How To Get More Shit Done and Make Better Use of Dead Time

I’m currently sitting in the airport waiting for my flight back to Belfast and I wanted to share some very valuable tips on how to use dead time to your advantage.

Dead time is when you’re travelling, standing in a queue or waiting around aimlessly for an appointment.  During these times it can be difficult to concentrate and get quality work done because of background noise like babies crying, food being served and cutlery being dropped.

I use dead time to do a couple of things. By default, I always listen to audiobooks or music that inspires me.



Make yourself a quality playlist of tunes that inspires you to reflect on your day and visualise into the future. This such an underrated tool, but so important.



If I don’t feel in the mood for music I’ll listen to audiobooks on business, marketing and mindset. Audiobooks are a great way to educate yourself and inspire you with new ideas for social media content, business strategy and self-development.



Besides listening to music and audiobooks during my dead time, i’ll plan and set key goals. I plan my year in quarters, and then break it down further into monthly, weekly and daily plans so I’m super organised and never hit the ground running.

It’s currently Sunday afternoon and I’m just after a complete brain dump of everything that I want to achieve this week in all of my businesses. Once I’ve dumped everything on to one main task list – I’ll then map out my week and organise the tasks in respect to priority and suitability. This can include everything from appointments, webinars, speaking engagements right through to my Ji-Jitsu training, social events, payments I need to chase up, and other important tasks.

By the time I land on home soil, I’ll have my whole week planned. This reduces stress and allows me to relax and spend time with my family without distraction.



There will be times when you don’t want to do sweet f*&k all, sit in silence and people watch. This is ok when you’re physically exhausted or jet lagged.

However, if you feel ok don’t sit around aimlessly wasting your time and money. Be proactive in building your conscious awareness, planning for your business and educating yourself.


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