How You Can Grow Your Fitness Business During this Worldwide Crisis

People are sitting at home right now, looking for someone to lead them and help them become healthier and more productive. Here’s how you can leverage that to your advantage.


It’s a pretty scary time for fitness businesses right now.

The rise of the COVID-19 pandemic has a lot of business owners feeling worried. Maybe you’re feeling the pinch yourself. You likely have clients who’ve chosen to put their work on pause – and you’re worried about how this will affect your income.

Will your business become another victim of the current situation?

I understand your fears. And I sympathise.

But I want you to realise that there’s an opportunity for you here. You have the chance right now to transform your fitness business into something that’s essential for your clients.

You just have to be willing to invest in yourself.

The Problem You Face Right Now

Who would have thought that a time would come when the government mandated that you shut down your business? Crazy, right?

You were helping people get into shape and improve their health. You paid your taxes and everything was going great.

But the coronavirus crisis changed everything.

Running your fitness business now is completely different from how things were – even just three months ago.

You’re going to have to change how you market and sell your services, or your business will die. You’ll have to adjust your approach in the coming weeks and months. It’s your life and your dream, and there are many things you can do to protect it.

If you’ve set up your fitness business properly, you should be feeling pretty comfortable right now. If you haven’t, you can take it as a lesson and move forward with the following principles. With these principles, you’ll be able to stabilize and grow your fitness business, even in times such as these.



Principle #1 – People Are Feeling Bored but They’re Not Broke

People are cooped up in their houses looking for something to do. For instance, the other day I was watching Netflix, but I soon lost interest and found myself browsing Amazon. Then, for some reason, I went ahead and bought an acupuncture mat lol.

It was the worst 20 quid I’ve ever spent. I only bought it out of boredom.

But it made me realise that people are still buying! They may even have more money now that they’re not spending it on travelling or eating at restaurants.

So if you position your service as an essential need you’ll find plenty of people willing – even eager – to buy. Present yourself as a leader, as someone who brings entertainment, value, health, and productivity to people’s lives.

Safe, we were on top of this a couple of weeks before Lockdown ensued and the gyms shut. All our clients pivoted their services online, adapted their deliverables and changed their messaging. It’s not surprise many of our clients are having their BEST sales months during this time.

People are 100% buying right now!



Principle #2 – Focus On Getting New Clients

Some of your clients may have gotten laid off or furloughed during the epidemic and left you. That shouldn’t be a big deal, as there are millions of other potential clients out there.

A lot of your prospects have savings, and like I mentioned earlier, the majority of people are spending less than usual, meaning more cash is available to spend on services they value – just like yours.

To take advantage of this opportunity, let your target market know that NOW is the best time to invest in their physical and mental health. Normally they don’t have time. Now they do. Provided a good service and people will want to buy again and again. They’ll tell their friends and family about you. And their friends and family will want to buy, too.

And most of all, you should be investing in your business. Now is the time to create the systems, marketing and offers you always wanted.

If you join our Masterminds, you’ll be able to equip yourself with the necessary knowledge and skills to grow your business during this time of crisis. I guarantee that you’ll be able to overtake your competition faster. Why? Because they’re sitting around complaining about the situation.

As Albert Einstein said, you can’t solve a problem with the same mindset that created it. This means you should surround yourself with people who know more than you about how to solve problems. You should be around people who are doing new things and growing their businesses.

And, remember…

Your income is proportionate to the value you provide. If you want to add more value to your business you MUST invest in it!



Principle #3 – Your Messaging Needs to Shift

Three months ago, it was all about getting lean for the summer. Well, guess what? Summer might not happen this year. I should have been in Morocco by now, but I’m in Hillsborough, Northern Ireland.

That’s why you should change your messaging to suit your target market.

What are their fears?

How can your coaching service help them overcome those fears?

Don’t hesitate to wear multiple hats and leverage the support and knowledge of other people.

Bring on a chef and talk about food. Get someone in to talk about mindset. Get someone who can do yoga or Pilates.

Position yourself as a new Netflix, as something essential.

Your service should provide more value than it costs. It’s a need…And that’s exactly what you have to make it out to be.

And, once you’ve stabilized your business, you should focus on growing. When you’re focusing on growth, you’re proactive about sales. You’re telling people how you can help them, how they’ll benefit from your service, how they can get a hold of you, and all that kind of thing.



Principle #4 – Offer Your Clients The Life Raft

On top of changing your message, you may also have to change your offer and deliverables.

Your clients still have the same problem (in fact it’s probably worse during lock down)

The only thing that’s changed is the delivery of your solution.

Don’t be afraid to talk about new topics, such as mindset and mobility. If you’re not an expert, you can bring in other coaches and do live shows with them.

The reality is that many people feel like they’re drowning right now. Think of your new program like a ladder to get them out of a hole or even better, a life raft.

If you’re an online coach, you can get them on board now and sell them into your main program later.

You might want to go after people who have never been to a gym. There’s no better time to start training at home. Once the crisis is over, they’ll be ready to get to the gym.

People are feeling frustrated and bored, and they want someone to look after them. There’s no reason that someone can’t be you. There’s never been a higher need for a coach. Use that impulse to get people to sign up now and upsell them later. if you’re a gym owner you could stack your offer with something like a 30-day trial when the gym re-open, then up-sell them into a full member later.



Principle #5 – Grow Your Audience

One of the best investments you can make right now is Paid advertising.

Ads on social media are incredibly cheap right now.

Why is that?

That’s because more people are sitting around at home.

So show up there every day. Put out content daily. Do a live show – you might notice that you get two to three times more viewers that way.

What does that mean?

You have the opportunity to build an audience quicker and easier than ever before. And when you build your audience, the goal is to have those viewers convert to clients over time.

They’ll consume your free content up until they say, “That’s it. I’ve gotten enough of the free information. Now I want a coach, a plan, support and a thriving community to belong to.

So, keep that in mind with your content. Post your content and use it to nurture your audience.

The people who want to work with you will always come through.



Principle #6 – Meditation Means Nothing Without Action

It’s safe to say that many people are now spending a lot of time journaling, meditating, reading books, and indulging in other pastimes. Everything except taking action.

But meditation means nothing if you’re not moving. While everyone else is sitting around, I want you to be moving and taking action.

What do I mean by taking action? To begin with, it means taking action to preserve your current clients. Furthermore, you should take action to grow your revenue. Now is the perfect time to act and overtake your competitors.

That’s because a lot of your competitors are freaking out. A lot of them don’t know what to do. But you do. You can take the opportunity to push yourself above them. If you put more effort into your audience right now than another coach or gym owner, you’re going to come out victorious.

With that in mind, I want you to think about your competitors.

Who is your biggest competitor? Is it another PT? Another online coach or gym?

And then turn your attention to what you’re doing better than them.

How can you position yourself and take advantage of this opportunity?

Can you showcase the power of your community?

On top of everything else, influencers are more accessible. Now more than ever, they’re focused on growing their audience, which is perfect for you to leverage. You can use them for interviews and Instagram lives. This can give you access to their audience and distribution. Plus, you might make some new friends.

Ripe for the Picking

Everyone’s sitting at home these days and I want you to benefit from that. Take advantage of the excess free time that people have. Leverage it to give your audience exactly what they need.

It’s a tough time for any business out there at the moment. But my message to you is that opportunity lies where others fear to tread. I want to help you to grasp that opportunity. I hope what I’ve shared here will help you to overcome whatever fears you might have right now.

Take care!


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