If you’re a fitness entrepreneur, Covid-19 is forcing you down two very different roads. You can either:

From Phil Graham

Tuesday 7:37am

Dear Fitness Entrepeneur,


Welcome to the revolution.

I’ve spent the past week in the trenches with fitness entrepreneurs, just like you. And what I’m seeing is nerve-wracking.

Here’s 3 things, word-for-word I heard from the mouths of once strong entrepreneurs.

“I have NO idea how I’m going to recover financially from this”

 “My gym is closed. My trainers still need to be paid. And I have no idea what to do next”

“Clients want to cancel. No new leads. Mate, I’m being ghosted left, right and centre”

And as you’ll soon see, there’s a quick answer for how to survive COV-19.

Because for every event in life, there’s an opposite reaction.

And Covid, is that opposite reaction on steroids for fitness entrepreneurs just like you.

The reality is…

It’s created two very different paths in growing (or sinking) your existing business.

The first:

But you’re here, and reading this article, so I hope to free you from this reality.

If that sounds like you, you’ll take the second path…

So which do you choose?

Listen, Covid-19 is an external event. Let me explain what that means…

It’s an outside event, that’s forcing business owners like you and I to react and make decisions.

Make the wrong decision and your fate is sealed → you will overwork and either skim by or client’s drop out.

So inside this article, we’re uncovering the 3 “Pandemic Shifts” already accessible within your business.

Best part is: Absolutely no rebranding required. Absolutely no website required. And absolutely not about offering bootcamps or other random additions.

Look, the mere fact you’re here is enough. You’re about to pull through what 95% of fitness entrepreneurs are about to get emptied by.

Here’s why…

Trying to “FIX” Covid-19 is like trying to 

tell a PT to quit hourly pricing!

You will not fix your business by brute force, “outworking it” or meditating. Nor can you sit idly by and just… wait.

After hours upon hours of speaking with fitness entrepreneurs from every walk of life, I see two ways through this:

  1. You can react to Covid 
  2. You can Innovate within Covid

This is what nobody is seeing right now.

Entrepreneurs always know… for everything that happens, it gets an opposite reaction. I mean, this pandemic is basically like…

… Isaac Newton’s Third Law for Fitness Entrepreneurs!

That means:

Forces always act in pairs.

Action and reaction are equal and opposite.

What I’m saying is… for everything that happens to us as entrepreneurs, there’s an equal upside…

And equal opportunity to uncover a massive upside. 

Think about it: each of the following had heavy “negatives” associated with them. Yet…


Discover oil     Lamps, fuel, then heating.

Discover internet    online commerce, connection and information

Discover Covid    More New Clients, More Services and More Loyalty.


You choose how you think and feel about Covid. You can choose to get swallowed by it.

Or you can choose to see that it’s created an “upside” in the fitness industry. You can either react and moan or innovate and grow. It’s your choice.

And from my research and conversations, most fitness entrepreneurs are reacting. They’re surviving, grasping and trying to fight.

So let’s innovate. Let’s make the following 3 “Pandemic Shifts.


Client’s needs shift

Fulfilment becomes “isolated”

New clients are rapidly entering the market

1. These are your “Pandemic Shifts.”

2. Answer them and you increase your revenue.

3. The solutions to these are already contained in your business.


The reality is that as fitness entrepreneurs, clients are what make our businesses run like a well greased machine.

But clients have new needs and expectations now. The meteor effect of Covid has changed the playing field.

And the best part, and the part that holds the most revenue and impact for you?

Most trainers aren’t set up to fulfil this. They’re losing clients.

Not only that, but the situation has resulted in more new clients entering the coaching market than ever before.

So let me help you protect, advance and thrive today.

Firstly  → You must change the value offering of your business

Stop pricing hourly

Start packaging services

Start offering more innovative value

Secondly  → You must change your method of delivery

Stop waiting for Covid to lift

Start pivoting online and bringing clients with you

Have honest conversations with clients, and plan for retention

Thirdly  → You must expand your business model

Move away from low value, high time output service

Constraint: You have 50% less time with clients – will you make it work?

Start with the mindset you will serve many new clients entering the marketplace

These are the “Pandemic Shifts” you must quickly adopt. It’s exactly why I said read this or retire.

What’s more, these are fast shifts, because they’re already accessible inside your current business.

Yet here’s something I NEED you to know. 

What I’m about to show you must FIT your goals.

Any fitness entrepreneur can change pieces, the structure or the model of their business. But it must fit your goals.

And when it doesn’t fit, you sacrifice the very thing that you built your business for…


See whilst I’m about to show you exactly how to protect, advance and innovate using what’s already hidden in your business…

Rest assured I did NOT discover this easily.

As I mentioned, my name is Phil Graham, and by now you’ve probably listened to my podcasts, seen my barbeque on social media, or seen me speak on stages around the world.

