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How To Build A Better Life & Business with These 5 Important Principles


I want to share with you some of the valuable lessons that were reaffirmed to me during my recent visit to Scotland to speak at the 2016 SFN Scottish Fitness EXPO.

I key note speak at this fitness event every year. This year I spoke about a topic very close to my heart. Diabetes and its effect on health, bodybuilding and sporting performance. The audience was packed with people travelling all over Europe to hear me speak!

After giving my talk the Expo was rounded off with an open roundtable Q&A seminar – I got to share the stage with four other industry leaders, all of which I would classify as good friends who I’ve had the pleasure of training, eating and drinking the odd beer with.




You could say with confidence everyone on the stage has reached an incredible level of success in helping others and making a living from their passion for health and fitness.

I want to share with you, five common behaviors we all have about life, business and, of course, health and fitness. Maybe you’re already doing these, maybe you’re not – Regardless, they are all an integral part of the process of achieving success in anything you do.


  1. Read and have an undying passion to know the ‘why.’


Investing in yourself is the best thing you can do! Someone’s life works (in the form of a book) only costs a few quid. Don’t skimp on knowledge. Gearing yourself with the knowledge and experience of others will open up opportunities and success.


  1. Critical Evaluation


There is nothing better than getting a critical review of yourself served to you on a cold hard plate.

Critical feedback is crucial for growth. But, so many of us hide from it or get offended and do nothing with it.

I urge you to find someone you trust whether it be a customer, close friend or even family member (inc another half) Ask them to tell you what they think. Tell them you’re ready to hear it. As hard as it may be.

You’ll identify the areas in your life, personality and business you need improve upon. Act!


  1. Be Resourceful


You’d be surprised just how many people you have at your disposal.

Whether you want to set up a business, get a new training partner or even need a handy job done around the house. Dig deep into your friend’s list and see who can help you become that 1% better each day!


  1. Do your ‘groundwork’ every day before helping anyone else


Work on your mind and body before working on anyone else. This is especially true if you’re a personal trainer. Set up a daily ritual for personal development.

Exercise, slowly lazy walks that get you to think, mobility work, journaling, reading, meditation – you name it – they all help!

We all need to stop, breath and think (for ourselves) from time to time.


  1. Know Your Zone

Know your zone

Define it

The good

The bad

The ugly

Know your zone and start laying your impressions daily