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How To Create The Best Exercise Experience Possible with Micheal Goulden


Another action packed show loaded with serious knowledge and gems of coaching wisdom. I’m joined by Micheal Goulden MSc,a specialist educator in exercise mechanics and neuromuscular preparation.

Michael teaches courses in biomechanics and personal training for his company Integra and is a member of the teaching staff for the Resistance Training Specialist programs. He regularly consults and lectures for companies such as Cybex and some of the top personal training companies in Europe.

We cover a range of topics on creating a uniquely sustainable approach to health, fitness and performance including:

– What exactly is the biomechanics of exercise?
– Key steps to individualising the exercise experience
– Top myths and soundbites in the industry around exercise.
– Biggest mistakes in exercise execution, and what to do about it.
– How to build an exercise that stimulates the muscle through the full range of motion
– Warm up strategy – Is stretching any use?
– Why you need to be skeptical, and always believe with evidence
– The client experience – what the trainer can affect from inside the gym to out.
– How can personal trainers reach their full potential in helping others
– and much more

To learn more about Micheal and his IntegralTraining courses visit his website integra-training.net/