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Here is what others say about working with Phil

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  • Phil was a great help in preparation for my first photo shoot. The advice he gave was first class. Safe to say I turned up in the best shape of my life

  • Phil gets a fantastic response when he speaks at major public events like BodyPower. He has the ability to make a complex subject easy to understand and offers great knowledge, enthusiasm and passion.

  • Phil knows a thing or two about packing on muscle!

  • Working with Phil graham at ClearCut Health and Fitness has made me realize that with the right attitude and dietary approach anything is achievable and my before and after pics say it all looking forward to working with you again soon big man.

  • Fantastic coach, trainer and nutritionist. Knowledge, Experience and people skills. Hands down the best in the country!

  • I came to Phil looking for an edge with my pre contest diet and training preparation. The level of knowledge Phil possesses is nothing short of incredible. My physique and energy levels dramatically improved under Phil’s guidance compared to anything I had done before. Phil is most definitely an expert in his field! I’m so happy with my results.

  • I decided to enter my first figure competition in 2011, The NABBA Miss Northern Ireland. Phil was responsible for designing my pre contest diet and supplementation. Needless to say I achieved 2nd place out of 20 competitors some of which had been competing for years.  If you are serious about competing or getting in incredible shape this is the man to go to...

  • This is the first time I've taken advice on my nutrition for a fight. With Phil’s advice the improvement in my performance and recovery has been remarkable. Phil tailored me a plan to my personal requirements and the aspects of my sport. There was a huge range of delicious foods, sometimes I didn't even think I was dieting. Phil was on standby to give advice where needed which proved invaluable in keeping my body well-nourished and charged for training...I would highly recommend him if you want that extra edge when training for a specific event...

  • Phil provides a first class service! His extensive knowledge base of nutrition and training coupled with his motivation to help clients succeed is the main reason why he is the' go to guy' for amazing results

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  • For me, a few things mark a great coach: - 1. Extensive personal experience under the bar and on the platform. - 2. Being well informed and well educated. - 3. knowing how to combine and utilise the first two assets to empower clientele. These three factors epitomise Phil Graham, a man walking the walk in a world of empty talk. Many in fitness are not well informed and provide generic training programs and cookie - cutter diets that just fulfil the calorie and macronutrient requirements without much deeper understanding of the human body's response to nutrition and training to improve the physique. Phil has that understanding and also values health and performance as well as continually furthering his own knowledge. We haven't even mentioned he's a top bodybuilder yet. I think so much of Phil that I entrusted my own girlfriend's bikini contest prep to him. I am proud to consider him a friend and would highly recommend his services.
  • I absolutely love Phil's approach to the world of health and fitness, he's one of the only body builders I've ever met genuinely interested in health, building someone up from the core principals of what makes the body work optimally. I came to Phil to learn from him, as a man dealing with Type 1 Diabetes I was fascinated as a coach as to how he dealt with this being a competitive body builder in such great shape. Phil definitely goes against any stereotype of a body builder. While he's a giant in incredible shape he is knowledgeable, a consummate professional, takes time with people, knows how to make something complicated sound very simple, and is genuinely fun to be around. Me and Phil will definitely keep in touch, I want to keep picking the man’s brains, and anyone reading this should too, cause Phil really can teach you a world of amazing things when it comes to getting in incredible shape, and feeling in incredible shape. As one coach to another coach Phil has my upmost respect for what he does, he's a master of his craft and the fitness industry is lucky to have a guy as credible and knowledgeable as Phil. Have a listen to one of my most popular Podcasts with Phil talking shop on health, nutrition and training: http://bencoomberradio.libsyn.com/episode-41-ben-coomber-radio
  • Suffering from an underactive thyroid I have always found it difficult to get in shape and feel motivated. I started a 16 week transformation with Phil and have to say my physique and quality of life has improved significantly. I can honestly say the coaching and level of knowledge Phil possess is a cut above the rest. As a result of Phil’s transformation I have dropped over 15% body fat (over 2.5 stone) and am now the proud owner of a well-toned stomach and set of arms not to mention the dramatic improvement in my strength and daily energy levels. I decided to put my results to the test and enter my first local figure competitor show. I placed 5th out of 34 competitors, many of whom had been training for years. I thought this was a great achievement taking into account my previous training experience, problematic thyroid condition and the shape I was in before I stared. Such a difference from how I used to feel and look. My before and after photos say it all!
  • Phil genuinely cares for every single one of his clients, no matter what time of day/night I speak to him he's working. You get what he says and when he says which is becoming more of a rarity these days. He gives the best advice and listens attentively to what is going on in your life.

