How To Stop Losing Clients & Boost Your Income

Someone asked me the other day…

How do I increase my income rapidly, and how do I stop clients from dropping out of my programs?

Let’s break this up into three key points. There are many more, but I just want to focus on three and give you something actionable to walk away with.



This is one of the most effective and efficient ways to grow your bottom line and income. There are many services and subscriptions that you are paying for right now but aren’t using or getting value from.

Make a list of everything that you’re paying for from a subscription service the whole way through to delegation costs, staffing costs, you name it, and score on a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being really useful and 1 being not useful at all), how important these subscription services, products, and means of delegation really are to your business. Anything that score below 5 needs to stop. 

Give it a try and let me know how you get on. Reducing costs automatically grows your bottom line.



The second thing you need to focus on is building a strong on-boarding and client retention system. The very second your client pays for your program or service they need to be given clear instructions on how they can get started. There’s nothing worse than somebody paying their hard earned only to be left handing.

On top of that, there’s nothing worse than paying for something, and being treated as a number.

How often do you contact your client after they start working with you?

If you’re running an online or offline business, it’s important to communicate with your client between coaching sessions and check ins. Don’t just dump them with instructions, and leave them to their own devices. Be proactive and go out of your way to celebrate their wins and set them challenges. Remember, a sale is the start of a relationship. If you’re not warming those clients’ hearts and minds, they’re never really going to become loyal, raving fans. Bear in mind, these kind of clients bring your marketing costs way down because they’ll never shut up telling the world how good you are.

If somebody stops working with you it’s mostly because they can’t see the value in working with you anymore. If this happens don’t be afraid to ask your client,

“Your feedback means a lot to me. Don’t mind me asking, I’d love to know what you didn’t like about working with me?”

A simple question like that will tell you what areas of your business need work.

Inside both Super Strong Business and Authority Network. I get the guys to really build a bulletproof on-boarding and retention strategy so that they keep clients for a long period of time, they don’t need to spend a ton of money on marketing. Their clients market for them



Last, but not least, I want you to build a solid referral system. Ideally, this should be built in from the start whenever your client first joins. Referrals are the best source of marketing. We’ve all heard the saying that word of mouth is king. That couldn’t be more truthful.

In all honesty, referrals have already been warmed up by the clients you have worked with. Your current clients have talked them through all their objections in relation to time, price, distance, communication, you name it. Add to that, the prospect has seen the change in your client’s life a wants to follow suit and achieve the same results.

There’s no better way to get customers than referrals. They’re a great way to grow your brand without spending a penny on advertising. You also dodge the lengthy sales conversation and awkward sales objections. Referrals are the highest quality leads you’ll ever have.

This is what I highly recommend in order to grow your income and keep clients longer.

I hope you found that useful.

Have a great day.




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