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The 5 Most Neglected Aspects of Health and Fitness

Phil Graham Top Coach

In this article I want to highlight 5 very important aspects of health and fitness that many of you overlook. I guarantee you can relate to at least one if not all of them!

1) Health Is Wealth

Everything you do must focus on adding value to your health, body and mind. This includes everything from fitness right through to the relationships your in!

Think about it?

A healthy being works harder for longer and ultimately has the opportunity to achieve better outcomes. (Never mind enjoy them)

I’ve listed below what I consider some of the most neglected aspects of health and fitness program design.

How do you relate to each of them?

– When in doubt don’t do it, if there is no doubt do more!

– Get a good private doctor!

– Hire a good team of therapists (Chiropractor, Soft tissue)

– Fitness should be enjoyable, engaging, allow you to make new friends and give you a sense of belonging.

– Look after your mobility.

– No pain no gain – Don’t be silly!

– Avoid stressful situations (outside of training) at all costs.

– Take occasional breaks. Know where and when to draw the line with your willpower!

– Wear your seatbelt.

– Enjoyment can be more important that progress.

– If you hate your training environment – change it.

– Unsure your diet and training plan is the best approach? Stop stressing and wasting time, money and effort. Ask for help, you’re only digging a hole for yourself if you don’t.

Remember: You’re in this for the long term not the short term.

Always ask yourself can I sustain this and is it adding value to my life?

2) Patience

Worried you’re not making enough progress?

Guess what?

I’ve never heard of anyone complain they are progressing too fast.

We all know the odd person who looks incredible no matter how dumb or lazy their approach.

The fact of the matter is, it isn’t me nor you, so get over it.


Everyone is subject to a plateau no matter how genetically gifted they are.

It just happens at different times for all of us. Your body can and will adapt to everything you throw at it, both from a nutritional and training perspective.

Accept the fact you will never progress in a linear fashion.

Be patient, identify plateaus and work with them.

Like I say to all my personal training clients – It’s those that train the smartest last the longest.

3) It’s What You Do On Average

In order to achieve long-term success with your health and fitness goals, you must build a plan you can stick to.

If you’re forcing yourself to fit a plan you can rest assure your results won’t last long.

Can you relate to any of these unsustainable behaviours?

– Eating a diet comprised of foods you don’t like?

– Restricting your food choice?

– Eating at inconvenient times?

– Living in a calorie deficit for a prolonged period of time?

– Binge eating behaviour especially during cheat meals?

– Dreaming about junk food 24/7 then feeling depressed once you eat it?

– Following a training program that’s too complex?

– Training through pain?

– Training at times that don’t suit your personal schedule for a prolonged period of time?

– Training regularly at a facility miles away from where you live?

These approaches may help you achieve a short-term result, but they are not sustainable long term.

No matter how motivated you are – we all have our limits.

I’m sure you’ve asked yourself ‘ why am I doing this?’ or ‘how much longer should do I need stick to this ?’

There are too many people giving themselves extra work and pressure to contend with above and beyond of what’s truly required.

Lack of knowledge and overlooking the psychological aspect of getting in shape are to blame.

Generally speaking, a quality fitness program should take into account:

– Adequate calories (major determinant of weight gain vs. weight loss)

– Essential macro and micronutrients

– Personal likes and dislikes

– Lifestyle Factors (Time, Finance etc.)

– Metabolic abnormalities

– Occasional breaks

If all these bases are covered you can guarantee long-term health and fitness success. I hammer this home with all my personal training internships.

4) It Depends On How You See It

There’s no doubt about it, life can throw all kinds of trouble our way!

It usually comes in the form of small hits, think: parking tickets, back talk, fees etc. or one off takedowns like the death of someone close, injury, betrayal, bankruptcy etc.

Although none of this negativity will kill you directly, it can drain the life and soul out of you.

What’s important is how you deal with negativity.

Positive - Negative - Thinking


Remember we are all subject to life’s problems; no one gets it easy – no matter what you may think! No one!

It boils down to two options – You either let it knock you out, lose all faith in yourself and end up miserable or you shake it off, rise above, learn from it and move your ass on.

Never lose faith in yourself and what you can do in life!

Never give up – you’re worth it!

5) Get A Mentor

The truth is, I never had one!

Looking back having a good mentor would have saved me a lot of time, money, and frustration.

My ego was to blame. I felt asking for help would be considered a sign of weakness. I wanted to be solely responsible for my own success, not let someone else take the glory for it.

This couldn’t be further from the truth, it’s ok to ask for help especially from someone who’s been there done that.


Just think, all the best athletes in the world have coaches.

Trust me a good mentor in life, business or fitness (whatever you need), will save your most precious assets – health, time and money.