3 Important Tips For Writing A 6-figure Fitness E-book

3 Important Tips For Writing A 6-figure Fitness E-book

One of the most popular questions I get asked by coaches and personal trainers is…

“How do I launch my first fitness e-book?”

Let’s first gain some perspective on why writing an e-book may be a good idea if you trade your time for money working as a 1:1 or semi-private coach.


The minute you stop working you stop earning. As a result, you feel guilty and anxious for taking time off, whether it’s to go on holiday or recover from being ill.

Realistically, there are a number of ways to grow your bottom line. You can…

#1 Work more hours: Which dramatically increases your chances of burning out physically and mentally. You also reduce the time you have to spend with loved ones. Surely, the whole point of setting up your business was to give you freedom? Working more hours is contradictory.

#2 Put Your Prices Up: You can generate more profit by increasing your price. However, there is a ceiling to what you can charge – this is largely determined by demographic, level of competition and other key factors.

#3 Reduce your expenditure: Removing unnecessary expenses is a simple way to grow your profits.

All of these strategies work. However, there is still one large problem…. you’re still giving away your most precious asset…


Provided your diary is full, you are charging top dollar and have reduced all your unnecessary expenditures, there is one more strategy to growing your fitness business…CREATING NEW PRODUCTS

This leads me to discuss the subject of writing and launching a digital e-book. Essentially, you take the knowledge and experience inside your head and package it into a sellable e-book. Do the hard work once, host the product online and generate cash 365 days a year while you sleep.

This is an absolute dream come true for any coach who runs their own business on a time for money based model.

If this sounds like something your business needs, follow these 4 key principles to maximise the profit and success of your e-book product



One of the biggest mistakes fitness entrepreneurs make is spending time creating a product they feel the market wants. When in fact, they should be creating a product the marketplace needs.

In order to get your product/market fit right you need to research and get to the bottom of your audience’s deep rooted problems and fears.

Study your audience by asking them quality questions and studying their behaviour online. For example,

What do you struggle with more…x or y?

What do you hate most about x?

What is your biggest problem with x right now?

The answers to these questions can be used in your marketing efforts and as a basis for the content of your e-book.



What other products could you sell alongside your e-book to help the client achieve the best results possible?


Additional training plans

Online ‘Done with you’ Coaching services

The list is endless…

Your current customer is your best customer.

Rest assure if they buy of you once – they will buy of you again. Take the time to create appropriate order upsells, down sells, and bumps so that you increase your average customer order value.

This strategy has been responsible for generating hundreds of thousands of revenue over at www.diabeticmuscleandfitness.com What started as a £17.00 fat loss plan can end up as a £200+ order.

Don’t think this is being salesy – you simply offering the additional services that can help the customer achieve their end goal. Essentially, they can take it or leave it. However, once they are in the sales funnel they’re likelihood of them buying other products is very high.

If you want to learn how to build a highly profitable sales funnel – check out Super Strong Business.



If you want to sell more e-books your target market needs to know, love and trust you. The only way you can achieve this is by producing consistent high quality content.

High Quality Content = Specific Message + Target Market

Creating high quality content can be difficult if you run an offline business. The last thing you want to do after a long day coaching in the gym is sit down and spend hours creating content. That’s why inside Super Strong Business I give you a tonne of ‘done for you’ content templates that take high quality content production time down from hours to a matter of minutes.

I highly recommend you go out of your way to post content daily while you write your e-book – this allows you to presell your product and has prospects on the edge of their seat for launch day. High quality content will also help you grow your offline business too.



For coaches who are new to the industry, lack credibility online and haven’t mastered their offline business – the answer is ‘not yet’. Get your priorities right and venture into creating your first e-book when you have all of the above solved.

For coaches who have their offline business streamlined and profitable – the answer is yes. Do the hard work once and reap the amazing financial and authority building benefits an e-book can bring your business. Just remember to follow the following key principles…

  1. Create a product that solves your markets problems.
  2. Build Authority and Presell your e-book by posting high quality content every day.
  3. Create additional products that customers can buy alongside your core product so you can increase your average customer order value.

And finally…


A well written sales page that includes strong supportive imagery, hero shots of your product, social proof, and of course, the necessary financial systems to take payment from your prospects (PayPal and Stripe.)

Once these are in place, you need to focus on driving the right kind of traffic to your site. This can be done through paid advertising, strategic partnerships, social media shout outs, or through organic content. (link in bio etc.)

Essentially, you’re building a sales system that allows you to generate cash while you sleep and removes the manual effort of doing sales over the phone, via e-mail or through messenger.

Hope this helps!


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