Mark the date: July 10th! Because on a Live Virtual Workshop, I’ll install the following into your business…

Your exclusive invitation to join a select handful of market leading fitness entrepreneurs on July 10th, uncovering these 10 business breakthroughs…

1. Attract High Quality Leads (without ads)
2. Sharpen Your Message (zig while they zag)
3. Social Media Influence (where the best leads are)
4. Intense Sales Confidence (phone fearlessness)
5. Offers that double pricing (and client lifetime value)
6. Modern Day Objection Handling (never hear “no” again)
7. Titanium Client Service (become a referral machine)
8. Fitness Business Immunity (“Fort Knox” Planning)
9. Growth Systems (spend less time with more clients)
10. Future Paced Thinking (laser-like focus on output)

Read on to see more about these breakthroughs and accept this Exclusive Invitation to be amongst Market Leaders. So act today…

Spots are strictly limited with 389 clients already filling the roster. Room size is limited due to Zoom. And ticket investment raises 67% on July 8th.








Dear Fitness Entrepeneur,


You’ll soon come to learn these 10 breakthroughs. Then leave with a near fortune!

Because I speak with extreme confidence when I say, your future growth will not come from:

Gyms reopening

Current clients resigning

”Recovery” sessions with clients

It comes from your ability to take massive, “Titan” action in your business.

That’s why if you join me, I’m going to install these 10 breakthroughs in your fitness business. Because after testing thousands of ideas, having thousands of consultations and working with thousands of clients…

I’ve boiled it all down to these 10.

And the best part?

I’ll install them with you in one single day.

That’s why I’m brutally honest when I say we can change our fitness businesses in a day. 

In fact, 7 hours is all it needs to take.

And if you don’t believe me, just know that lives have been changed in a single day, event or catalyst moment.

You didn’t even realise it, but…

You’re about to have the same Entrepreneur Inspiration as Walt Disney, JK Rowling and Nike…

Let me tell you all about it.

Because out of these 10 breakthroughs, one is all you need.

And whilst I’ll hand you 10, that you can install at your pace… check out how just one day or event caused a life changing, legacy altering future for these famous entrepreneurs.

Walt Disney

Lying awake on the floor, homeless, in his office… he befriended a tame mouse. At the time his company, Laugh-o-Grams was literally on death’s door.

It failed to attract customers… (something you’re going to learn how to overcome once and for all on July 10th).

He filed for bankruptcy a year later, but carried the idea of that little friendly mouse with him.

All it took was one day, and one idea to produce a life long legacy.

JK Rowling

With her mother dying before her very eyes, losing a baby, and her marriage falling apart…

The entire inception for Harry Potter was created on a train ride from Manchester to London. 

At this point, penniless and stuck, she wrote the entire premise for her books on that train ride (inspired by the death of her mother, and the train station her parents met at).

All it took was one day to produce her breakthrough.


Previously “Blue Ribbon Shoes,” if you haven’t heard of the breakfast epiphany, it goes to show you what can happen with one breakthrough.

Nike Co-Founder, Bill Bowerman, looked for inspiration everywhere for a lighter and more durable running shoe.

As his wife served him waffles at breakfast, Bill looked at the iron and history was made. He pulled it out of the wall… poured urethane into the iron… and finally made a shoe that adapts to any surface.

All it took was one day, and one breakthrough.

So if you’d like your next breakthrough in business…

Today, I’m personally going to hand you 10.


It’s simple…

There’s only ONE Answer to what will take you from…Where you are Now too Where you WANT to be… in the fastest,most efficient way possible 👇

Bring in the leaders, the experts and the titans!

See, just a few minutes with someone who can “see round corners” or has the benefit of years of experience in your shoes is worth virtual gold to a fitness entrepreneur.

Yet this opportunity is cruelly robbed from most fitness professionals. 

I for one have 300+ personal clients, so finding time for anyone outside of my circle is near impossible.

And an online consultation with me runs more than £500 per hour.

Yet today, I’m going to spend an entire day with you…

Install 10 titan opportunities into your fitness business…

And you can do it for less than the cost of a pair of airpods (in fact it’s literally £5 a day this month).


Just Why Should I listen to you, Phil?”

I know the answers.

And I’ve tested

thousands of them.

My name is Phil Graham, and I’ve personally mentored more than a 1,000 fitness entrepreneurs… market leaders… and absolute titans.

Daily, I speak to a group of 200 fitness clients on exactly how to grow. So trust me when I say my pulse is ON the market.

