5 Bad Habits That kill Business Growth

Fake it Till You Make it (And Four Other Bad Habits That Kill Your Momentum).

You have a vision for creating massive wealth with your business. But these five bad habits can kill your momentum in a heartbeat.


If you’re anything like me, you struggle to switch off from your business.

It’s understandable because you want to keep building up the momentum that you’ve got going. When you shut off, it feels like you’re starting to lose it and you end up resenting your work.

The problem here is that you end up developing bad habits that you think keep the momentum going. But the reality is that you’re stopping your business in its tracks.

You’ve got a grand vision for what you want your business to be. With my help, you’ll get there, just like Kyle did.

When Kyle came to me, he found himself dealing with several problems. His goal was to be a successful fitness coach. However, he had no clarity around that goal and didn’t know who to target.

He needed to get aligned with his values and start building some good business habits.

With my help, he built a lot of new systems in his business that made him more organised than ever before. That gives him more time to focus on his business.

Kyle’s gone from earning about £400 per week to cracking £4,500. That’s an insane jump that most trainers would only dream of earning.

I define momentum as that feeling of winning. You’re getting stuff done, closing sales, and changing lives. That’s what most of us want to do when we break into the fitness business.

But before you do it, you’ve got to break the bad habits that hold you back. Here are five of the worst.


Bad Habit #1 – Fake it Until You Make it

This is probably one of the most annoying things that I hear. The idea of faking it until you make it infects the entire entrepreneurial space.

Here’s the problem with this mentality. It puts a curtain over what’s really happening in your business.

Let’s say you head to a fitness seminar and the guy on stage tells you to write down what you’re earning. Now, 10x it and that’s what you should earn.

That’s all well and good. But you don’t know anything about the systems you’ve got to put in place to get there. And neither will anybody else at that seminar.

So you end up with a group of people saying they’re doing this and that to get to this mythical figure. You end up comparing yourself to them and you start comparing your expectations to your reality.

That ends up making you feel depressed and you end up getting stuck.

That lack of self-confidence really hurt Chris Lowe:

Chris came to me with a serious case of imposter syndrome. He’d seen all these other people in the business claiming to do amazing things.

And he wasn’t sure that he could match them.

That created a crisis of self-confidence that he struggled to pull away from.

Realising that he didn’t have to compare himself to others opened his mind and boosted his confidence. His business went from pulling in £500 per week to making £3,000!

The real secret with most of the people you meet in this business is that they’re bluffing. They’re trying to fake it until they get to where they want to be. As a result, they’re exaggerating figures and acting like they’ve achieved more than they have.

It’s a bad habit for you to get into because it masks the reality that lies behind your business. Worse yet, letting the people who have this habit influence you can really damage your confidence.

There’s nothing wrong with having big ambitions at all. You absolutely should want to achieve amazing things with your business. But you need to get good at telling the truth and have the courage to be vulnerable in terms of where your business stands.

That means you know what you need to fix and the business can prosper as a result.


Bad Habit #2 – Surrounding Yourself With the Wrong People

Friendships can kill your momentum.

Now, I’m not talking about all friendships here. The friends that challenge you to think more about what you’re doing in life and business really help.

It’s the friends you’ve surrounded yourself with all your life who don’t challenge you that you need to worry about.

The reality is that you need to upgrade your peer group to be successful in business. That’s tough because you fear people making fun of you for trying to better yourself.

But it’s something that you need to do.

Think of it like this. Let’s say you head out for coffee with a friend. You have a chat about life and business and it’s all pretty easy.

Compare that to heading out for coffee with me. We’re really going to dig into the business and I’m going to challenge you. Your immediate reaction might be to put your guard up. But ultimately, it’s those challenges that will give you a fresh perspective and lead to improvement.

Take stock of who you spend time with and consider whether you could use that time better.


Bad Habit #3 – Fearing the Taxman

This one’s more specifically for coaches in the UK and Ireland.

We work on a tax scale where you get taxed 20% up to a certain threshold. Cross that barrier and you get taxed 40%. Plus, you have VAT to worry about, which is another 20%.

As you earn more, you get taxed more.

That can kill your momentum in the literal sense because you may end up with less money to put into your business or spend on that fancy car you’ve imagined yourself driving.

But I want to talk about the psychological aspect. Some coaches fear going up a tax bracket because it’s a sign of their success.

They’re scared of the taxman so they get into this subconscious habit of keeping their business at a certain level. Over time, this leads to serious procrastination and frustration, which ultimately holds you back from being your best.

Accept higher taxes as a fact of life and focus on building a super strong well re business instead.


Bad Habit #4 – Having an Inconsistent Brand Message

Authority is such a huge thing when you’re building your business.

But I see so many coaches who have gotten into the habit of sending inconsistent brand messages on social media. The messages you send have to be in line with the services you offer and the people you want to help.

If they’re not, your authority’s going to slip. People will engage you and find out you’re not what your branding says you are. They’ll look for someone else and you’ll start to struggle.

I say the same thing to all of my students:

Whoever has the most certainty wins the game.

Your messages and your words all need to flow in the same direction. Plus, they’ve got to align with what your audience wants and what you can actually deliver.

You’ll see that with my messages. I mixed business with personal because I believe the two intertwine. That means you’ll see me share content related to both and it’s consistent with my brand message.


Bad Habit #5 – Not Having a Set Routine

When you have no structure to your day, you end up working aimlessly.

That’s the exact problem that Karl came to me with:

Karl worked 40-hour weeks but still found his business struggling. He had no structure in his days.

He’d visit clients to do one-on-one sessions and some of them would be huge drags on his productivity. He wasn’t clear on who his demographic was and he felt overwhelmed.

Karl basically took on any client who’d have him.

Since joining my Mastermind, he’s built routine and structure into his business. He’s no longer overwhelmed and he’s on his way to tripling his weekly income.

I have all sorts of information about how you can build structure into your fitness business. Please feel free to reach out and get my help at any time.

But here, I’m just going to briefly share my morning routine. It’s pretty simple. I get up and I take a walk. The most important thing is that I don’t overload my brain with information as soon as I’m up. I avoid my phone and just let my brain calibrate for a while.

When I’m on my walk, I listen to music or something that inspires me. It’s a gentle lead-in to the challenges that the day will offer. That means I’m not already feeling stressed out when I actually start working.

Ultimately, that slower start helps me to build momentum during the day. When you build that sort of structure into the whole day, you’ll move forward so much faster.


Break Bad Habits Today

Each one of these bad habits kills your momentum. Some may damage the confidence that you have in yourself. Others can damage the confidence that potential clients have in you.

I think every fitness coach needs to address all of them to succeed.

I can help you do just that.

Are you ready to transform your fitness business forever?

I have 10 commandments to help you do it, which you can check out here.

I hope this helped and it answered some questions you had about momentum. Take care.

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