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Ask yourself, Are you doing your absolute best to learn, change and grow? YOU MUST get vulnerable, admit your weakness, fears and insecurities, and face them head on in order to grow yourself into a successful and well respected coach.


One way to help you deal with facing your fears, is to speak to someone who started just where you are. Come and spend the day with me.


There is nothing I love more than helping motivate and empower up coming fitness professionals to reach their full potential. No matter what your objective, my time is yours; you may use it as you please.


Feel free to pick my brain about marketing yourself as a fit pro, the latest cutting edge nutrition and training philosophies right through to the pros and cons of setting up and running a gym or personal training studio.

Learn from my knowledge, experience and mistakes …


My service is built on:


Accountability is the key to achieving your most important goals, because when you’re being held accountable, you are driven to crush your targets and avoid the embarrassment of not following through with your promises. It’s those times when I’ve publicly put my neck on the line that I’ve experienced my BIGGEST achievements.


I’ve always had a passion for learning even if it only advanced my results by even as little as 5%. I eat, sleep and breathe anything that revolves around self-development, business and human performance.

I delegate time everyday to read, research and network with other like-minded individuals. I’m grateful to say I’ve got some of the best minds in the industry on speed dial if I require specialist advice on a certain area. Just look at the guest on my podcast and see for yourself.

To do this I attend only the best training courses and educational seminars across the world never mind networking with some of the top names within the industry (check some of them out in the testimonial section)

High caliber educational attainment combined with practical application is worth its weight in gold when producing first class life changing results, and I suppose the common saying, “Knowledge is Power” holds true. Especially when working with so many different individuals!


Experience speaks values when it comes to getting individuals of different shapes, sizes and metabolic types in shape. It’s fair to say I’ve clocked up countless hours of personal training sessions and had my fair share of successful experience in helping many clients reach beyond what they initially considered a personal goal. Also consider the fact I’ve written for almost all of the major fitness publications an spoken along side some of the top names in the industry at the worlds largest most successful health and fitness exhibitions. Safe to say you don’t get asked to write or speak at such events unless you know what your talking about I also feel it important to highlight I don’t only “talk the talk” but also “walk the walk”. From my teenage years I competed as a top level national bodybuilder, competing and winning shows on both a local and international level – including Junior Mr Northern Ireland, Mr Universe and Mr Britain.

I’m aware that not everyone’s goal is to be a top national bodybuilder, but if you take into consideration the physical conditioning required for these contests it would represent the pinnacle of all the key attributes (nutrition and exercise) involved in an individual’s quest to achieve optimal body composition and performance.

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Feel free to ask any one who has worked with me how much value I’ve added to their life. Hop on social media or browse through my site and see for firsthand what people are saying about my work.

If needs be I can put you in contact with any one of them.

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Working on our goals together we can achieve so much MORE, and faster, than if you try to go it alone.

Please bare in mind I receive a lot of enquires from upcoming coaches and personal trainers to intern with me. Due to the fact these internships take up a lot of my time and energy I am very selective with whom I help.

My time is only available for those willing to invest in their future, face the truth, ask plenty of questions and most importantly work hard to deliver!


Simply contact me below. We will discuss your goals, and come up with a suitable date and time that suits you best.