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Personal Trainers: The Answer To Every Question You're Asked

People want point blank answers on diet and exercise, nothing else.
The reality is, nothing is set in stone. Your true answer depends upon a wide range of circumstances that are quite often overlooked.

I devised a  standard list of questions (some exaggerated) that crop up nearly every week without fail, no matter if I’m training in the gym, or bump into someone randomly whilst out for a meal or simply doing my weekly shop:

Q. What is the best protein to buy?
Q. Should all my cardio be done fasted?
Q. Intermittent fasting is the way to go!
Q. Can I train my arms x4 per week?
Q. Will going gluten free save my life ?
Q. Can I lower cortisol with vitamin C?

To be straight, very rarely will I answer a simple YES or NO

My answer almost always is “It depends” or “What other factors have you considered in the grand scheme of things “

One needs to consider the vast range of variables that influence ones nutritional intake or approach to training. An example of some main factors include: Personal goals, medical conditions, job (time to eat), life style (sleep/stress etc), food dislikes/likes, finance etc…

Other factors you may not even think of include religious beliefs, food storage, culinary skills and even access to good quality food. These are just some examples, there are so many more…

 Two MainTakeaways:

1. Never look at nutrition/training variables in isolation. They all play a role in the overall puzzle of health, body comp and performance.
2. Crafting a program requires an individualized approach every time!