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Nutrition and Supplement Claims – How To Differentiate Fact Vs. BS


An awesome Podcast with Kamal Patel​ of Examine.com​ where we talk shop on:

– The media sensationalising BS around nutrition/health – Big stories that mean nothing!

– Why all research isn’t fair!

– What you shouldn’t do before bed!

– The research you DON’T hear about when buying product.

– The growing trend of trainers/coaches.

– Why food intolerance and other modes of nutritional testing is a complete waste of £ and what else you need to consider!

– Top 3 supplements for the hard training and working personal trainer and coach

– and MUCH more

If you’re not already subscribed (why not!?) you can tune in for free on both iTunes and Soundcloud.

A special thank you to my good buddy Sol Orwell​ for arranging this!