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Find your goal and accomplish it

Before I get into the details of my coaching service I want you to ask yourself one big hard hitting question…

Who can I trust with my health and body?

1.) The typical run of the mill personal trainer whose knowledge base is grounded on a 12-week fitness course and a handful of photo shopped images.


2.) The trainer who’s acquired a wealth of academic knowledge in the field of nutrition and exercise science, years of training personal training experience and reputable assets such as contribution to major fitness publications as well as speaking alongside some of the top names in the fitness industry at some of the worlds largest fitness conferences.

I’m a firm believer if you’re going to invest in yourself you deserve the best possible service and advice, especially when it comes to your most important asset, Health!

Are You The Right Fit?

If you're going to invest in yourself you deserve the best possible service and advice, especially when it comes to your most important asset, Health!



I’ve helped hundreds of clients make dramatic improvements to their health, physiques and performance ranging from the overweight female right through to, the typical hard gainer. Feel free to browse through my site and observe the quality of my client results for yourself.


You will be following the most up to date evidence based diet and training approaches around.

  • Assessment: What gets measured get’s accomplished.
  • Manipulation: Diet and training are adjusted as needed to avoid frustrating plateaus.
  • Empowerment: I teach you the reasoning behind everything you do. This will empower you to make smarter more effective choices with your diet and training for the rest of your life!

Your personal training is highly specific to your body and personal goals only.

Training Environment

All of my personal training is delivered exclusively from Rockpit Fitness in Lisburn and my private facility in Hillsborough County Down. Rockpit Fitness is quite easily the best equipped gym in Ireland made even better by its warm and welcoming training environment to individuals of all shapes and sizes. Be rest assured each and every session is delivered in a style that works for you!

Anxious About Training With Me?

Having read through the site and seen the calibre of education and results on offer I want to clear the air with any misconceptions you may have about training with me.

I’ve trained a wide range of clientèle from 6 foot Rugby players, body builders right through to females under 8 stone!

pgs  I Won’t Turn Into A Bodybuilder (unless that is your goal)
pgs  I won’t push you beyond your limits and embarrass you (Ever).
pgs  Your results and relationship mean a great deal to me.
pgs  Your with me to learn and educate yourself.

My Education

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I’m a qualified nutritionist with years of academic study experience in the fields of human physiology, nutrition and exercise science. I’m also networked with some of the best minds in the nutrition and training industry. Just check my previous podcast guests or people I’ve spoken alongside and see for yourself I keep in good company. I am very passionate about my knowledge and am constantly striving to improve it, even if it enhances my client results by as little as 5%.

My Experience

Click Here To Read More About My Experience


Support this knowledge with practical application and experience of delivering countless personal training sessions, diet and training programs.

Also having made the transition from inactive overweight slob/Type 1 Diabetic to a Mr Universe Competitor who’s had his very own 8 page MUSCLE GAIN feature in Muscle and Fitness alongside The Rock - It’s fair to say I know a great deal about body redesign, loosing fat and building slabs of quality muscle.

I’ve had my fair share of successful experience in helping many clients reach beyond what they initially considered a personal goal whether it’s involved extensive fat loss, packing on quality muscle mass or even helping overcome a medical condition.

Feel free to ask any of my clients and see for yourself.

Experience The Best Personal Training In Northern Ireland. Highly Focused and Specific To Your Goals… You can train with me one to one or in a small private group of 2-3 if you want to share your learning experience with close friends or family. I offer great value package deals that will empower you with all the knowledge you need to become a healthier, leaner stronger version of yourself.
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Don’t Over Think It

Don’t be the person who’s staring at the screen a year from now wondering how to take action on their goals. You could be dangerously close to being stuck in the same position this time next year and loaded with massive amounts of regret. Don’t overthink it. Take action today. You can’t make that transformation by standing still and failing to take action.


You’ve so much to gain and very little (if anything) to lose!

Know What Your Getting - Consider These 5 Facts

  • You Will Make A Life Changing Transformation
  • You Are Accountable To Someone Who Knows What They Are Talking About
  • You’ll Know Exactly What To Eat and How To Train For The Rest of Your Life.
  • It Doesn’t Cost A Bomb – When You Consider The Quality of Advice & Support You Get!
  • Your Success Is Mine!

Getting Started Is Easy

Simply click below and answer a few short questions

I look forward to hearing from you!

Ever since being diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at 16 years of age I’ve committed every day of my life to learning all there is to know about overcoming Diabetes through lifestyle, diet and exercise. If you want to build muscle and improve your fitness as a Diabetic click below to get started today...