How To Use Facebook Ads To Get More Personal Training Clients Without Spending A Fortune

Today I want to answer a question from our Facebook group that many of you, I’m sure, want to know an answer to. It goes like this:

“Phil, how do I get the most out of Facebook adverts without spending a fortune? I recently did a boost post and it drank 75 quid ($100) of my earnings with no return.”

I don’t quite know the stats of the advert and what the return on investment was, but I can rest assure you that Facebook ads, when set up incorrectly, are one of the quickest ways to drink cash.

If you don’t understand Facebook ads, you’re going set them up incorrectly and waste a lot of money.

Anybody who owns a fitness business will require advertisement at some point. The problem that so many people have with Facebook ads is they don’t know how to use them. If you don’t know already, Facebook is the most popular social media platform in the world with billions of users.

How many people do you know that don’t use Facebook? Very few. Even those people that you don’t know, they’re not going to be your customers. Facebook ads is one of the most effective tools to get your message out there and grow your brand.

If you don’t use Facebook ads or any form of paid advertising to get your message out there, you’re run the risk of being invisible. Being invisible is worse than failing because your message is not being seen and you’re not able to inspire trust or build a following. As a result, you’re going to end up with lack of income, lack of authority, lack of leads, and ultimately fail.

Facebook ads allow you to get your message out there consistently. They’re a form of automatic marketing that do a lot of the heavy lifting for you.

If you post on Instagram and social media every day organically, it’s like throwing a hook out into the ocean and hoping that might just bite it. It’s a very inefficient and volatile way to acquire leads for your business.

Facebook adverts is the opposite. It’s is like using the net of a fishing trawler.

Which is going to catch more fish? The trawler or the single hook?

Of course, it’s going to be the nets.

Facebook advertising is crucial for building your brand and getting your message in front of as many people as possible. The best thing about it is you can be ultra-selective with who sees your ads.

I want to highlight three key factors you need to have in place for a successful Facebook ads campaign. If you want to know more about Facebook adverts, we have what I personally consider the Best Facebook Ads Training for Fitness Business Owners on the internet inside Authority Network – my flagship 12-month mastermind. We have a ton of experts in there that are sharing their opinions and views on Facebook ads, case studies of what has worked, what hasn’t worked, both in my business and in their business, along with a ton of education and tips on how you can use Facebook ads to get your message out there.

Before I go into this, Facebook ads are increasing in price and now is a very good time to act on those adverts and take advantage of them before they really become too expensive and inefficient to run.

Bare these points in mind and most importantly, like everything else, implement. Do not just listen to this information or skim through it. Implement it and report back to me with your progress. I love hearing from you guys, so please do that.


The first thing that you’ve got to focus on getting right is the product market fit. The biggest mistake fitness business owners make is creating a product and service that they think their audience is going to want. When they launch it, they realize they don’t get the sales that they thought they were going to get because it doesn’t fit the market.

A lot of fitness professionals let on that they know their target audience when the fact is they really don’t. You need to be ultra-clear on the key things that keep your client awake at night.

What are their fears?

What are their ultimate nightmares?

What are their dreams and aspirations?

What do they want?

What do they need?

And how are you going to help them?

Make sure that you talk in line with your customer’s outcomes and expectations, and then deliver all the finer details like price, logistics, and everything else last. It’s so easy to go ahead and talk about the logistics of one-hour sessions, and X amount of pages, and X amount of documents or eBooks, versus actually talking about the outcomes like lose fat and look great.

Make sure that you’re communicating in your audience’s values, because they’re only going to invest in something that they see value in. Ask the right questions…

What do they need?

What are they currently being provided with that I can do better?

What has worked and what hasn’t worked before with this audience?

Look at the competition. Look at what they’re doing well. Look at what they’re not doing well. Then, shape your product and service around that. That is how you’re going to get a good product market fit and dramatically increase the chances of your Facebook ads being successful.


The second thing you need to focus on is getting your audience right. If you don’t have the right audience, you’re going to waste a lot of money. There are people who need your help and people who don’t. You need to put your content and offer in front of the people who need your help. Don’t worry about the rest.

There are a wide range of tools and strategies that you can use to do that. With Facebook ads, you’ve got custom audiences where you can set age ranges, interests, location, everything you can imagine. You then also have some added perks like the ability to upload a custom email address, the ability to retarget people who have watched your videos on your Facebook page, or retarget individuals that have visited a blog on your site.

So, get focused and make sure you’re speaking to a highly targeted audience because that will dramatically increase your chances of a successful Facebook ads campaign.


The third thing you need to focus on is reverse engineering your adverts. Look at the final step that you want your customer to take.

What is the final product or service that you want them to buy?

It could be your highest end gym membership package, online program or series of digital products. You need to think about the sequential steps along the way once your prospect clicks your advert.

It’s important that you get specific on the goal of your advert. Do you want your advert to sell something? Or do you want your advert to build awareness and trust in your brand?

One of the biggest mistakes fitness business owners make is trying to sell their product or service Facebook ads with no real trust building beforehand.

Unless you’re a celebrity or well-known social media influencer you’re not going to have a lot trust. It pays to invest some capital into Facebook adverts that increase brand awareness and trust. These could be simple one- to three-minute videos talking about a hot topic that your prospects need to hear about. It could also include videos of social proof, outlining previous results that you’ve achieved with your clients.

When you’ve put enough content out into the marketplace and acquired the trust of customers, they’re going to be a lot warmer and willing to invest in your product or service. The ability to retarget the individuals that have engaged with this content is highly recommended because these individuals are going to be the ones that are ready to give you cash and want to work with you.

Take Home

1. Make sure that you have the product market fit correct. Don’t just create a product and fire it out there. Get some research done on your target market and your audience. What have they been doing before that has failed? What have they been doing before that has worked well? What do they like about the competition, not like about the competition? How can you go above and beyond and bring a next-level product or service to that specific demographic?

When you start asking questions like that, you’re guaranteed to get a much higher return on investment from your Facebook ads campaign. I hope you find that useful and make sure you put it to good use.

2. Get ultra-focused on the audience that you target. You do not want to target everyone and anyone. You want to target specific people that are highly likely to buy, and ideally people that have seen your stuff before. Think email lists. Think Facebook Pixel, people that have visited your blog or watched your videos.

3. Reverse engineer the process from the very last step you wanted that customer to take.

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