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Recovery and Regeneration Strategies For Training with Eoin Lacey


In this episode, I catch up with strength and conditioning expert Eoin Lacey of the Irish Strtength Institiute. Eoin has gained a wealth of knowledge and experince in his respected field and been behind the exercise and nutrition strategies of big names like Connor McGreggor.

We discuss the most important recovery and regeneration strategies you can use to get the most out of training, from the professional athlete, personal trainer, right through to the gym obsessed fitness fanatic.

We discuss a range of topics including:

– The 6 most important aspects of recovery
– The negative impact of stress on the central nervous system
– Digestion
– Mediaition and Mindfullness
– Sleep and Circadian Rhythm
– The use of tech/apps in recovery
– Heart Rate Variability and why you should use it?
– Key Blood Tests – Vitamin D to intracellular magnesium
– The upcoming ISI Symposium
– and much more