  • I have always been very skeptical of personal trainers, too many claim to be experts with no educated baking or experience whatsoever. Phil’s reputation was spoken of very highly so I decided to take the plunge. Needless to say Phil is a true expert who shows great commitment to his clients. Not only did he help me lose over 2.5 stone of fat and replace it with quality functional muscle he also improved my entire understanding of health, nutrition and fitness. Work with the best!

  • Phil Is an absolutely amazing coach who has been with me every step of the way - thank you!

  • I chose Phil as my online coach for my 20 week prep for WBFF Worlds 2013, based on his fantastic track record and his endless yet relevant qualifications. Phil has provided a wealth of experience and on the spot advice to help me get stage ready without any stress! I have also referred to him one of my own clients, for detailed and advanced dietary advice. Thanks Phil!.

  • Massive thank you to Phil Graham for being an amazing coach and getting my metabolism back on track after my last comp rebound and looking after my health first and foremost!! 

  • I am fortunate enough to call Phil a friend, as in the times I have spent around him, his outlook and attitude to life and work immediately rub off onto you, what makes him such a good coach is his knowledge is equally on par with his passion to help and teach and encourage others. I would highly recommend him as a trainer both in person, and online. His attention to detail is second to none , and his results speak for themselves.

  • Phil is not only a great friend, but a coach I have a lot of respect for. Driven and passionate coaches who continuously work on trying to be the best at what they do, is very rare nowadays. Phil is always working on ways to develop himself and his knowledge, his results really do speak for themselves.

  • Before I trained with Phil I trained hard but didn’t care what I ate. I was carrying some body fat that I just wanted to get rid of as fast as possible. I was highly dubious of working with a bog standard PT so I decided to learn and work with the best. That’s why I went to Phil, he has a great reputation amongst casual gym goers, fitness professionals and other trainers. The training was hard but within my limits, so anyone can do it! Every week Phil varied my diet, training and supplementation, this kept things interesting and more enjoyable as it wasn’t just a one of boring diet and training program. Not only did he help whip me into the best shape I have ever been in but I’ve gained a lot of invaluable knowledge in relation to healthy living. I now have a lot of the essential tools to stay in shape or get into good shape when I desire to. There are a lot of personal trainers out there but I have never come across any that have the knowledge and helpfulness that Phil does. I would recommend him to anyone at any level of fitness, if you want to get in better shape or just to have a healthier lifestyle then get with Phil at Clearcut!
  • Phil has established himself as one of the best personal trainers in the country. I am proud to have him as part of the team at Rockpit Fitness, Northern Ireland’s leading performance facility. Demonstrating an incredible work ethic towards his clients and educational attainment he is renowned for producing top class results across a diverse range of clients. It is of no surprise that his service is in high demand. If you are serious about improving your health, body shape and performance don't delay, Phil is the go to guy.

  • Phil’s advice and mentoring has proved invaluable in helping me get in shape. The advice he gives is clear, scientifically backed and most importantly of all it WORKS!

  • I work in a very big industry in amongst thousands of coaches. There are very few however I would trust with my own clients or indeed refer people across too. Phil Graham is one of them and certainly one of my Irish 'go to' coaches. Phil has a wide scope of knowledge across both nutritional and training practices, not only that but he's a man who has walked the walk within the midst of diversity and some unconventional circumstances. 

    He's also a man I have had the pleasure of speaking publicly and sharing a stage with at a national conference and will no doubt at some stage do again.

    Phil is someone I respect greatly who also has a very cool name :)

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  • The only coach I could trust when it comes to my physique and health! Getting under his wing was one of my best steps I ever made and I couldn’t t be more thankful for his input. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Phil for educating and supporting me through my fitness journey, as it has been a life changing experience.