I’ve built four, 6-figure businesses that mostly run without me.

I don’t have a rag to riches story.

But I will tell you that I was sleeping in my car between client sessions.

I will tell you that building a 6-figure personal training business in my early twenties, when I had zero education about wealth, finances or business was excruciating.

And I will tell you that running these businesses individually forced me to take a hard look at how I run a business, and craft these Quantum Shifts inside each.

All so they run like clockwork, mostly without me and can survive a:

Recession 👉 Pandemic 👉 Worldwide Lockdown.

It’s safe to say that I build businesses around preempting and surviving events like Covid. And that’s what I want to do for your business, right on this page.

My clients call me the “King of Strategy” because truthfully, I’m a systems thinker and an implementer.

I HATE one-off successes. And I LOVE repeatability.

I like to measure twice and cut with the force of a thousand suns, simply because I had to think like this.

Today, I’m stilling running:

A 7-figure online coaching business (I work maybe 4-5 hours tops, daily) (and truthfully, I don’t need too)

A 6-figure business in the diabetic niche that runs 100% without me and takes maybe 4 hours a month, tops (in fact, my wife manages it)

A 6-figure education, public speaking and writing business for the fitness industry (seminars, training, expos… you name it)

That’s a lot of moving pieces. And a lot I could lose if I DIDN’T understand the Pandemic Shifts for my business.

Just one of those businesses could drown me in work and anxiety if I didn’t set it up correctly and yet today, I have what I always set out to achieve…




No more, no less.

The reality is… what’s your business worth if it produces money, but takes up every last ounce of your time and energy?

What’s worse – what good does it have in the world if it has zero impact on others?

It’s why last week I came to a stunning conclusion. I realised that in the middle of a pandemic, fitness entrepreneurs need:

A shift in value offering    Money

A shift in method of delivery    Freedom

A shift in business model    Impact

You’ve already seen that these are the “Pandemic Shifts”, so let me show you how to adjust them overnight…

Does it look intense? Because it’s not.

You’ll see:

Money, Impact and Freedom all lined up within a Venn Diagram that shows you how to achieve each, and then all.

My clients refer to it as a Genius Model™, because it’s the genius part of making sure their businesses are in check with their goals and lifestyle…

Pandemic or not.

Implement this right, and it’s finally possible to not only grow during a pandemic, whilst other fitness business owners are shrinking…

… but the business you’re building consumes less of your time, hits your goals and delivers more for clients.

The Genius Behind This Model…

is already hidden inside your business

Take a closer look:

Usually, when a fitness entrepreneur sells more → their time output goes up  .


If you’re making more money? → Time input increases  .

More impact? → Time input has to increase  .

The Reality is…


Growing your business against a pandemic, even while it makes you more income, often takes ALL your time and energy.

What you need to know is that it’s simply NOT true.

Because today, using the Genius Model™ it’s more possible than ever to grow your income, impact and freedom by adjusting your business to your clients needs. 

Listen, adapt or die right now. 

If you follow this process across the next 30 days – not only will you take advantage of the FORCE Covid-19 is having on your competition and your business…

You’ll be set for the future, as well as injecting insane cashflow at a time when others fitness entrepreneurs can’t.

No, you’re not “gaming” a pandemic to hurt others. This isn’t a zero-sum game.

The reality is your clients have new demands. Most Trainers and coaches are woefully set up to fulfil it. And I want to show you how to build your empire.

Just like…

Overworked PT Pivots Coaching Business Online & Grows Income 400% In 6-Weeks

Burnt out PT Returns To Fitness Industry After Leaving Years Earlier. Relaunches Online Business Grows Income By 500%

PT Trebles Money, Impact & Freedom

I doubled my income. I feel ten times more confident because of it. I,ve got clarity and direction and my business continues to grow.

Rob Dunlop

I doubled my income. I feel ten times more confident because of it. I,ve got clarity and direction and my business continues to grow.

Rob Dunlop

So let me show you the Covid-19 survive, thrive and dominate plan.

I call this my fitness business MBA, and I’ve specialised everything inside to be completely pandemic proof. 

If you’re a gym owner: You need to understand how to serve clients online, keep cash flowing and bounce back once gyms are open

Read on

If you’re a personal trainer: You need to understand how to serve clients online, increase value and keep your existing clients

Read on

If you’re an online coach: You need to understand how to reach more clients, bump your value offering and systemize your model

Read on

If today feels like an uncertain time, let me give you the control you need for your fitness business.

In fact, following just the first 3 modules alone, you’ll kickstart the Genius Model™ into high gear…

And adjust your business to:

Clients New Needs  By changing your offer structure

Scaleable Fulfillment Delivery Changing your method of delivery and service

Attracting and serving NEW clients Expansion of lead generation and business model

The best part? These simple, little shifts within your business hold massive upside for serving current and future clients during a pandemic.

