3 Tips To Ensure Long Term Fitness Business Growth

We all want our businesses to grow. But if it’s not happening, we may need to adjust our thinking.

Many of us feel like our business isn’t growing quickly enough.

We’re not making enough money. And we’re not having a big enough impact.

We start comparing ourselves to other guys who are doing great in their business.

Why can’t we be like them?

It can go further, too.

Looking at social profiles, we may see individuals who grow their following by doing dumb stuff. And then we start comparing our business activities to those people.

What about the guys who claim they’re making an extreme amount of money without even trying? 

Yeah, you guessed it! We’re comparing ourselves to them, too!

And the truth is: We can be like them.

Success and growth are right there. But I need you guys to understand a few things first…

A lot of what you see online is not true. When you look under the hood of some of the most well-presented individuals online, you’ll see that they’re a mess.

I’m not trying to take their success away from those guys.

But I need you to understand that they’re not perfect either. And I want that understanding to inspire you to the realisation that you’re good enough to achieve anything.

When you start comparing yourself and minimising yourself, though, that’s when you lose.

So, let’s stop comparing ourselves and start looking at business growth…

What You Perceive Is Not the Truth

There’s a funny thing about perception…

Perception can make downsides appear positive. And on the other hand, there may be upsides that appear negative to you.

Perception is what you think you see from where you’re standing. 

That’s why all those people on social media with inflated highlights of their wins seem like they’re winning at everything. What they choose to show affects your perception of them.

And makes you feel down about yourself in comparison.

But there’s one thing I need you to understand: 

Perception is not the truth.

Think about it for a second.

You are good enough, and your scale is your scale. That means you don’t need to compare yourself to someone else’s scale. Your scale is right for you right now.

You have paying clients. Those are the people who matter.

That means you don’t need to have the whole world knocking on your door. Working through several people at a time is fine. And there are millions of people who need your help.

The Endless Cycle

Do you ever feel like your fitness business isn’t growing quickly enough?

You look at everyone else in the industry and your perception tells you that you need more. We live in an age where all the successful people get glorified on Instagram. But you only see the highlights.

We see so many people talking about mindset, growing, and scaling. So, we want to jump on board that train, right? 

Of course we do!

We want to grow and scale and have a great mindset like everyone else. 

So, I know that you go to all the seminars you can find. Whenever there’s something new, you’re there and you’re learning. And yet you’re earning the same money year after year with only a marginal increase.

It feels like you’re so close yet so far from your goals when that happens, right?

Then these thoughts start going through your head. You wonder, “Is there something I could be doing more of?” or “What do I need to do to grow my business and grow my impact like XYZ.”

A lot of fitness entrepreneurs end up comparing themselves to the best entrepreneurs in the world. And become super overwhelmed and anxious.

Feeling overwhelmed and anxious breeds massive self-doubt. That sense of self-doubt spills into your way of thinking and your actions.

The end result of this ugly cycle is that you never really feel like you can control your business growth.

The Tips

Every business owner wants to make a massive impact on the world. Whether you’re a fitness entrepreneur, gym owner, or online coach, you have the same goals. You want to grow profits at a steady rate.

But ultimately, you want to see massive signs of growth. And you want recognition for that growth.

You can have all that. But first, you need to get out of that awful mindset holding you back from growing.

Keep these tips in mind the next time you start doubting yourself and your business:

Tip #1 – Be Careful About Wishing for Fast Growth 

You hear it all over the industry. “Fast growth” is what every business wants. It’s what each new business sets their sights on when they start out.

But I need you to hear me when I tell you how overrated fast growth really is.

Many people want to get rich overnight. But they have no actual concept of what’s involved.

Here’s the thing…

When you start making more money, you also start having more problems.

You have more tax to pay, more clients, and more responsibilities. The bottom line is that you get a lot more headaches with accelerated growth. And 99% of the people who fantasize about growing their wealth aren’t in a position to even get there.

The reality is that you only see one element of somebody else’s achievement and success. You just see what’s on the surface, not all the work that goes into it.

That leads me to the second tip…

Tip #2 – Growth Is in Direct Proportion to Your Task Delegation 

Remember all that work that goes into growth?

Well, your growth is in direct proportion to the level of systems, automations, and team delegation you have in place.

A system is a step-by-step process that allows anyone to do a task. Imagine what would happen if you didn’t have a system set up to handle all the work involved with taking on new clients. You’d have to do everything yourself. Client onboarding, dealing with client issues, and sales are only some of the aspects that ramp up as you grow.

If you don’t have the right level of delegation in your business, you’ll find that you’re dealing with repeat tasks day in and day out. Every day is the same and everything relies on you. And you know what happens if you don’t delegate?

You turn yourself into the bottleneck in your business. Ultimately, that’s going to hinder your growth.

In the beginning, you may have to do everything yourself. You may not have the budget or business to get extra help. But if you want to grow your business, you’re going to need to delegate.

You can delegate tasks in different ways.

First and foremost, you have your team. These people are experts in their specific tasks, and can carry them out with great results. You don’t need to go out and look for someone outside the business. Start delegating to the team you already have.

Making use of software apps is another way to delegate certain tasks. It can help to increase the flow of your business and free up your time. Some software tools can help with booking or other marketing tasks. Just remember that you need to either know those systems yourself or get a specialist team member for the software.

Let’s face it…

Scaling is hard work. It takes a lot of manual labour to grow your business. Having the right systems in place can free up your time and ease the increased workflow.

Tip #3 – Remind Yourself Why You’re Doing It

You may get in the zone with growing your business. It’s all you can think about. And you put all of your energy towards making that goal happen.

But we all know some super-rich person who isn’t really all there. Imagine that person in your mind right now. 

They have a lot of challenges, right? Even though they have all that money, they have emotional baggage. They aren’t truly fulfilled.

If your main focus is money, you’ve lost track of your business vision and mission. 

This happens when you constantly compare yourself to what you see on social media. It can happen when you perceive other people as wealthier than you. Self-doubt creeps in and you get lost along the way.

So, you’ve got to get really clear on why you do what you do.

What were you put on this planet to do? What do you truly enjoy doing?

If you’re a fitness entrepreneur, you’re getting paid to do the thing you love. And at the same time, you’re transforming lives.

For me, one of my main missions in life is to help people unlock their true potential. I want them to realise that no matter what they do or don’t do in life, they’re worthy of love. 

Also, I want people to truly understand that they have the ability to build an incredible business and change lives. And get paid handsomely for it.

Get Ready to Grow

Business growth is great when it happens. But don’t get fixated on it. Or start comparing yourself to other people.

You can build an incredible business. Just make sure you have everything in place for when it grows. And remember that growth means extra work, so you need to have your delegation and systems in place.

And keep hold of your vision.

That vision will help you in the long run. When growth finally happens, you’ll appreciate the opportunities it brings you.

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