  • Nutrition was the main thing holding me back. With so much information out there I didn’t know where to start. This led me to following my own devices. I knew my poor diet was holding me back from reaching my full potential. After speaking with Phil it became clear how important specific nutritional approaches were for boosting performance, recovery and most importantly of all my health. Since working with Phil I have changed my current off season and pre contest eating strategies. To cut a long story short; I feel more energetic and my performance has dramatically improved, what more could I want!
  • Massive thanks to Phil Graham for all his help in the lead up to my first photo shoot. He is an absolute wealth of information and was there for me every step of the way!

  • Phil provides solid nutrition, supplement and training advice that works! After hearing so much about Phil’s expertise on health and body composition I decided (at very short notice) to request his help for an upcoming photo shoot with one of the Uk’s top fitness photographers Giles Crofta. I was skeptical I would be in shape for the shoot; in fact I thought it was going to be impossible. Yet with Phil’s guidance and mentoring the issue of ‘time’ was irrelevant. I achieved my best level of conditioning to date, the photos say it all.

  • The big man's knowledge towards diet and supplementation is in a field of its own!

  • It’s safe to say no personal trainer comes close to the standard of advice and results Phil Graham achieves. In 14 weeks I have completely transformed myself. I have become stronger, leaner and healthier. I feel amazing and am very proud to be in the best shape of my life all thanks to Phil Graham

  • Top nutritionist and trainer who demonstrates a great deal of passion and knowledge, incredibly easy to work with and gets results!

  • It was brilliant working with Phil. I learnt so much in the lead up to my first body building competition. I enjoyed every minute of it including winning two 1st class trophies!

  • Phil’s knowledge, advice and level of support has helped me achieve all of my health and fitness goals in particular winning the Miss Fitness Northern Ireland (2011). Phil is always on standby and goes out of his way to ensure my health, nutrition, supplement and training questions are answered. Phil is at the top of his game

  • I would consider Phil Graham a life safer! Before coming to Phil I was extremely depressed with my appearance and how I felt on a daily basis. I decided to partake in one of Phil’s transformations which included a tailored diet plan along with personal training. Needless to say I transformed my whole body and health, losing over 5 stone and dramatically improving my body shape I become comfortable taking my top where I never was before, my strength and fitness level soared through the roof (matching many guys who had been training for years) and my overall mood/energy levels felt great! Phil takes great pride and attention to detail with his work, fine tuning and adjusting every single variable as my body plateaued. Most personal trainers leave you to it, not Phil, in fact he never left me alone! I am now fully empowered with the knowledge I need to make the right lifestyle choices whilst still enjoying my food and social life.
  • Hi Phil, Great News!

    I was able to land that model contract in Switzerland I have been working so hard for!! I just wanted to say how much your nutrition and training program has helped me do this!!

    As you know I was always too skinny with no real figure. Now I feel like a far healthier, leaner and stronger 28 year old women!

    I just want to thank you so much!!

  • Before I came in contact with Phil I found my overall performance and recovery was poor. My preparation for the upcoming national and international events, The British Commonwealth Games and Rio Olympics was suffering. I needed to take action! Phil did an incredible job designing me a personal nutrition and supplementation performance program. I have to say my recovery, cognitive function and overall performance output has improved dramatically!

  • For years it seemed I’d hit a plateau when it came to training and dieting, i just couldn't get that aesthetic appearance i was trying so hard to achieve. This led me to get in contact with Phil Graham at Clear Cut Health and Fitness. I explained what i wanted to achieve and how i was often frustrated by my body’s failure to strip away the fat. My muscle building and fat loss efforts also weren’t helped by the fact I suffer from Chron's disease. Phil understood what i was looking for, he reassured me that it was possible and he could help me achieve my goals. Phil drew up a plan for me, personalized and easily adaptable to my usual regimen. Twinned with invaluable advice on supplements and diet I felt extremely confident. Over the next few months the excess weight i had found so hard to shift fell away, i found myself healthier, fitter and with a lot more energy than before. If you have ambitions of reaching your full potential in whatever field of sport, i strongly urge you to get in contact with Clear Cut Health & Fitness, the only regret you'll have is you didn't do it sooner...
  • Under the expert guidance of Phil Graham I enjoyed a very successful prep and won the overall NABBA Miss Fitness.


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