How To Increase Your Personal Training Fees Without Sounding Awkward

When it comes to increasing your coaching fees, you have two groups of clients.

  1. Current Clients
  2. New Clients

New clients are easy. Tell people them what you got. What it can do for them and How to get it? Just make sure you remember the price during your sales calls and update the prices on your sales pages.


Current clients are a challenge when increasing your coaching fee. This is because they need to justify spending more on what they already know.

Generally speaking, a 20% price increase is a good place to start. You need to justify and communicate your price increase in a win-win fashion.

Inside the Profit Accelerator Sales Scripts I’ve laid out 6 important steps to follow…

Step 1: Establish Trust & Respect

Thank them for being a loyal client.

Step 2: Reaffirm Value Added

Celebrate their success and remind them of how much they have changed during their time working with you.

Step 3: Build Curiosity

Tell them you’re going to get rid of some current clients who have been wasting your time. This creates curiosity and scarcity.

You want them to question themselves and say, “Are they getting rid of me?”

Step 4: Communicate New Price

Fairly self-explanatory…yet, most trainers get it all wrong. You need to communicate the new price in a clear and relatable way. The best thing to do is work out the extra cost and divide it over the days the service is provided. This gives you a daily cost which is much more digestible.

For example: “Only an extra £1.50 per day over the next month…”

Step 5: Justify new Value

One of the best ways to justify a price increase with current clients is by letting them know that the extra income you earn will be invested into your business and be delivered back to them.

“…As you know, I’m committed to growing myself and my business. I’m increasing my prices so I can invest into my personal development (or equipment) in order to serve you better.”

You’ll find the dedicated clients stay while the time wasters leave.

Step 6: Overcome Objections 

The last and final part is dealing with any objections. You know you’ve done things correctly and coach a bunch of dedicated clients when there are no objections. The only expectation to this is when you have doubled or more your current price point.

30-Day Challenge

I want you to take what you’ve learnt in this piece of content and the Profit Accelerator Sales Scripts and apply It into your business. Then, send me a private message on Instagram and let me know how much extra revenue you’ve earned.

Increasing your prices is one of the best ways to increase your wealth, self-worth, and let you fall back in love with your business.

Go implement.


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