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Understanding the Role of Neurology In High-Performance Living



In this episode I discuss the subject of human Neurology with musculoskeletal injury rehabilitation specialist Robert M. Kavanagh

Robert has an extensive knowledge of biomechanical dysfunction. Through his close association with elite level athletes and specialist consultants, he shares an incredible insight into neurology and how it influences human performance.

We cover a wide range of topics, including:

– What is neurology? and, why is it important for human health?
– Why modern man struggles to think clearly?
– Lifestyle/Diet and Training factors that negatively affect neurology?
– Implications of stressed neurology on exercise performance
– Key strategies for building high-performance mental clarity and total body neurology.
– Reliance on Modafinil, Caffeine and other stimulants – What are you missing?
– Why we need to stop ‘Fcuking ourselves up!’

To find out more about Robert, his incredibly worthwhile courses and grab a copy of his FREE E-Guidebook Click here -> www.theepicapproach.co.uk/p-dtr-guide-…pic-approach