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Kyle’s Story

“ 3 years ago I was dealt a very traumatic hand in my personal life, which led to me being in a pretty bad place mentally.

I fell into a very unhealthy way of living consisting of several take aways a week, lots of junk food and alcohol while doing zero exercise.

I was unhappy with my appearance and decided that my personal circumstances were not going to beat me. I decided enough was enough. I started at a local leisure centre gym and lost my first three stone. During this time I followed Phil on social media and listen to his podcasts. From the beginning, I loved the content! Full of knowledge and information that I could learn from and apply. My girlfriend surprised me by putting me in touch with Phil for my birthday.

Phil gave me a call that morning, wished me a happy birthday and asked me about my journey so far. Since that day I decided to become a full online client of Phil’s. This was one of the best investments I’ve ever made. My total weight loss to date is 7 and a half stone!

From the beginning, Phil has been an outstanding coach, in every way! From the variety of my nutrition/ training plans and taking the time to explain in depth why he was making changes to any of my plans right through to his professionalism, knowledge and supportiveness through email and phone calls. The standard of service he has given me is first class! I now have the knowledge to use it for the rest of my life! My future lifestyle is set!

A few months back Phil suggested a photo shoot. I never imagined doing this! Phil said I needed to get outside my comfort zone to develop as a person. I trusted him and went with it. I’m so glad I did it!

Take it from me, no matter how unhappy you are with your body and mind; you can turn it around. All it takes is the right advice and accountability. You’ll get there so much faster than going it alone! At times the process may seem long and tedious, your goals may seem far away, but trusting the process is important, it’s the best one-way journey you’ll ever take!

Thank you for everything, Phil! I have loved this process so far, can’t wait to build on where we are now over the coming months.”