and sheer proprioception (mind to muscle connection) single arm dips can provide.


  • Personally I get a far better contraction when I clasp the end of the bar (knuckles facing front on), instead of having my hands in a regular grip position (knuckles facing laterally/to the sides)
  • Avoid sitting in the regular position with legs hooked under the knee pad. Instead, face away from the machine and angle yourself in a lunge position. This puts you in a much more favorable position for Tricep isolation.
  • Keep head in neutral and chest up throughout entire movement. Unfavourable head and chest positions can leak power into other tissues as a form of compensation (especially evident during failure sets) resulting in less force applied through the intended muscle group.
  • With each rep drive of the palm of the hand and hit the squeeze the end contraction hard!
  • Ensure full range of motion throughout the entire movement. Watch how I take advantage of this by flexing my bicep at the start of the movement. Remember muscles work in pairs – when one contracts, one relaxes.


Rep Range

Depending on goals shoot for 8-15 reps (25-40 Seconds Time Under Tension) for optimal improvements in triceps arm mass.


2/1/X/1 – 2 Second Pull – 1 Sec Pause – X (Explosive Press) – 1 Sec Pause (Repeat for designated reps)

Set Range

Set volume is dependant on the remaining volume of your current training split


60 Seconds is more than suffice