And that’s before we cover exactly what every fitness business owner should do today to handle Covid. 

I’m talking → pricing, selling, client management, pivoting, working online, time management…

What’s more you will own The Fitness Business Growth Kit – Pandemic Edition™ for life…

And you’ll take part in an exclusive 30 Day Challenge that implements the Genius Model™, that sets your business up for success, come what may. 

That means in as a little as 4 weeks from today, you’re:



Impact is raised

Ironclad Mindset

Bulletproof Business

Productive (and time trending down)

The reality is, this is an amazing time for fitness entrepreneurs to raise value, to raise servitude and to raise the model of your business.

It’s time to get to work. So let’s uncover exactly how we can grow together:

If you’re:

Worried about cancellations

Wanting to shift online

Selling during a crisis

Cutting expenses and protecting cash.

Syndicating content exponentially…

I’ve got you covered, and that’s just a scratch on the surface of what I can save you from. Because inside this module alone, you’ll uncover:

  • What to say (and what not to say) when selling a future client during the crisis
  • Where, what and when to lead-gen for future prospects
  • 3 different packages you can give to existing clients that raise value, serve and crucially, retain
  • How to deal with cancellations, and the strategy to RE-EARN the client when Covid ends
  • PLUS: Zoom 101, running a high level Facebook group, and accurate thinking

You’ll also get access to a selection of private Rapid Response Meetings. These are meetings I hold with my Authority Network clients daily, normally reserved with a £5K+ pricetag.

Yet today, I want you to get inside.

Again, this is in innovating through Covid. So let’s see exactly what else you get as part of The Fitness Business Growth Kit – Pandemic Edition™.


How to Design a Signature Business That Suits Your Lifestyle & Personality. Stand Out in a Saturated Industry… and Have People Queing Up to Work With You.

Now, I’ve got no doubt you know the subjects of nutrition, training and lifestyle like the back of your hand…

But how do you take the knowledge out of your head and build irresistible coaching offers, stand out and position yourself as an authority in a crowded marketplace (even if you don’t have 1000s of followers), and simplify and strengthen your message (so people know who you are, and how you can help).

That’s what the first module is all about…

You’ll deep dive into your personality traits, your weaknesses, your opportunities, your strengths…

And apply this to your business model, so you get crystal clear on your target market and can create a blueprint for a highly profitable fitness business that consistently generates 4-figure sale days and 5-figure months, customised to you.

This is not one size fits all, but based on your interests and values…

And it doesn’t matter if you’re an introvert or extrovert…

It doesn’t matter if you want to sell offline or online…

It doesn’t matter if you want to be a specialist or generalist…

It doesn’t matter if you want to work locally or globally…

It doesn’t matter if you want to work 1 on 1, or in groups…

It doesn’t matter if you want to be service or product based…

Let me give you a glimpse into what you’re going to walk out of this module with:

How to create a business around you, not around what everyone else is doing (and get really, really specific into your own personal strengths and leveraging them into your business)

How to simplify and strengthen your message so people know who you are, and how you can help

How to stand out and position yourself as an authority in a crowded marketplace (even if you don’t have thousands of followers)

How to get a clear sense of direction about where to focus your attention

This is the professional foundation you need in order to build a proper business – and it’s going to give you so much clarity and peace of mind…

Together, we will create a step-by-step game plan and action steps customised to your personality, unique situation, and future dreams – so you’re ready for my second module…


How to Build A Service Your Ideal Client is Starving for

It’s one of the biggest mistakes fitness entrepreneurs make: attracting attention on social media and not having a product to sell.

In this module, we focus on taking the knowledge out of your head, unpacking it, laying it out, and creating your first core product.

Now you can apply it based on your personal situation – to strengthen your real-life personal training business, build an online coaching business from scratch, or take your current online business to the next level.

Here is just a sample of some of the strategies, secrets and insights you’ll discover:

How to build your first high ticket offer that sells at 4 figures (make no mistake, people will buy this £1000+ package when you use our system, and master the art of crafting the offer)

Core insights into how to price them, how to market them and most importantly how to serve them.

The demographic deep dive system to help you zone in on your specific niche

A simple process to help validate the need, design and success of your new idea, product or service.

How to simplify your business and create ONE core product that brings in tons of cash (and why you should avoid creating subsidiary products that accommodate buyers on different levels like the plague, until you have got this right)

6 questions to ask to see how your product compares with a competitor (truth is, if you’ve got competition, you’re doing something wrong. This will drive the current people you think of as competitors ‘nuts’ though. Watch their jaws drop, as you race out of the gates)

How to find strategic partners to help promote your business

How to price your programs and services so you get the money you want, close more sales face to face and over the phone or DM…

And if you’ve already got a core product, this will allow you to refine it and see all the opportunities you have to create revenue, impact people’s lives and accommodate those customers who aren’t ready to go to the highest level with you yet.

