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21 High Quality Tips For Personal Trainers

Phil Graham Seminars Fitness Belfast Personal Trainer

Upcoming fit pros and personal trainers always ask me, ‘What’s the best piece of advice you can give me?’

Where do I start…

It depends on who you are, your demographic is and what you’ve achieved to date.

Either way, I’ve noted down some incredibly useful tips any upcoming fitness professional can use in their quest to growing their business and becoming an all round better coach.

I’d love to hear your feedback on these guys, so please comment below and share your own experiences and thoughts.

Here goes…

1. You don’t know it all and never will.

2. It’s ok to change your mind from time to time. It just shows you’ve learned something new. What you did before simply seemed the best approach at the time.

3. Focus on being valuable rather than successful. Showing off material things day in day out isn’t valuable to anyone.

4.  If you’ve messed up a client’s program, appointment dates or payments, own up straight away – don’t try and brag your way out of it. Honesty is the best policy always.

5. Have a cut off time and stick with it – Stop taking calls, messages and emails, stop studying and thinking about your next fitness career-related move. Your mind needs freedom every now and again. You can set a definitive time each day or simply be instinctive and close shop when you’re feeling close to burning out. You will be of no use to anyone (including yourself) and jeopardize your career if you don’t let your mind breathe.

time cut

6. Don’t think of a seminar, intern or consultation with someone more knowledgeable than you as a disposable expense. It’s an investment  – plain and simple. You’ll fast track your learning, help more people and make the money back tenfold.

However, don’t go by social media value – Do your research, is there real proof in the pudding?

Have they added any value to you so far in your fitness career? This could be mindset, nutrition, training or business related advice through their content.

Do they achieve great client results?

Is their name on the tips of everyone’s lips when fitness is mentioned?

Do they write for top publications and other credible areas within the industry?

Do they public speak?

Do other top industry professionals mention them?

Long story – There in demand and liked for a reason – take advantage of that!

7. You can’t please everyone – so stop trying.

don't try to please everyone

8. If another personal trainer charges more than you or has more clients. Don’t run him down with jealousy. Instead, look to see what qualities he has that you don’t! Success leaves clues, now stop bitching – go figure!

9. Most clients don’t appreciate swearing. There are of course exceptions to certain scenarios.

10. Emotional attachment is very possible. Just remember to keep a tab on it and always stay professional.

Some experts say never get emotionally attached to your clients. However, what about the professional athlete who tells you they couldn’t have done it without you, or the client who breaks down in tears thanking you for changing their life?

Savor these moments! You’re your great at what you do! This is exactly what coaching is all about!

11. Don’t live of cash. You need a positive financial track record if you want a mortgage or a loan for that future personal training studio you’ve been thinking about. Get an accountant and start saving!

12. Associate with high achievers and people that are better than you (in all walks of life). This kind of environment will give you a real kick up the ass and provide that much-needed clarity for your next move.

13. Keep a little notepad to hand – you never know what details, ideas or quotes come into your head randomly. Personally, I prefer writing this kind of info down over using my iPhone or laptop.

14. Ghost clients – If a new client comes along with no social media account, Google history, job title, or official address/landline – ask for identification. This sounds ridiculous, but trust me on this one. I’ll be doing an interesting article on this at some stage.

15. Say no more. Don’t say yes for short-term relief and long-term pain. No can be an incredibly powerful and empowering word.


16. If you don’t know – you don’t know. Don’t blag it, refer out or say you’ll do some research and find out.

17. Identify your areas you lack knowledge and spend time on developing them. Set a fixed hourly schedule for learning each week.

18. Take pride in your appearance (Smell, hair, hygiene etc.) Have standards

19. Always acknowledge both the pros and CONS of your approach – be adaptable. Never marry yourself to one single approach.

20. Customers can be wrong and rude at times. If this is the case, speak up but always ensure you have evidence to back up what you’re saying.

21. Are you in control? If not, why not…