5 Things To Look For When Hiring A Business Mentor

In today’s fast passed fitness industry more and more fitness professionals are seeking mentorship to help them scale their fitness business.

Just like the personal training industry, you need to be careful who you work with. There are many charlatans and wanna-bees out there who are more than happy to take your hard earned cash, promise the earth and deliver very little.

A true mentor is like a parent figure, best friend and trusted advisor combined into one. They teach you, inspire you to take action, provide a shoulder to cry on and call you out on your BS. I’ve invested over a quarter of a million into my personal development over the last five years alone. This includes everything from books, investing in mentors, courses, masterminds, and having one-to-one time with some of the world’s leading business, marketing and self-development coaches. I can’t stress enough how important mentorship has been in my own personal growth.

Mentoring is often expensive because the wisdom being shared is grounded in many years of hard work, life lessons and significant financial investment on the mentor’s part. Essentially, allowing you to fast-track your personal and business development saving a lot of time, money and energy.

The metaphor, “Standing on the shoulders of giants,” sums up mentoring perfectly as it expresses “discovering truth by building on previous discoveries”.

This article will give you 5 important things you need to look for when hiring a fitness business mentor so you can make an informed decision if you ever decide to invest and get help taking your business from where it is now to places you never thought possible.



If you plan on working with a mentor who claims they can make you wealthier or more powerful. Stop and ask for proof before you hand over your hard earned cash. Some great questions to ask include…

What is their reputation like within the industry?

You want to work with the best. Mentors that are known quality coaching and most importantly results.

Have they built a successful business?

If they haven’t built a successful business – why would you learn from them? Only work with people who have achieved what you want to achieve.

Do they have success stories?

Take time to read and watch their case studies. These are people who have invested and experienced the mentoring service before you. Do their results line up with your expectations?

Are they regularly speaking in front of people?

One of the greatest measures of public trust is public speaking. A key person of influence will regularly speak and teach crowds of people on their area of expertise.



Your network is your net worth. Successful people, hang around with other successful people. The millionaires hang around with the millionaires. The billionaires hang around with the billionaires.

Besides learning, your mentor should connect you with other successful people that can help drive your business further. A good mentor will have a strong network.



When it comes to communication you want a mentor who is…

  • Easy to get along with
  • Quick to respond
  • Interested in you personally
  • Objective and broad-minded

You don’t want a mentor who is…

  • Awkward
  • Intimidating
  • Overly Narcissistic, Pride driven & Cocky
  • Disinterested and brushes you off with half-hearted answers
  • Narrow-minded and ruled by confirmation bias



You do not want to work with a mentor who is emotionally driven with a strong subjective bias. This has the potential to close your mind to other alternatives. You need a mentor who is able to objectively way up and communicate the pros and cons of a particular approach. 



You know you’ve found the right mentor when you feel a mixture of anxiety and excitement. A great mentor will make strong promises and pre-warn about the level of work involved. You grow must between the border of support and challenge.

If something sounds too good to be true or, you feel intimidated and don’t want to ask questions in fear of looking stupid – Do not invest!


Take Home

1. Do your due diligence. Make sure your mentor is able to back up everything that they are selling. Look at their social leadership, look at their previous businesses, look at their previous careers. Speak to their clients. Look at your mentor’s network.

2. A successful individual hangs around other successful individuals. You’re not just there for the teachings, you’re there to network. Remember, your network is your net worth. I can’t stress that enough.

3. Make sure you like them. You need to get along with your mentor and be able to communicate with them easily. Also, the more objective your mentor is, the better. The last thing you need is emotionally-driven mentoring driven by strong personal bias. This will narrow your mind and reduce your level of awareness.

4. Make sure they are objective and don’t have strong confirmation biases. This can lead you down the wrong path and make you narrow-minded

5. Listen to your gut. It already knows the answer, because it’s balanced up the pros and the cons. You know you’ve found the right mentor when you feel a mixture of anxiety and excitement.




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