This session will change the game for you, because finally you’ll have a unique product to sell and start attracting the right quality leads by getting your messaging on target…


How to Create High Quality Leads on Demand (Without Spending a Fortune on Ads or a Website)

I can tell you the whole game of business changes once you know how to generate leads on demand.

You literally let go of money worries. You have stability. You can take more time off, and you can scale – because now you’re in control.

Are you ready for that? Good – because I’m going to show you…

Now you’re ready for:

A simple graph which shows you how to identify your avatar’s underlying frustrations, fears, wants and hidden desires (use this research to craft the perfect marketing strategy for your service, product or idea).

 How to create high quality social media content that generates leads (because it really relates to your customers problems and gets them inspired to take action. It’s quick too, all in under 5 minutes)

The best times to post on social media (and the best tools to use – most people get this wrong, and end up working far too hard for too little reward)

How to set up and use paid advertising to grow your name and get more clients (without spending a fortune

How to automate your marketing to remove the anxiety of posting on social media every single day. And actually increase your followers and get more shares…

Why you don’t really know your customer (until you do this exercise – there will be so many areas you are overlooking)

How to build a sales funnel that converts viewers into highly qualified leads, without complicated funnels or expensive websites (exactly what to say on the sales page and how to structure it)

How to fill your programs – even if you’re stuck for leads and don’t have any social proof

Exactly where to find your best leads

How to significantly boost your number of Facebook followers, in as little as 7 days…

How to create a traffic plan (for both organic and paid traffic).

Plus much, much more including how to package it altogether and attract high quality leads on demand with your own strategic marketing plan. Make no mistake, this process works… And the quality of leads is a game-changer.

Maeve Quadrupled Her Monthly Profits in Just 8-Weeks

it gets even better, because once the leads begin rolling in it’s time to put the foot on the accelerator and discover…


How to Convert Up to 94.5% of Your Sales Calls, Without Sounding Pushy or Desperate

Look, to put it as plain as day – you don’t have to sound desperate, weird or worry about losing clients when you know how to sell the right way…

And when you discover exactly what to say and structure it, you can convert up to 94.5% of your sales calls – just look at what Matthew says…

How does that compare with what you’re doing now?

If you’re like most fitness entrepreneurs I know, you find it overwhelming. Most walk away and you think you’re doing enough… but they’re leaving and not moving forward.

You can turn it around. Remember, Matthew was starting from ground zero, and so were these people…

So even if you think ‘it’s all marketing and sales nowadays, that’s not me’ you’re going to love this session where you’ll discover how to sell your coaching programs worth over £1000 on the phone, face to face – including…

The rock solid sales scripts which get up to a 96% closing rate

A simple 3-column chart to define your perfect prospect (so you know exactly who the right fit for you is – and which sets you apart from your competition)

How to qualify your clients before they do business with you (so they stay longer and refer their friends. Say goodbye to letting everyone and everyone in, cheap clients, and those who don’t match your values)

Exactly what to say at the start of the initial conversation to project confidence

How to overcome annoying buying objections and get paid the money you’re after

How to sell high ticket offers atover 1k

A simple way to pinpoint your prospects hidden desires and underlying motivations (even if they won’t come out and say it. Hint: this is the leverage you need to help them make the jump, and transform their life)

How to actually tell if your prospect is a good fit for your business (critical if you want to avoid nightmare clients, and only sell to those who can maximise the value)

How to build powerful personalised responses for the 8 most common objections you face in the sales process

How to close sales, or generate leads, within your DMs

Ever have trouble locking in payments, or experienced ‘buyers remorse’ from your clients? Once you implement this simple process, these problems will virtually disappear overnight.

And tons more captivating secrets for making sales effortlessly. It really is easy, too. Especially when I walk you through the process, step-by-step. It certainly worked for PT Matthew…

“I was on the phone with one guy and it took around about 10-15 minutes and he signed up for 6 months at $1,400.00″


“I was on the phone with one guy and it took around about 10-15 minutes and he signed up for 6 months at $1,400.00″


As a result, Matthew has doubled his income and now has a lot more free time in the afternoons to spend with his family and his newborn nephew.


How to Create a Bulletproof Sales Funnel Which Attracts Leads, Takes Them Down a Pipeline and Turns Them Into Raving Fans

You’re going to love this automation process.

Unlike most training on ‘funnels’ which is overcomplicated, I’ll show you the super-simple way to do it which doesn’t require a tonne of complicated steps, or a large investment.

What’s more, I literally give you the blueprint to eliminating tire kickers and attracting higher quality clients that are willing to pay a premium for your services.

In fact, you can even do it the ‘lazy man’s way’, and use our strategy where there’s no need to build one.