I’m surrounded by fitness professionals. I hear their problems, I see their frustration, but most importantly…

Every single day, somebody comes to me with a problem they need fixed NOW. I don’t have the opportunity nor malice to give them something vague, unproven or “new.”

That’s why I’ve got to rely on nothing but…

The Complete

And Utter Truth

And not only am I inside your world, as well as providing market beating solutions daily…

I’ve built four, 6-figure businesses that mostly run without me.

So no bullshit here – I don’t have a rag to riches story. But I will tell you that I was sleeping in my car between client sessions

I will tell you that building a 6-figure personal training business in my early twenties, when I had zero education about wealth, finances or business was excruciating.

And I will tell you that running these businesses – SOLO – forced me to take a hard look at WHAT actually produces gains in business.

Those 10 breakthroughs are the accumulation of all that knowledge…

Because today, I’m still running:

A small but effective team running Authority Network™

The world’s leading fitness mastermind serving 300+ clients with serious, high-touch delivery for massive winning results

A 6-figure business in the diabetic niche

that runs 100% without me and takes maybe 4 hours a month, tops (in fact, my wife manages it)

A 6-figure education, public speaking and writing business

for the fitness industry (seminars, training, expos… you name it)

That’s a lot of moving pieces. And a lot I could lose if I DIDN’T have these 10 breakthroughs installed.

Yet here’s the weirdest part about this…

Just one of those businesses could drown me in work and anxiety if I didn’t set it up correctly.

However with 10 Breakthroughs installed, i have…






It’s the lifestyle I’ve always wanted. And one I think I was born for.

Now it’s time for me to hand the same to you.

Why This Event?

Why These 10 Breakthroughs?

I firmly believe that nearly each and every fitness entrepreneur needs 3 simple areas to grow their business…

NO matter what size, growth or revenue you’re at.

Those 3 areas are:

Attraction  Sales  Growth

Money  Freedom Impact

That’s it.

Sure, branding is important. But if you’re looking to grow and make moves…

You must think 80/20.

That means out of the 5 decisions and actions you can make today…

You know one will have the biggest impact. So why not uncover that “one move” and repeat them as often, as frequently, and with as much vigour as absolutely possible?

That’s exactly what these 10 breakthroughs do for you.

So the question on your mind right now…

What, how and why these breakthroughs out of all others?

Let me show you exactly what we’ll install in your business together…

10 Incredible Throughs Installed in 

YOUR business on Friday, July 10th

I believe in systems, diagnosis and prognosis. You should never receive advice without it being fact checked, tested and applicable…

… let alone it being easy to action.

Yet with each of these 10 breakthroughs, you’ll action them the very next day.

You know that Attraction > Sales > Growth will net you Money 👉Freedom 👉Impact

That’s why this model works.

The reality is, business is an equation. It’s simple math.

So here’s what you need to know…

  Leads * Conversion = Clients

  Clients * Pricing = Revenue

  Revenue * Resign = Lifetime Value

And on this live virtual workshop I’m inviting you to… not only will I physically turn you into a market leader… I’m going to fix and install 10 breakthroughs that drive attraction, sales and growth in your business.

Let’s take a look under the hood 👇

 Attract Systems:

Reality is, without cash, your fitness business lives and dies by clients.
And you know that clients only come from leads and conversions. It’s this part of the formula…

  Leads * Conversion = Clients

Yet most fitness entrepreneurs are left scraping the bottom of the barrel with low volume, unqualified and cheap leads.

See, attraction is much more than social media, followers or being a mini-celebrity.

It’s about market leadership. So…

  • You must have consistent lead flow (and no you don’t need hundreds of applications, just a handful of high quality, hot leads)
  • You must have a position in your marketplace — stand out — and zig while they zag
  • And you must have a sharp message to get the attention of your ideal market

That covers attraction, and the first part of the equation. Now, let’s look at the sales equation.


At this point, we’ve got leads… but if you can’t sell, we’ll suffer from low clients, low pricing and low value exchange.

This is truthfully why most fitness entrepreneurs burn out… because it causes market resentment. 

Yet the good news is, we’ll fix it all on July 10th. However, in order to generate market leadership, you’ll need…

  • Radically improved sales confidence
  • Which feeds your ability to raise your prices, and, your conversions (that’s more clients paying at higher prices!)
  • Plus: The objection handling secrets required in modern day selling (gone are the days of the hard sell and forcing your client into a corner). It’s not sell or be sold…

It’s understanding the best route for your future client — having their needs at heart — and making sure nothing gets in the way of their better life.

You know if you simply help enough people hit their goals, they’ll help you. And that my friend, is everything you need to know about value exchange.

So you got a client…

But you know what’s better than a client?

