Why Following & Unfollowing People On Instagram Is Destroying Your Fitness Business

A popular tactic that a lot of fitness entrepreneurs are using nowadays is following and unfollowing people on Instagram to grow their following. This can be done in two ways…

  1. Organically – Which takes a lot of time and scrolling.
  2. Through an Instagram Agency or Bot Service – The targeting can be set on hashtags and the followers of certain accounts you want to target like the competition or a complementary brand.

What’s the point in following and unfollowing people? 

The main goal of following and unfollowing someone is to first get their attention then hope they come onto your profile, like what they see, follow you back and then eventually do business with you (provided you have something to sell). There are a number of problems with this approach…



If your plan is to discreetly unfollow people after they follow you there’s a high probability they’re not going to like you, end up unfollowing you and talking about you negatively to their friends.

You’re not building a genuine relationship – you’re being a fake friend!

However, if you keep following everyone that follows you there is a far greater chance of building an authentic relationship with your audience and inspire them to engage and eventually buy your stuff.



You’ve got email marketing, paid advertising, strategic partnership shout-outs and organic scheduling tools. These are a much wiser investment of your time, money and energy.

Automating your marketing is one of the main strategies I teach in Super Strong Business and Authority Network.

It’s such an important aspect of growing your brand compared to putting out organic content day in day out hoping that someone might just find it and interact with it. That’s like casting out a single hook out into the ocean and hoping a fish is going to bite it, versus throwing a net out and dragging an entire shoal.

If you want to market your brand properly on social media, you need to pay to play.



Many agencies and automated Instagram services are set up to follow and unfollow targeted profiles until they follow back. If they don’t follow back – they will unfollow/follow until they do.

Imagine how that comes across?

I’m sure you’ve perked up the accounts that follow and unfollow you ten times a week? They get pretty dam annoying.

This tactic can actually damage your brand’s reputation before prospects even get a chance to see your content.



Besides the follow and unfollow service, there is also targeted like and commenting services. Your profile will automatically like photos and content related to specific hashtags and profiles to increase engagement and your follower size. This is much subtler way of introducing yourself and can be effective.

As for automatic commenting – this looks dead spammy and is super obvious to spot!



Instagram growth services can be used to grow your brand successfully. However, they are used strategically in conjunction with other forms of paid and organic marketing to have the best effect.



Generally speaking, I don’t advise you to use the follow/unfollow services to grow your brand. It’s one of the worst and laziest ways to market. Plus, you run the risk of looking like an idiot.

Focus your efforts on producing consistent high quality content that communicates in line with your customers’ values. Automate and scale the distribution of this content through: paid advertising, scheduling apps (especially if using organic content) and, strategic partnership shout outs.

Keep the golden rule in mind,

Focus on the QUALITY of your followers NOT the quantity.

Remember – Likes, hearts, followers don’t pay your bills.

Engaged followers do.

Over and out.


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