Believe it or not, a single Facebook post can even have a significant impact when done right…

What’s more…

You’ll Discover How to Use Facebook Ads Without Wasting a Fortune  – and build a Straight Line From Your Social Media Account Directly to Your Bank Account

And in some cases, you may not even need to advertise…

Essentially, it does all the heavy lifting for you, taking prospects from ‘who the heck are you’ to ‘how awesome is it to be speaking with you.’

And the best part is, once it’s all set up, you barely need to lift a finger.

All you need to do is go through the module, where you’ll discover:

How to overcome every objection your prospective customer has (before they even get on the phone with you)

Got followers on Facebook, Instagram or any other social media platform? This is exactly what you need to do to turn them into paying clients.

The exact steps you must take to build a ‘trust machine’ (which takes people from curiosity to trust, faster than you ever dreamed possible)
Specific examples of Facebook ads that are proven to work (which you can model and adapt directly to your business)

Specific examples of Facebook ads that are proven to work (which you can model and adapt directly to your business)

Don’t have a web site, and don’t want to spend a fortune? (with this inexpensive solution– you’ll never need to spend a fortune on a web site again)

And tons more captivating secrets, which if you implement them will create another problem.

You’ll soon be so busy, you won’t be able to take on anymore clients…

Unless you master the next skill. That’s why you need to learn…


How to Setup High Performance Systems to Scale Delivery & Save You Hours of Time and Energy

Right now, I bet there’s no shortage of ‘stuff’ you are doing in your business that’s very manual and feels just terribly hard and frustrating.

When you’re doing it, you’re probably thinking “do I have to do this again.”

The good news is, this is about to change.

That’s right. In this module, you’re going to discover how to develop a highly efficient and successful business…

And this is purely determined by the organisation of systems and operations that run it.

That’s why I’m going to show you:

How to automate and streamline the onboarding process (so you have more free time to focus on the stuff you’re really great at, instead of being in admin hell)

How to systemise to deliver a better service (without losing the personal touch)

How to install self-sustaining systems for taking payments, onboarding clients and service delivery (so your business virtually runs while you sleep)

How to avoid manually repeating yourself regarding the most common questions (this is almost certain to save you hours upon hours upon hours)

An exact template to give your clients a heartfelt welcome.

The technology and software you need to streamline your business operation (use this template, and you’ll never be stuck on what ‘tools’ you need again)

The best software and tools to use for collecting payments and delivering your service (including payment gateways, automation, design tools, scheduling tools, appointment booking systems, etc)

How to deliver a better service without doing more work (and be more effective and productive once you have a team)

How to handle new client sign ups (use this worksheet to set expectations, future pace, avoid cancellations and problem clients, and ensure high levels of client retention)

That’s quite a toolbox, right?

Everything has been covered from designing a signature business, productising so you’re getting paid what you’re worth, generating high quality leads, building a funnel, selling with integrity, and saving time and scaling via systems.

However, there’s one critical factor that holds fitness professionals back which I haven’t covered which all the most successful fitness entrepreneurs I’ve coached over the years understand – and it’s one area I’m particularly well known for…


How to Boost Emotional Intelligence , Build Confidence, Melt “Imposter Syndrome”, and Put Yourself Out There

Most experts ignore this, however it’s just as important as marketing, sales, and everything else you handle in your business.

Yes, I’m referring to emotional intelligence and mindset.

You need to feel good enough to make money out of your passion, because your growth as an entrepreneur is in direct proportion to the amount of focus and intent you have, together with your ability to handle criticism and challenges.  In this module you’re going to discover:

How to overcome the silly mind games that hold you back

The top self-sabotage patterns most people in the fitness industry fall into (and how to unplug from them)

How to stay accountable to yourself (just do this one thing)

How to finally ‘release’ yourself from the 9-5 mindset (or the hustle mindset, which is perhaps more dangerous to your long-term well-being)

Why you can’t seem to break your current income barrier (no matter what you do)

How to release your fear of sales and marketing

How to overcome your lack of confidence to create either written or video content

How to create an unbreakable vision and mindset

And so many more revelations.

So where to now?

Ok, you’ve just read a complete description of what’s inside The Fitness Business Growth Kit.

You’ve also discovered just a fraction of what you’re going to learn once you get your hands on the course.

In your heart, you undoubtedly also know by now whether this program is for you or not. But there’s one thing you may not have fully realised yet…

In the Final Module, You’re Going to Implement everything you’ve learnt in the 30-Day Business Challenge…

Nobody Else Hands You The Master Plan, Because They Haven’t Been Through The Experience of Building 4 x 6-Figure Businesses From Scratch

It simply is the be-all… and end-all system for the fitness industry, which gives you a clear sense of direction, and where you’ll be held accountable and receive professional support when you need it…

Plus, everything you need to have massive clarity, confidence and certainty in order to build a fitness business..

And I can promise you will NEVER suffer through long drawn out business theories or boring trainings impossible to implement… 

Now at this stage you’re probably wondering “Cool Phil, what’s all this cost?”

