Why You Don’t Need A 6-pack To Build A Profitable Fitness Business

Do you need to have a great physique or high level of physical fitness to build an amazing business?

The answers NO.

While a great physique and high level of physical fitness/strength can pattern interrupt and attract public attention, there are so many other areas that contribute to fitness business success.

It’s easy to put great shaped models and freakishly strong individuals on a pedestal and think if you had what they had, you’d have a more successful business.

I can tell you from first-hand experience – this isn’t true. I’ve worked with many health and fitness influencers who have great physiques and incredible levels of physical strength and fitness. And, while their content goes viral nothing happens from there…


Because they don’t have the right level of knowledge, communication skills, products, sales funnels or a strategic marketing plans in place.

Don’t get me wrong, I feel every health and fitness professional has the responsibility to be fit, strong and in good shape.

You don’t need to be a Greek god, or the fittest person in the world. But you have to practice what you preach, and you prove to the world that what your selling and preaching works.

People Buy People NOT boring calorie controlled diet plans and weight training regimes.

They’re buying you, your journey, your mistakes, your lessons, your principles, and everything that you’ve learned along the way.

Bear in mind your physique and physical performance is merely just a show. Once your customer enters the show, it’s all about the performance that goes on within. 

Ask yourself regularly,

“Which is stronger – My business or my body?”


Too many health and fitness professionals invest way too much of their time and energy into building their body’s and physical performance at the expense of their business.

While they may win a trophy, or get sponsored. Everything falls apart when they get hit with a career ending injury or hefty bill. They have no foundation, or strong source of income to live a quality life. Don’t be that business owner. This kind of situation is very stressful and problematic.

In Super Strong Business, Authority Network and all the other fitness business mentorship programs I deliver, we look at all the key areas you need to master in order to build a thriving fitness business. These include…

  • How to build authority…
  • How to automate your marketing instead of ‘winging it’ and hoping for the best…
  • How to attract dream clients, instead of melters and tire kickers…
  • How to sell successfully both face to face, over socials, e-mail and public speaking on stage…
  • How to build a highly effective website and sales funnel online…
  • How you can take the ideas in your head and turn them into high profitable products and services…
  • How to create a signature business model that suits you, not the other way around…
  • How to build high-performance systems so that all the manual work around on-boarding and client service delivery is systemized and streamlined…
  • Personal development…
  • Delegation and team building…
  • Strategic business planning and goal setting…
  • and much more…


Score yourself, on a scale of 1-10 how well you are performing in each of these areas.

(1 = bad, 10 = incredible)

If you are or, plan to be a professional athlete and are lucky to have everything paid for you, please ignore everything I’ve said. However, if you don’t plan to make a living from a sport or venture like modelling or bodybuilding – what are you doing?

You need to master all of these areas in order to feed your family and live the life you deserve.

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