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Physiological and Hormonal Basis of Muscle Hypertrophy with Dr Darryn Willoughby


Dr. Willoughby is an internationally recognized scholar and one of the top leaders in the field where his primary research focuses on the molecular mechanisms regulating muscle hypertrophy and atrophy and the effectiveness and efficacy of nutritional supplements in helping to support muscle hypertrophy, attenuate atrophy, and improve exercise and sport performance.

We talk shop on:

– What is muscle tissue
– What is protein synthesis
– What hormones are involved in the muscle building process
– Why you shouldn’t neglect strength training in the lower rep ranges if your goal is to build size
– Why muscular adaptions slow with training age
– Why supplementing with antioxidants in and around training may slow your gains.
– Keeping an open mind as a coach
– and much much more!