However before we dive Into investment, there is something you need to know…

This is YOUR Fitness Business MBA

If you don’t know, I live just outside of Belfast, Northern Ireland. And our best university here is Queen’s University, where an MBA costs £22,000.

It takes a full year to pay off. And maybe, just maybe at the end of it… you walk away with the potential ability to earn £40-60K.

Not bad in little Northern Ireland, right? 

Yet that £22,000 takes over 13 months to pay off, if you’re lucky…

I don’t know about you, but I didn’t get into the fitness industry to be an employee or enjoy “capped income.”

So withThe Fitness Business Growth Kit, I want to free you from that destiny.

You won’t pay £22,000. In fact, you won’t ever touch that.

Whilst I have an Inner Circle Mastermind (Boardroom) close to this MBA investment, today I simply want you to have the innovation and control over Covid that you crave.

So I’m making a deal with you, on this page.

Given The Fitness Business Growth Kit includes nearly everything you get inside my Masterminds, I believe a fair price would be £5,000.

And truthfully, if ALL I could do is help you change your value structure, your delivery and your business model…

You’d stand to pull back multiples of this investment within the first month alone.

(Like Ben, who pulled £2,225 within the first week)

But today, I’m slashing 60% off of this investment and handing you £3,000 in change. Between you and I, do with this what you will.

So you won’t even pay HALF of this.

Today, the investment inThe Fitness Business Growth Kit is just £1,997.

Which I’m sure by now you’ll agree, is exceptional value for something that guarantees you’ll get…

More Money: with all the effort you’ve put in so far, you deserve to be a wealthy fitness entrepreneur. You deserve to have the security and safety that money provides. You deserve to make more money and afford nice things.

More Impact: you’ll grow personally and as a leader, change hundreds of lives, and be the highly respected and sought after coach you’ve always wanted to be?

More Freedom: you’ll experience greater productivity, and the opportunity to spend more time with your family, your kids and your partner.

All in the midst of a pandemic that is wiping out more fitness professionals than a literal worldwide famine.
So when you’re ready, click or tap on the Blue “Join Growth Kit Now!” button below.

Still curious? Let’s break that down…

Remember thatThe Fitness Business Growth Kit is something you own for life. That means over this next year alone, your investment is:

£5 a day

£38 a week

£166 a month

So can I make a challenge with you?

I dare you to make more than £5 today. If that inspires you, get started TODAY and use that button above.

And if making £166 a month leaves you wondering about cash flow…

Let me make this easy for you…

I recently employed one of the best accountants in the UK, and the last conversation we had about my business, he told me it was a marvel and I should change absolutely nothing about how I run it.

But I’m going to break his rules today.

I know the fitness industry is being bulldozed. And I know times as a fitness entrepreneur are uncertain, so I’m willing to split up this investment today.

It means you can invest in The Fitness Business Growth Kit with 3 easy-to-pay instalments of just £750 per month.

Remember that fast implementers regularly pull multiple 4-figure sales, months and even weeks.

Melvin above created £4,700 a week in fitness sales close to Christmas (typically the worst month for a fitness entrepreneur).

That week alone, £750 WAS just 16% of his week. So this split payment option is incredible if cash flow is on your mind.

Let’s face reality: In life there are costs and investments.

You make the choice as to what you do with your money. However if you like upside, return and results…

Invest in The Fitness Business Growth Kit in 3 easy-to-pay instalments using the button below

Still unsure? Let me knock you off the fence.

I’ll even include a free ticket to my next Fitness Business Growth Summit Live Workshop.

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This event is dramatically different from any other business event or webinar you’ve attended.

There’s no fluff or filler. It immediately dives into the biggest, most important money-making steps, showing you exactly what to do, how to do it, and why…

Truth is, just one idea from this workshop has the potential to completely transform your fitness business, and make you thousands of pounds in extra revenue.

Plus, everything is easy to implement, and the vibe is incredible. Just take a look at the video below…

Don’t underestimate the networking opportunity here either.

It’s life-changing – we’ve literally had people walk out of these events


Valued At £250 – Yours Free

Now, I’ve got more I want to put directly into your hands today, however with your free ticket to the next Live Workshop, we’ll meet in person.

In fact, we’ll even go for lunch together.

My favourite restaurant in Belfast is Deanne’s Grill, and it’s likely we’ll eat there together. So I’ll make another deal with you.

In the absolutely unlikely event you’re not satisfied, not only will I…

Refund every single penny…

I’ll also…

Buy You An Epic Burger And Fries – On ME

You’re Taking Zero Risk Giving This A Go!

If you haven’t made a positive ROI using this program, i will personally reimburse you every single penny.*

Personally, i think that is impossible but, if it should happen, and you…

  1. Have watched all the training modules and completed the workbooks in full.
  2. Are proactive in asking for help, and reply to all communications where you have asked for help. 
  3. Attend and participate in at least 3 LIVE phone in webinars.
  4. Can prove your service actually works (with decent social proof)
  5. Market yourself for over 90-days using social media, including 25 relevant content posts, 10 before and after (social proof style) posts with clear call to actions. *For terms please see FAQ.


