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Best Books To Buy From 2015

Phil Graham 2016 reading list

It seems almost like yesterday I was writing up my top reads of 2014.

Safe to say its been an eventful year and I’ve done plenty of reading. As Stephen King said “Books are uniquely portable magic”.

Here is a run down (in no particular order) of my 4 favourite reads from 2015. I’ve included a mix, everything from mindset, business/marketing, training/movement and nutrition. If you a regular gym goer or a fitness professional there is most certainly a book for you here.

I’ve also included all the relevant links for you to stock up! This year I’m going to try and read an entire book every 10 days (that’s around 36 a year) – x36 time more knowledge than last year!


Mindset/Self Help

Switch: How To change when things get hard (by Chip Heath)







The book gives a great insight into how we can make use of adversity (trouble) to change and drive forward in life to bigger and better things. The book outlines how you can use willpower (the rider), emotion (the elephant) and your environment (the path) together to achieve great things.

I loved the quote: “Some is not a number and soon is not a time…”



Nutrition Books

Good News About What’s Bad for You . . . The Bad News About What’s Good for You, The (by Jeff Wilser)







A super insightful read. A vast bundle of knowledge that informs, debunks, amuses you and disabuses you of the notion that kale and a host of other “healthy things” are awesome.




Bodyweight Strength Training Anatomy (by Bret Contreras)








If you’re a personal trainer or strength coach this is a MUST HAVE! Incredibly easy to read and understand. Highly practical to exercise prescription and program design!



Business Books

Oversubscribed: How To Get People Lining Up To Do Business With You (by Daniel Priestly)








A great read about how to position yourself as an expert in your field and ensure your audience love you! Some great points about business and entrepreneurship that every upcoming fitness professional needs to read if they want to give the most to their customer. The book takes you through how to create an Oversubscribed business in a step by step fashion, using examples and 7 activities. No matter what trade you’re in – these are worth reading!




As many of you know I’m writing my first book – THE DIABETIC MUSCLE AND FITNESS GUIDE – The first-ever practical guide to building muscle and shredding body fat while living with diabetes.

The book covers a range of important topics on exercising with diabetes including:

  • What diabetes actually is! (it goes far beyond insulin…)
  • How diabetes interferes with muscle growth and fat loss. (and how to combat it)
  • How the body responds to different types of exercise especially weights resistance exercise.
  • How to strengthen your mind for living with diabetes
  • Diabetes medication
  • Managing diabetes
  • Sports supplements
  • And much more!

In the meantime check out The Diabetic Fitness Report.  A free downloadable report, written by me (Phi Graham) sharing  5 MUST KNOW FACTS every diabetic must know when it comes to exercising with diabetes. If you are diabetic, know a diabetic, or even personal train people with diabetes this is a must read.


Phil Graham Diabetic Fitness Report Free Download