Lifetime clients.

And you know it’s 16x harder to get a new client, than work with an existing client. So how exactly can we continue to work with our best clients for massive value exchange?


This is the final part of our equation, and the one that holds the most upside.

See, getting a client requires either an exchange of:

Time >> Money >> Energy >> Emotions.

Typically you’ll exchange all of those just to get a client. Yet once they’re in your tribe?

It’s near profit free. And that means this client becomes worth serious margins for your fitness business.

So I’m always left scratching my head when most entrepreneurs let a lifetime-potential client sail past like a ship in the night.

It’s why on July 10th, we’ll create a slippery slope so no future client ever leaves your service.

To do it, you’ll need…

  • The “Retention slide” that moves your client from package to package
  • The immunization strategies that support and “lockdown” your business… making it immune to gyms closing, recessions or any future pandemic 
  • The growth systems that create freedom in your life and business

Now you’ll see Attraction > Sales > Growth can build a machine of a fitness business. In fact, they can practically make you unstoppable.

But we won’t stop there… 

Because as a bonus, we’ll uncover future paced thinking, which lets you work today while planning for major future growth.

These are the 10 breakthrough areas and once installed it means…

You’ll Convert More Clients…

At Higher Prices… 

Who Stay and Pay for a near Lifetime

That’s why I believe attraction, sales and growth are the most important areas to cover…

With attraction systems you can work with whatever lead-flow you have right now to get more revenue, with less. Yet…

You’ll see how to quickly bulk up your lead flow no matter what, as you transition into a true market leader.

Plus, you’ll never suffer low prices again. You’ll have the offer and the sales strategies to double, triple, even quadruple your offer value…

So not simply raising your prices… but converting more, better quality clients too!

And finally…

That each of these clients stay and pay longer.

Plus the internal fulfilment that lets you step out of your business to work less, yet earn much more.

It’s all happening on July 10th and I want to personally invite you…









This single event will be that important to your fitness business that I feel completely safe telling you it could be the most important day ever.

You’ve already seen how just one single event can alter the course of history for the better…

So why not YOU, YOUR business, and YOUR lifestyle?

That’s exactly what The Online Fitness Business Growth Summit is designed to do.

Here’s Exactly What We’ll Cover Together (over Zoom) 

10:00 to 11:30am: Adaptive Messaging

Over the course of an hour and a half, we’ll dive into lead flow — positioning – messaging… for the exact strategies on consistently speaking with quality, high paying clients.

Inside Adaptive Messaging we’ll cover…


Tips, tricks and strategies to sharpen Your Message and zig whilst your competition will all zag


Where the best High Quality Leads Post Lockdown are (and where they aren’t!)


How to use the massive drop in social media engagement to your advantage after lockdown - and position yourself as number one for your market.

11:30 to 12:45am: Sales Strategies

Arguably the most important, yet least understood pieces, we’ll deep dive into strategic selling in the modern age of fitness businesses.

One strategy from this piece alone could result in higher prices and more clients sold… meaning you can do a lot more with a lot less.

But that’s the best piece – because I’m going to show you how you can get everything you need out of your business.

At 11.30am, grab a coffee as you’ll discover…


The foundations of an irresistible offer that your prospects struggle to say no to...


Little shifts that make you rejection-proof on the phone


And how to smash furlough, lockdown or recession objections and sell during any crisis

12:45 to 2:00pm: Break For Lunch

Then we’re back at it…

2:00 to 3:15pm: Growth Systems

Reality is, even if I sent more clients your way at higher prices… most fitness entrepreneurs quickly find their limit and become burnt out. 

That’s why after lunch we’ll uncover systems. The same systems that let you serve more clients, increase your prices…. all while it takes less of your time.

This is how I built a 7-figure fitness consulting business with over 200 clients, that takes 3-4 hours of my day.

And if I can do this in the business space, you can do this as a fitness professional.

So together we’ll master…


The steps you should take NOW, to protect protect your fitness business against a second lockdown or future recession


How to achieve exponential client results, which lead to exponential lifetime value and referrals for your fitness business


And live with me, create a 90-day action plan to scale income, impact and freedom for the rest of the year

Next up…

3:30 to 4:15pm: Mindset Mastery

“‘If you can’t control your emotions – you can’t control your money.”

We’ll deep dive into why your mind is your best, and often worst enemy. And make sure that on this journey, and installing these 10 breakthroughs in your business…

Your mind is never the bottleneck. 

My personal and client coach, Kylie Ryan, will be presenting live on Mindset Mastery.