So you will need to put in the work outlined in the frequently asked questions section on this web site, and follow the step-by-step roadmap.

In an industry like this, it’s smart to be sceptical. However I am so certain that, via The Fitness Business Growth Kit, you’ll be able to make more money than you ever thought possible (and have more freedom to travel and spend time with your loved ones)…

Start today and grow your Online Fitness Business!

For £5 a day, I’ll guarantee your investment of: 

  • The Fitness Business Growth Kit
  • Covid Survival Guide Modules
  • 1-Ticket to the next Fitness Business Growth Summit

For 90 full days.

By that time, you’ll have invested the equivalent of £450. And if you haven’t made that back, which is frankly just insane, I’ll reimburse your investment completely.

I don’t want your money if this isn’t working in multiple returns for you.

So if that sounds fair to you, click that Blue “Join Growth Kit Now!” button above and let’s get started.


Wait! Two More Bonuses

(Worth £5,000 – and a Mastermind Investment)…


This is the bonus my clients rave about the most because whenever you have a question or a challenge, at anytime within the next 12 months, you’ll have a support network there for you to help you get over the line.

That’s right, you’ll have the support from other personal trainers just like you, at different stages of their journey, from those who are struggling to those who are far further down the path…

You can read others questions, to get deeper insights.

And if you have any form of doubt about one of your ideas, you can simply ask before taking the leap.

Some of our clients say they don’t even look at any other social media because everything in the group is so easy to understand, concise and impactful.

Valued At £2000 – Yours Free

Don’t underestimate the value here. Keiran used The Fitness Business Growth Kit to leave his full time job as a teacher in Dubai, build an online fitness business and double his annual income. And he swears by the power of this community and it’s ability to solve problems quickly…

All athletes have a great coach to guide them…

Why? Because they know that just one shift in their routine, one insight, one minor tweak can make the world of difference.

When I was just starting out, I would have paid an arm and a leg for this kind of support, because consistently enjoying 4-figure sales days is just like trying to win the football world cup.

And don’t worry, I’ll be there to support you, to help you avoid making an expensive mistake and find that breakthrough which gives you an overwhelming edge.

In fact, at any stage you have a question or need anything at all, you can reach out to me and my team for help.

Valued At £3000 – Yours Free

Why am I letting you pocket £5,250 in savings?

Well… week after week your Growth Kit colleagues are creating this in sales opportunities.

So not only will you make £5,000, you’ll also save £5,000 from this investment alone.

The best part is, it’s yours to do with whatever you want. 

Here’s my advice: Invest £1997 in The Fitness Business Growth Kit – Pandemic Edition™ today. Then set aside your £5,250 in savings.

Keep it somewhere. And when you’re ready, you can either:

Save this and go on holiday

Invest it into ads and see a 5-10x return on savings alone

Upgrade your environment (trinket, apartment, or keep it for a rainy day).

Either way, your business grows as a result of your decision today.

Go on holiday and take time off? The Fitness Business Growth Kit gives you the tools and strategies to do it.

Invest into ads? Multiple your income predictably.

Upgrade your environment? Your choice.

That £5,250 in savings is yours. (And honestly, I’m yours to consult on with whatever you do. I had a client come to me recently asking if she could buy a car, and I did NOT give her permission to do so. I’m as vested in your life and financials as you are. So I hope you appreciate the guidance and honesty I’ll provide you with.

Okay, it’s time to make a decision.

You’ve seen the value you own today, and we both agree it’s a steal.

You know I’m vested in your interests and financials, and I’m there to support you as a coach, a mentor and a friend.

And you know that you get 3 Bonuses today: The Mastermind, Monthly Webinars and a Free Ticket to the next Fitness Business Growth Summit.

But you’ve got two very different paths you can take:

The first is that you take the left road and you use what you’ve seen here today.

You know that Covid-19 is forcing external pressure on you as a fitness entrepreneur and you can either react and innovate.

Without being here, you’ll react. However you’ve seen the 3 “Pandemic Shifts” you need to make, and how the Genius Model helps structure YOUR growth through Covid.

You use the information you’ve seen here and you simply wing it on your own.

Maybe you pull it off. But if you’re here, it means I know two things about you:

  1. Covid is on your remind
  2. You’ve probably reacted already
  3. Growing your income is priority #1

So don’t risk the left road. Get the mentorship, the mastermind and the guidance you need. 

It’s why if you’re smart, you’ll take the right road.

On the right road, you invest into The Fitness Business Growth Kit – Pandemic Edition™.

You pivot your business, implement the Pandemic Shifts immediately, and use the Genius Model to guide you freedom, income and impact.

