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  • No More MR SKINNY
  • No More Training Your Ass Off With NOTHING To Show
  • No More Unsightly Fat Gain When You Try To Grow
  • No More Slow To Grow Body Parts
  • Time To Reap The Rewards Of A Highly Productive Off-Season



  • A More Muscular Looking Physique In As Little As 14 days
  • Increased Strength – Expect To Smash All Your Current Personal Bests
  • Improved Self-Confidence
  • Better Sex
  • Better Sleep
  • Improved Brain Function – Increased Productivity In Your Business
  • A New Wardrobe of Clothes To Show Off


I am only interested in highly motivated individuals willing to invest in themselves. If you’re not up for it, flick back to Facebook


Over Weight to Mr Universe Competitor

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1Poor Genetics

It’s a scientific fact - Your genetics determine how effectively you put on muscle mass. The truth is some of us were born to struggle.

My Solution #1

You need a routine designed for your body, Not someone else’s.

Poor genetics is something I know about first hand, having worked extremely hard for every pound of muscle I have, I completely understand the problems so many of you face in your quest to gain that powerful looking muscle mass and size.

I’ve spent countless hours studying and traveling the world to learn as much as I can about the human body, nutrition and exercise.

Add to this, the countless hours of coaching individuals of all shapes, sizes and even medical conditions, including even the hardest of hard gainers how to pack on quality mass to their frames.

All this precious knowledge and experience is incorporated into the development of your plan.

2Following A Crappy Diet
  • Struggling to eat enough?
  • Always gain too much fat?
  • Constantly feel bloated?

My Solution #2

If you want to give yourself the best possible shot at building lean high quality muscle you must eat a high quality diet!

It doesn’t have to be bland, boring or restrictive.

However, it must respect energy balance, food intolerances and account for ones personal eating schedule and food budget – all of which are overlooked in most muscle building programs.

Under my guidance I will show you how to manipulate food intake as required in order to build that high quality, high performance physique any man would be envious of.

Going to the gym, eating a set diet and taking supplements all cost you valuable time and money! I want to make sure it pays off!

3Poor Training Structure

Can you confess to any of the following?

  • Trying to lift as heavy as possible
  • Following no clear plan and only doing the exercises you like
  • Not recording your lifts
  • Training through tiredness or painful injury to ‘get it done’
  • Performing too much cardio in an attempt to stay lean
  • Doing very little doing mobility work (stretching, foam rolling etc.)

If you’ve answered yes to any of the above you can rest assure you’re not going to reach your full potential.

It’s worrying to see so many guys start a training program with no clear plan of a action.

My Solution #3

In order to maximize results, it is important to have a training program that accounts for:

1) Progressive overload: Gradually increasing stress over time (relates to exercises, load, sets, reps, Tempo – time under tension)

2) Variation: Varying program design to prevent plateaus (exercises/training volume)

3) Specificity: Tailoring program design to client goals and experience whether you’re a complete beginner or an elite level athlete.

Under my guidance we monitor your training (just like your diet) and continually tweak all the important variables (as and when needed) in order to keep progress moving at an optimal rate and blast through the inevitable highly frustrating plateaus.

4Zero Accountability

We live in an industry now where information is everywhere!

Having no accountability is one sure way to become lazy with your approach, reduce your ability to learn and over look the essential changes needed to ensure optimal progress.

My Solution #4

Your accountable to me, this entails

  • The much needed pressure to follow your plan
  • The ability to ask questions any time you want and learn for yourself.
  • A shoulder to cry on if needs be

With knowledge and accountability your path to a building better body is certain.

1Q. How long does it take to see noticeable results?

Depending on your current physical condition and training experience results are fairly noticeable within only 10 days. However, your results ultimately depend on how much effort you put in! And it’s incredibly important to stress that miracles do not happen – you will not transform overnight.

But I can guarantee you this: if you diligently follow my word both with your diet and training regime over a sustained number of weeks, you will achieve life changing results achieved through your hard work and ceaseless determination.

2Q. How long does it take to develop my plan?
Plans take between 5-7 days for development.
3Q. How will my plan come?
All plans come in downloadable PDF (E-Book) format for easy access on Mobile devices, Tablets, Pc and Mac.
4Q. Does my plan include any one to one training?

All of my programs are online based. However, some clients like to maximise their results with the added support of Personal Training, Click here to find out more…

* Please note all online plans and coaching are non refundable.

Getting Started Is Easy

Simply select which option suits you, follow the on screen instruction and I will be in touch personally to get the ball rolling on building the new you!

Consider These 5 Facts Once More

Coming from one of the UK's top 5 fitness instructors, you know there is no messing about. You will get what you aim for.

  • You’re Going To Pack On Muscle Faster Than Ever Before!
  • The Plan Will Fit Around YOU – Not The Other Way Round!
  • You Will Enjoy Plenty Of Delicious Food.
  • It Doesn’t Cost A Fortune – Starting from £30 Per Week!
  • You Get My Highly Credible and Reliable Support Every Step Of The Way.


Don’t be the person who’s staring at the screen a year from now wondering how to take action on their goals.You could be dangerously close to being stuck in the same position this time next year and loaded with massive amounts of regret.

6 Month


  • Personalized Diet Plan
  • Training Programme
  • Cardio Plan
  • Mobility Plan
  • 24/7 E-Mail Support/Advice
  • Fortnightly Check Ins
  • Programme Modifications