Then finally…

4:30 to 5:00pm: Action Planning

At the end of the day we’ll do a deep dive question and answer session on everything we’ve covered. We’ll look at what’s possible in terms of income over the next 90-days with your fitness business, then work together and build a highly personalised plan of action. You’ll walk away inspired with a tone of newfound knowledge, tools and ultra clear road map on how to grow your fitness business.

So click or tap on that blue button below to claim your seat (you’ll save 67% before price increase on July 1st)

By now you’re probably wondering how much a ticket is.

And that’s the best part about today. 

See whilst I’ll consult with a fitness business owner for £500 per hour, and my highest level mastermind is a 5-figure investment…

If you can invest 41p a day… 

all 10 breakthroughs are yours

So what would be a fair price for your ticket?

Well every 3 months, hundreds of fitness entrepreneurs would jump on planes, drive for hours, and stay in amazing hotels just to come to one of my events.

That same (virtual) event is what I’m holding a ticket in your name for. 

Yet all those “overhead costs” are gone. Save the car, the plane and the time… and watch from the comfort of your office (or living room). 

It wouldn’t be uncommon to pay £1,000 just to come to one of my events. And yet ask yourself…

If all you did was pay £1,000… for a breakthrough in your fitness business that produces 10 – 50 – 100x this…

Would it be worth it?

Because it was to these guys…

“I jumped at the chance to attend Phil Graham’s Business Seminar. The man has incredible knowledge on the fitness industry and business. His seminars do not disappoint, and I learnt so much. The information he shared has paid for itself already and helped me avoid many mistakes! If you’re serious about growing your business – Phil’s seminars are a must!”

Kieran McKee

Private Studio Owner and Personal Trainer

“Every personal trainer and gym owner needs to attend Phil Graham’s Fitness Business Workshop. His knowledge of business and communication is infectious.

You will gain so much business knowledge and inspiration from it. He truly does know the industry inside out!”

Bryan Hickey

Ireland’s Leading Contest Prep Coach

“I joined Phil and a couple hundred others in London. At that time, my fitness business was good. But not great.

I pretty much worked non-stop. And it went with me everywhere. 

It was at the London event with Phil, that pretty much changed my life.

We covered systems in our businesses to free up fulfilment time. That one thing alone was all I needed, I could barely focus on the rest of the day.

Immediately I restructured my client arrangements and could take on more clients with a better team. I 100x’d my investment from the event that month”

Kirk Miller

UK’s Number 1 Body Transformation Specialist

So a quick question…

If you stood to gain 100x from this event… something that will take just 7 hours of your day on the 10th July…

Would you take me up on it?

100% you would. Any smart entrepreneur will be nodding their head in agreement right now… yet the best is still to come.

Because that same decision you can make today – I’m going to guarantee right down to the last penny.

That’s how serious I am that this is YOUR day, and your defining breakthrough(s).

So you won’t pay £1,000. Take action today and show me you’re ready to play bigger and I’m going to give you the deal of a lifetime.

I could easily create the Online Growth Summit ticket at £500. And it definitely crossed my mind. But I’m going to do one better…

I had planned this event to be in person, as I usually do, but…

Because of Zoom – I’m going to put the savings back into your pocket

Your ticket definitely won’t be £500.

In fact, it won’t even be half of that… if you act fast.

Your ticket for the Online Growth Summit will be £250 after July 1st. However I have reserved early bird tickets specifically for entrepreneurs who act.

So if you’re seeing this page before then, MOVE! Because you’ll save £100 and 67% off the entry fee, and get your 10 breakthroughs at a bargain price.

It all means that today, the investment in 10 major business breakthroughs, life changing mindset, and an environment unlike any other is just £150.

I won’t lie when I say the connections alone would be worth it at that price. Yet…

You could buy a pair of Apple Airpods for that amount. Sure, they’d help you take amazing calls hands free… but that’s about where it ends.

Instead, invest in yourself. And invest in one of TEN potential breakthroughs in your fitness business. 
When you’re ready, click or tap on the big blue button below before the timer runs down.








Truth is… £150 could be the difference between a good quality meal for two, a week’s worth of food, or 10 business breakthroughs.

It’s up to you to decide where your priorities are and what you can make happen in life and business. So here’s my advice…

If you’re worried about the investment — or concerned — that any of these 10 breakthroughs may be hard to apply…


The reality is, today you can simply “try” out the Online Growth Summit.

Because I’ll do the unthinkable…

I’m going to guarantee ONE Day (in fact, 7 hours)…

For 60 Full Days

Two things will happen here.

Firstly, in the unlikely event that you attend the event and install these breakthroughs into your business…

And you don’t see a measurable jump in your business, freedom or impact – I’ll personally return your investment for your Online Growth Summit ticket.