Your revenue bumps up, yet your time stays the same and quickly looks to move down.

The trainings are continually there to help you protect, advance and innovate.

And you get direct access to me and my team through your mastermind slot AND monthly live trainings.

In fact, we even meet in person and I’ll get you a burger for making the trip.

So if you’re here with me, reading these very words, make this moment a defining moment.

Claim The Fitness Business Growth Kit – Pandemic Edition™ by using the button below now.

And remember…




P.S. – Some final thoughts regarding the investment…


Retire or Innovate:

This entire investment is about what one “product package” sold by you ought to be. If you don’t know what a product package is, because you’re still selling on hourly rates, that’s all about to change once you’ve done this program… if you don’t know how to close a sale over the phone for £997 or more… and if you don’t know how to generate leads… or even don’t believe any of this is possible… this is why you must get your hands on it.

If it’s a strain for you and you’re new to the business, don’t be ashamed of that. We’ve all been there, and we all need to start somewhere. I’ll make it easy for you to take care of it in instalments

Oh, and if you’ve been running your business for a while and this is still a strain on your finances, don’t punish yourself any longer. You desperately need this information. Not doing so is like banging your head against a brick wall when you know you can stop. There is a better way, let me give it to you all cut up in bite size pieces, ready to eat.

If it just plain frightens you to part with the dough because you’re basing it on your current hourly rate, I want you to know your hourly rate is about to soar once you get this program – because you’ll learn how to sell on value, not hours.

You may have some doubts, and fair enough.

In an industry like this, it’s smart to be sceptical. However I am so certain that, via The Fitness Business Growth kit you’ll be able to make more money than you ever thought possible (and have more freedom to travel and spend time with your loved ones)…

I guarantee it will cost you nothing.

Look, I don’t mean to brag, but I’m pretty proud with what I’ve created here.

My approach works, because it is the only holistic program available.

Of course, it’s not a magic bullet.

Action is what creates results, not meditation.

So you will need to put in the work outlined in the frequently asked questions section on this web site, and follow the step-by-step roadmap.

However if you put in the effort, you will see 4-figure sales days and that’s it. Period.

So what happens if you do follow my plan and you don’t see results

Personally, I think that is impossible but, if it should happen, and you…

  1. Watched all the training modules and completed the workbooks in full
  2. be proactive in asking for help, and reply to all communications where you have asked for help.
  3. Attend and participate in at least 3 LIVE phone in webinars.
  4. Can prove your service actually works (with decent social proof)
  5. Market yourself for over 90-days using social media, including 25 relevant content posts, 10 before and after (social proof style) posts with clear call to actions.

Simply let me know within 90-days by sending an email to info@phil-graham.com for a review and you’ll get a 100% return on your investment immediately. For more info on terms please see FAQ at the bottom of the page.



ONLY £1997

(Or 3x £750 Split Payment option at checkout)

Savings: £5250

Savings: 72%


What if I haven’t started my business yet?

Perfect. The Fitness Business Growth Kit will give you a rapid head start. It will teach you how to get clients and master the art of sales. Both of which are essential to building a profitable business. If you earn less than 3.5k per month –The Fitness Business Growth Kit is the best investment you can make. It will x10 the ROI of any nutrition or strength training course. FACT.

What's the difference between The Fitness Business Growth Kit & Authority Network?

The Fitness Business Growth Kit is the stepping stone for Authority Network. Authority Network is an advanced level mastermind with far more accountability, content and peer pressure. If you earn between 3.5-10k per month – book in for a call to discuss which option is best. Limited availability – Book here

Is this suitable for gym owners?

The program is not designed specifically for gym owners. However, gym owners from all around the world have used The Fitness Business Growth Kit to successfully take their skills and expertise online and build a wildly profitable business. In fact, many gym owners have since shut up shop and gone completely online after discovering how much money (and freedom) they can have while working online after implementing the material inside this course. 

I feel this program is too basic for me, does Phil have any more advanced business programs and mentoring options?

Yes, there are two options.

Authority Network is where the most successful coaches in the fitness industry come to mastermind. If you know you’re playing too small and want to scale your fitness business over 10k per month by working smarter (not harder) – Click here.

If you’re currently doing 6-figures per year with your fitness business and want to scale further (but don’t know how) you can apply to join Power Room – Click here.

What If I need a refund?

Please read our Refund Policy and Eligibility Criteria for our 90-Day Money Back Guarantee fully before purchasing The Fitness Business Growth Kit by clicking here 

Price is listed in GBP, this equates to roughly €2,253, $2470 US Dollars, $3450 Canadian, $3800 Australian, 9070 AEDد.إ Please note, you will get access to the Fitness Business Growth Kit members area and relevant updates for life.

You can use your credit/debit card regardless of your location in the world and it will convert into your local currency for you. You can also pay via Paypal, the most secure payment system in the world.

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