build a thriving fitness business.

build a thriving fitness business.

Dear Fellow Fitness Entrepreneur,

If you’re on this page there is a good chance you want to hire me as your personal mentor and help you grow your fitness business in 2019.

Any fitness business owner who joins Authority Network will tell you that the coaching program is not a quick fix. It’s a transformational change that builds on everything you’ve accomplished so far.

Authority Network is about you and your growth. You tell us what your goals are and we’ll build an action plan with all the structure, tools, and support you need to transform your business and life goals into reality.

Authority Network will change how you think for the rest of your life – this new way of thinking will be your foundation for everything you do going forward. 

This page is not designed to sell you anything – your gut should already have made that decision for you. Please read everything on this page and whenever you’re ready fill in the application form and schedule a call.

You’re setting up all the right conditions to grow every area of your business and life, so you can have  freedom, get handsomely paid to do what you love and make the world a better place.

Authority Network IS for:

Fitness business owners who are stuck between 5-10k per month and want to grow their income over 10k per month.

Coaches who want freedom and the amazing life they dreamed of when they first made the decision to become an entrepreneur.

Fitness business owners who want to create better systems for getting and keeping clients longer. 

Coaches who are fed up working for someone else and want to open their first studio or gym.

Gym and studio owners who want to build a stronger more effective team.

Ambitious and highly focused business owners who know they deserve more.

Any fitness business owner who believes the “sky’s-the-limit”.

Men & Women who know their past mistakes do not define them.

Authority Network IS NOT for:

People looking to make a quick buck.

People with big egos who aren’t open to learning something new.

People who hate the health and fitness industry.

People who want everything for free and are scared to invest in themselves.

People who don’t care about their clients or the results their clients get.

People who are just getting started and haven’t got any clients or products.

People who don’t implement what their told.



We’ll review everything in your business and identify the areas you need to work on the most.


You’ll have structure to your year and know exactly what action steps to to take. We’ll review your performance and action plan periodically so you’re always progressing, growing your income and making a bigger impact.

you’ll get structure, coaching, tools, & all the support you need to make it happen

You’ll get access to a wealth of high quality training, resources, tools and personal contacts to help you achieve your goals faster. We’ll work hard to dissolve any fears and exaggerations that hold you back along the way. The accountability and personal support is second to none. You’re not doing this alone.

massive action days with your peer group

A rare opportunity to work on your fitness business with other successful fitness entrepreneurs. You’ll receive plenty of objective feedback from me and everyone else in the room – take massive action and achieve serious results. 

Yes, Phil! I Want To Apply For Your

12-Month Authority Network Mastermind

If your gut is telling you working with me is a wise idea, here’s what you need to do and what will happen next…

Step 1 

Tell me a little about your business by filling in the form below. Then click submit.

Step 2 

Schedule in a quick 15-min Plan & Action call at a time that suits you. You’ll be speaking with me, Phil Graham, nobody else.

Step 3

On the call we’ll look at where you are right now, what you’re challenged by and what is possible in terms of growing your income over the next 90-days.

I’ll then put together a clear 90-day action plan you can follow over the next 90-days.

If you need my help in implementing the plan – great. Like many others clients, I’ll take your business to the next level. If I can’t help you, i’ll connect you with someone who can. If you don’t need my help. No problem – you still walk away with a rock solid 90-day action plan. That’s worth more than 1000 business books alone.

I only work with people I can help and those who trust me implicitly to grow their business.

Talk soon.

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