You can email at any time after the event. That’s 59 full days to test and try out these breakthroughs.

It’s as simple as that, but it leads me to the next point…

Secondly, because this event is guaranteed… if for any reason there’s a concern about getting started, there doesn’t need to be.

You can claim a ticket today — attend — and feel it out for yourself.

That’s why I say it’s down to you to choose your priorities.

If there’s something more important in your life that you need £150 for – USE it for that. It could be food, shelter or care for somebody you love.

But if it’s simply the “price” — remember that a fitness professional stands to make multiple gains out of this investment, in both life and business.

Here’s what we’ll do together…

Simply attend the event >> show me your notes from each of the 10 breakthroughs >> show me what you applied in your business and the results from each >> and if in this instance you’ve done everything correctly — you will receive every penny of your investment back.

I could say there are “no hoops to jump through” – but the reality is you’re going to get a front row seat at likely the most important event of the decade for fitness entrepreneurs – and if the strategies don’t work for you, it’s free.

So take action today and claim your early bird ticket before it’s too late 👇

If you charge more than £30 per hour for services

(and you will charge more after this)

Read. This. Now.

It’ll take roughly 63 seconds to claim your Online Growth Summit ticket.

When you click the blue button above ☝️, you’ll be taken to a secure order form, just like the one you see below.

(Next step process: Order form on the next page)

Input your details and you’ll receive confirmation via email immediately. All access will be sent to you within that email, as well as reminder details on everything about the Online Growth Summit event.

Your access will be via Zoom (you don’t need an account, but you will need to download the software). This takes 30 seconds or less, and the software leads you through everything.

Using Zoom is amazing, because we’ll finish each session with a QnA where you can ask a question to me, a coach or the audience. You’ll receive my answer, a coach’s answer, as well as others in the room.

Everybody is there to support each other.  You’ll be in a room with 300 like-minded entrepreneurs, so trust me when I say that you’ve finally arrived home.

And at this point…

Your can either jump on board….


Get left Behind

It’s decision time for many.

At this point, I’ve done everything I can on this page to show you the value of the Online Growth Summit, and how 7 hours of your time on July 10th will benefit our businesses and lifestyles.

We’re putting BIG focus on both – because I care about you living the best version of yourself. And I can promise you that it’s not the one consumed in scaling to the moon and back.

So this right here, is a commemoration to the old you.

The old you would leave this page and…

… go back to “business as usual”

… leave mentorship and guidance behind 

… give up on the 10 breakthroughs – thinking you’ll figure it out yourself

But this is the new you – and it’s an amazing day in front of us.

You’ll see in the picture above I’m at the airport waiting to board a plane.

I can board the plane because I have the growth, the sales, and the client attraction figured out in my business.

The question I want to ask you…

Can you make it?

Could you take the time off to grow?

Whilst this plane is boarding, and hundreds of amazing fitness entrepreneurs are onboard… thankfully this “flight” will only take 7 hours of your day.

But I’m calling out your name to jump onboard. 

So make this flight and simply click the blueYes Phil, I want on board!” button below.

I can’t wait to see you there,








P.S. – Don’t delay. After July 1st, your ticket price will hike 67%.

This is your chance for an early bird ticket. If you come back to this page after July 1st, the entry fee is £250.

Still got questions?

I prepared this FAQ just for you…

How long does it last?

The event will run from 10:00am-5:00pm. I reccomend taking the whole day off.

When will the next fitness Business Workshop be?

I’m not 100% sure. My schedule is extremely busy – stay tuned on my website for upcoming seminar dates.

What do I need to bring on the day?

A strong internet connection, a pot of coffee, notepad and pens!

What happens if I need a refund?

in the unlikely event that you attend the event and install these breakthroughs into your business…

And you don’t see a measurable jump in your business, freedom or impact – I’ll personally return your investment for your Online Growth Summit ticket.

You can email at any time after the event. That’s 59 full days to test and try out these breakthroughs.

I’m new to personal training and have no clients. Will this be out of my depth?

Not at all. This event is perfect for you and is exactly what you need to hear. This event will give you a rapid head start. It will teach you how to get clients and master the art of sales. Both of which are essential to building a profitable business. The Fitness Business Workshop is the best investment in your business you can make. It will at least DOUBLE the ROI of any nutrition or strength training course.

Is this suitable for Gym owners??

Without a doubt. Yes.

How can I join your Mastermind?

If you are interested in working with my at my highest level you can apply to join my mastermind by clicking here.

Have any other questions?

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