How To Transition From An Offline Time For Money Fitness Business To Making Money Online

Today I want to talk about one of the most popular questions that I get asked all the time:

How do I transition from running an offline fitness business to selling my services and expertise online?

First of all, let’s get some perspective..

If you work in the typical “time for money” trap, as a one-to-one or semi-private coach, you will have realized that your opportunities for growth and your ability to have freedom are very limited. There are only so many hours in the day, and you only have so much energy to serve your customers. The thought of taking time out, and going on holiday to recharge your batteries leaves you feeling anxious and guilty, because you’re not making any cash. As a result of that, your personal life has issues, you get frustrated, and suddenly realize that the very job you thought was going to give you money, impact and freedom, is giving you the complete opposite. You feel trapped and don’t know what to do.

What are the benefits of setting up an online fitness business?

On the other hand, let’s look at what you want out of an online fitness business. This is very important to consider, before you even put pen to paper.

You can only charge so much when you’re working time for money. What you charge is based on the demand for your service, the size of the demographic that you’re working with, your level of expertise and the competition.

One of the benefits of going online is the ability to create an extra revenue stream. 

Extra revenue will give you emotional stability, opportunities, food, energy, travel investment cash, and also the peace of mind to rest and relax. Plus, you will no longer be at the mercy of working every single hour God sends, to bring in the cash.

You’ll also have reoccurring revenue so you only do the hard work once, and then, thereafter, the money comes in consistently; that is, provided your product and systems are built properly, so they have that exchange.   

Generally, you want to go online because you want more money, impact and, most importantly, more freedom. Let’s be real. It doesn’t get any more complicated than that.Let’s look at three key principles that you need to have in place before you even think about going online.

#1 Build Authority

First things first: build authority online.

While that sounds simple, any of you who are running your fitness businesses offline, may well have forgotten about the online world; so you probably haven’t been producing enough content consistently to build an audience.

In order to build an audience you have to be providing a certain message to a certain market. This is what allows you to create a niche, and enables you to position yourself as a specialist.

So instead of just aiming for something very general like an online fat loss coach, think of the specificity of your expertise. Where can it be applied? Target specific niches; for example, is your expertise in sports, is it geared towards both sexes or just aimed at males or solely for females, is it with contest prep, is it with women during pregnancy, or regaining fitness after pregnancy? Do you want to work with the gay and lesbian community?

Something that I teach inside Authority Network is the ability to really dial into your customers’ core values. If you’re trying to sell an online coaching service using just a generic male and female page, it’s going to be quite difficult.

However, whenever you segment and focus on the specific languages aimed at your target clientele – females or males, or athletes, for instance – you then get laser focused, and it is that singularity of focus which gives you the positivity customers need; they want to be investing in coaches who offer conviction on how they will deliver.


#2 Know Your Core Product

The second thing that you need to have in place is a core product. This is the key thing that you want people to buy. Now, while you’re here I want you to think about what your customers’ main problems are:

What are their desired outcomes? – what are the outcomes that they want to have after implementing your product or service?

In the middle is the process.

What process do they have to follow to get that outcome?

That process is your product. Now, it’s very important to create a core product that people go crazy for, and then, once you’ve established that, create supplementary products that can complement the core product.

For example, in one of my businesses, I have a book called, “The Diabetic Muscle and Fitness Guide.” This book is basically a large textbook covering every possible factor you could ever want to know about building a better body with diabetes.

I have created multiple products either side of that book, to complement it. I’ve created two cook books, one for fat loss, and one for mass gain. I’ve created two eBooks, with fresh training programs, practical meal examples, and with some different insights above and beyond the book; mass gain, and a fat loss one. There are four additional sources of revenue on top of the book. Then, added to that, I’ve created a membership site, which has got even more detail than the book, and generally has everything that the book has but in video format. Then, I have an online coaching platform which is a done-with-you service.

Understand that you need to be able to create multiple products outside of that core product. These include:

  1. Done with you
  2. Done for you
  3. Done by you

Those are different examples of how you can categorize products. Doing that enables you to:

  1. Have a bigger impact because these other products are complementing the core one, and giving the client more knowledge, more implementation, more accountability to achieve their goal.
  2. Drive your bottom line through the roof, elevating your average customer order value.

That’s something that I talk about a lot in Authority Network, because, building a membership site, building an eBook, is not just as simple as typing out a Microsoft Word, and putting it out there. There’s a lot more to it and so it requires a lot of thought.

If you understand that concept then the same goes for an online coaching service. If you’re doing online coaching, how can you complement it? Do your clients maybe want a cook book, or perhaps an additional eBook guide of how to train arms, or legs, or certain body parts? Some people offer supplements, some clothing, while others may provide training books. It really doesn’t matter what it is, but you need to have that core product first, before you can look at what else needs to be added.


#3 Systems

Last but not least, you need systems. You need systems for your marketing, for selling, and for delivering.


You need to have a degree of automated marketing, and make use of all three sources of traffic:

– Paid traffic

– Organic traffic

– Strategic partnerships.


Are you going to use PayPal, Stripe, GoCardless, or a combination of all 3?

Are you going to take one-off payments, are you going to offer discounts on large package deals?

These are the kind of questions you need to ask, and it’s important to have a solid system in place before the customer makes a transaction.


This information is extremely important!

  • What is the on-boarding process, what are the welcome emails?
  • What are the thank-you pages saying, what are you doing to retain those clients, keeping their loyalty?
  • How are you rewarding them?
  • Do you have a referral system set up, so that when they finish using your service, or they’re in the middle of using your product and getting great results, you’re capturing them in the moment of gratitude, and leveraging that to bring in more people to use as customers to impact their lives, and grow your profits.

These are vital issues you need to consider before you can even think about generating an online business.

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Take care.



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