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Online Personal Training Advice for Upcoming Trainers



It seems like the ‘In-thing’ for upcoming trainers nowadays is to set up an ‘online coaching business’.

While this may prove valuable and profitable (if done well). Diving into this with minimal real life coaching experience can jepordize your ability to coach effectively.

Firstly, respect there is a MASSIVE difference between working with a client in real life compared to behind a keyboard.

It’s easy to shut up shop when you’re tired and leave a client hanging. It’s easy to skimp details and give a halfhearted answer.

Having personal trained 1000s of men and women online over the past few years. I’ve rustled together 5 SUPER IMPORTANT POINTS for upcoming coaches to think about before offering ‘Online Coaching.’

  1. Are you teaching from a place you’ve genuinely been yourself?

How many hours of real life coaching have you built up?

Coaching requires a great deal of social skill and flexibility.

Can you tailor your coaching to different personalities?

Do you understand the ‘real-life’ barriers a client will face?

Do you understand the dynamics of a busy gym?

Do you know how to provide true accountability?

  1. Quiz – It’s easy for a client to lie behind a keyboard. If in doubt ask again! Is the client really working hard or bluffing?
  2. Create an easy data collection system. This includes everything from ‘do it yourself’ body measures, right through to adherence scores. Data dictates progress.
  3. Be willing to touch base over the phone, especially if there’s an unresolved problem.
  4. Always follow up after the coaching period. Make your results last.


Don’t get me wrong there are some great Online coaches who’ve never personal trained in their lives. However, they know the subject of health and fitness inside out. And, most importantly understand ‘People’.

Always be honest with yourself before starting anything in business. Know exactly what the customer needs, rather than creating something you think is needed.

If you’re an upcoming personal trainer wanting to build a hugely successful online personal training business. Talk to someone who’s been there and done that!


My personal training business coaching and internships are only open to personal trainers committed to becoming the best in the business of health, body re-design and performance